College of Health and Human Services

Master of Science in Exercise Science


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Program Goals:

  1. Students will gain advanced clinical knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based care.
  2. Students will gain experience providing evidence-based care while learning to work as a professional on an interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  3. Students will understand how to appraise, conduct and disseminate contemporary sports medicine research and how to apply it to clinical practice.

Program Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the UT Post-Professional AT Program, students will possess:

  1. Advanced understanding of musculoskeletal injury mechanics
  2. Advanced clinical diagnostic skills
  3. The skills and ability to design and implement evidence-based therapeutic intervention programs
  4. The ability to effectively participate on a interdisciplinary healthcare team
  5. The skills and abilities to critically appraise, conduct, and disseminate contemporary sports medicine research 
Last Updated: 7/25/17