College of Health and Human Services

Pre Medicine Concentration

Pre-Medicine is one of the undergraduate concentrations offered by the Exercise Science Program. Students who pursue this concentration earn the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Degree. These students plan on pursuing admission into graduate medical programs (M.D., D.O., D.C.M.).  The curriculum has been designed to provide all of the courses required for admission into the medical program here at UT, or other PA programs throughout the country. The Pre-Medicine curriculum is focused on providing students with a strong basic science curriculum, coupled with an exercise science curriculum that has "exercise as medicine' as its core focus.

There are many factors that set the Exercise Science Program's Pre-Medicine concentration apart from those at other colleges and universities. These include state-of-the art teaching labs, premiere research facilities, advanced training in human anatomy that includes hands-on experience in a cadaver lab, and an on-campus rehabilitation center in which to gain clinical experience. There is no better place to prepare for a career in medicine than the University of Toledo's Exercise Science Program.

Last Updated: 7/25/17