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2013 UT HIA Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Congratulations to Patricia Edwards for receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award at the annual department awards program on April 14, 2013.

2010 UT HIA Student Winners

Linda H. Culp, RHIA, Memorial Scholarship
Established by gifts from family, friends and colleagues of Linda Culp
Kelly Hartzell (NC) - University of Toledo Undergraduate

Ohio Health Information Management Association
New Graduate Award –  Exam Fee Paid for by the OHIMA
William Fisher, RHIA - University of Toledo Graduate 2010

Northwest Ohio Health Information Management Association
New Graduate Award –  Exam Fee Paid for by the NWOHIMA
Katie Wambold, RHIA - University of Toledo Graduate 2010

2009 Dean's Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

The 2009 Dean’s Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award was presented to Marie Janes, MEd, RHIA, at Libby Hall in April 2010. The award is for outstanding teaching with emphasis on Curricular Design, Student-Centered Focus Professional Role Model, and Teaching Effectiveness.


Terrie Moran-Bradshaw, December 2008 summa cum laude graduate of the HIM Program, is featured in the eLearning Newsletter, Closing The Distance, February 2009, Volume 2, Issue 1.  Check it out here


HIM Graduates Reunite at the First Rocket Football Game
of the 2008 Season! 

Marie Janes was pleasantly surprised to see several graduates of the 2006 HIM class at the first game of the season in Tucson, Arizona.  Natalie (Howard) Irvin and Megan Meyers work in Tucson, and Amy (Wright) Vanik works in Las Vegas.  Their jobs involve coding and they encourage graduates of UT's HIM/CHIA program to "go west" for a terrific job and an exciting career! 


2008 Scholarship Award Winner

HIM student, Carelicha Duckworth, received a $5000 scholarship from the Robert D. Kruse Tuition Assistance Program for Allied Health Professionals from the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.

2007 Scholarship Award Winner

Terrie Moran, HIM student, was awarded a 2007 FORE Merit Scholarship. FORE is the Foundation of Research and Education of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Terrie won the David Cohen Undergraduate Scholarship award in the amount of $1000 on August 8, 2007.

Inaddition, Terrie Moran won the Dean's HIM Scholarship Award in the amount of $500 on August 13, 2007, from the College of Health Science and Human Service at the University of Toledo.

Terrie is began her career in HIM through employment at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio, as an outpatient coder. Within two years she was promoted to Compliance Manager. She has two wonderful sons, Jesse and Brook. Terrie is getting married in January 2008 to her best friend, Bryon Bradshaw (yes--she will become Terrie Bradshaw!). Terrie plans on pursing a Master's following her graduation from The University of Toledo.


UT HIM Graduates who are now Registered Health Information Administrators

Sue Deutschman, RHIA - Class of 2008

Margaret Lachance, RHIA - Class of 2008

Catherine McIlwain, RHIA - Class of 2007

Lindsey Brand, RHIA - Class of 2007

Amy Homan, RHIA - Class of 2007

Ann Sweeny, RHIA - Class of 2007

Natalie Howard, RHIA - Class of 2006

Amy Mosher, RHIA - Class of 2006

Kim Kidder, RHIA - Class of 2006

Julianne Jondro, RHIA - Class of 2006

Gregory Ford, RHIA, CCS - Class of 2006

Lisa Finley, RHIA - Class of 2006

Erica Behnen, RHIA - Class of 2006

Stephanie Puz, RHIA - Class of 2006

Lynnette, Lemke, RHIA - Class of 2006

Tricia Litch, RHIA - Class of 2005

Megan Mooney, RHIA - Class of 2005

Ebony Johnson, RHIA - Class of 2005

Da'Ren Brooks, RHIA - Class of 2005

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