Jesup Scott Honors College

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The Academic Village offers intellectual and fun activities for all Honors Students!

2012 Homecoming Gathering
Honors College Homecoming Gathering

Honors Homecoming - Outstanding Alum
Homecoming Parade  

Honors classroom
Honors Lecture

Classrrorm discussion
Honors Class Discussion 

Honors Banquet students wearing medallions
Honors College Banquet honoring new graduates

Honors Cook out
Honors Picnic 

 Garden Party - students weeding rain garden
Honors students work on weeding
the rain garden near Sullivan Hall
 Rain Garden clean up
Students a weeding party
tent cityTent City
 Honors students dressed up out on the town
An Evening Out with Classmates
 Round table discussion
Honors Seminar
 Honors Theatre Students
Honors Theatre Students
 Nicaragua faculty led trip
elementary classroom in Nicaragua
Nicaragua faculty led trip
Honors studetns play with Nicaraguan children
Mural painted by honors students
  faculty led trip
Last Updated: 6/9/16