College of Health and Human Services

Curriculum Design

The 40 semester credit hour curriculum incorporates the general areas of science, technology, management, and communication.  A student may elect to pursue a comprehensive program of study or, alternatively focus on a more specific area of study via selected and approved elective courses and research (thesis or scholarly project).

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A student must complete a scholarly project or thesis requirement as prescribed in the College of Graduate Studies Bulletin. Students without applicable experience complete an internship. In concert with her/his Major Advisor and the other Advisory Committee members, the scholarly project or thesis is an opportunity for a student to investigate a special area of interest.     

A scholarly project or thesis will reflect a student's ability to apply principles of scientific inquiry to answering questions significant to the occupational health sciences. The number of semester credits earned for the scholarly project or thesis (4 to 8 credit hours) is dependent on the scope and depth of the research.

A scholarly project or thesis equivalent to a minimum of 4 credit hours is required for the research component of the MSOH degree, provided that the balance of credit (4 credit hours) is earned via approved elective courses. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be transferred from other accredited colleges/universities and applied toward the 40 credit hours of the MSOH degree at the University of Toledo - Health Science Campus, pending approval by the Chairman of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

NOTE: A minimum of 4 semesters is required to complete the MSOH degree as a full-time student. Time for completion for part-time students is likely a minimum of 2-3 years. The thesis or scholarly project may be completed part-time off-campus.

Last Updated: 4/9/18