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Graduate Programs - Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

The Master of Science concentration in Exercise Physiology is designed to prepare students for advanced study (e.g., PhD) and/or for careers in biomedical research or other health and fitness related fields.  The curriculum affords students to the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of integrative physiology and to gain hands-on experience with fundamental and advanced laboratory techniques. Students are expected to supplement the curriculum by assisting and directing research projects.

Faculty in Exercise Physiology

Sophie, Lalande, Ph.D.
Thomas McLoughlin, Ph.D
Frank Pizza, Ph.D.
Barry Scheuermann, Ph.D

Research Laboratories in Exercise Physiology

Exercise Biology Laboratories
Cardio-Pulmonary and Metabolism Research Lab
Human Integrative Physiology Laboratory

Requirements of the MS Concentration in Exercise Physiology

      (Total minimum number of semester credit hours required = 36)


Research Foundations B 9 Hours
RESM  5110   Quantitative Methods I OR  (3 h)
KINE   5110    Measurement and Statistical Inference (3 h)
KINE   6960   Thesis  (6 h)

Kinesiology Core B 6 Hours
KINE     6130    Biomechanics of Human Motion (3 h)
KINE     6100    Physiology of Exercise  (3 h)

Exercise Physiology Core B12 Hours
KINE    6430    Exercise Metabolism & Endocrinology  (3 h)
KINE    6410    Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology  (3 h)
KINE    6560    Skeletal Muscle Biology  (3 h)
KINE    6550    Lab Techniques in Exercise Biology  (3 h)

Exercise Physiology Electives B 9 Hours
Select any of the following*
KINE    5540     Laboratory Techniques  (3 h)
KINE    6990     Independent Study (1-4 h)
KINE    6930     Kinesiology Seminar(s)  (1-4 h)
KINE    6400     Kinesiological Electromyography (3 h)

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