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UT School Psychology Program Student and Alumni News

Student News

Tammy Matvichuk received Scholarship from the College in 2016.
Denise Cai received the Shew Scholarship Award from our Dept in 2016.

Alumni News*

Research by Brad Schafer (2015) and Kaitlyn Schwartz (2016) was recently published in School Psychology Forum. See Reynolds, J. L., Drevon, D. D., Schafer, B. D., & Schwartz, K. M. (2016). Comparing different error correction procedures using single-case designs. School Psychology Forum, 10, 349-358.

Rhonda Gibson (2016) and Kaitlyn Schwartz (2016) presented at the 2016 NASP Conference in New Orleans.
Lindsey Simpson (2015) is Treasurer & Membership, MVSPA.
Mat Butler (2013) is MVSPA Regional Representative to OSPA.
Patrick Kane (2013) is Co-Chair of OSPA’s Early Career Committee.
Angela Rapp (2006) is President of MVSPA.

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Last Updated: 7/25/17