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Research Intensive (RI) Course designation

I am pleased to announce that Faculty Senate has approved the criteria for Research Intensive (RI) undergraduate courses and ask for your support in promoting this exciting academic opportunity for your undergraduate students.

The main motivations for the RI course designation are three-fold. 

First, engaging the students in experiential learning environments such as meaningful research projects have been shown to have positive ramifications to the students’ professional developments. 

The second benefit is that the RI course designation will appear on the students’ official UT transcripts for the RI courses in which the students have registered.  The RI experiences are viewed very positively by prospective employers and/or graduate school admissions committees.  These views have been expressed at national meetings of undergraduate research by directors at institutions that have adopted this RI course designation. 

And third, the RI designation will greatly assist the Office of Undergraduate Research in maintaining a more complete survey of the multitude of the research activities undertaken by UT undergraduate students. 

It is envisioned that the RI designation will be implemented in similar fashion as the existing Honors (HON) and/or Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) course designations.  In this regard, we have coordinated the RI course implementation details with the Registrar such that a course can have multiple attributes, such as RI, HON, and WAC (assuming it meets the various criteria).  A student also has the opportunity to earn RI credit in a non-RI designated course by fulfilling a RI Course Contract.  This RI Course Contract is similar to the Honors Learning Contract.

I’ll be happy to supply more information about Research Intensive courses and/or meet with you.  I’ve placed the Research Intensive Course Criteria, the RI Course Application form, and the Student Research Intensive Course Contract on the Undergraduate Research website:                                                                         (http://www.utoledo.edu/utlc/undergradresearch/).

Best regards,
Thomas Kvale
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and
Professor of Physics

Last Updated: 6/9/16