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Posters at the Capitol: Undergraduate Research in Northwest Ohio

Posters at the Capitol: Poster Presentation Guidelines

 The link below provides a PowerPoint slide set up with the recommended format.  You may adjust the font size and/or panel (Text Box of Figure) size according to the content, but try to stay close to the recommended font sizes.  The number and/or size of the panels can be adjusted as well, but be mindful of having sufficient white space in your poster for ease of viewing.  The location of two specific panels (Abstract and Acknowledgements) are fixed and should be located as on the template.  You should have one (or at most two) main font styles.  Recommended styles are Times New Roman (as displayed on the Title) or Arial (as displayed in the Text Box panels.  Another popular font style is Verdana.  Keep a minimum 1.25" margins on all borders and the file size to less than 5 MBytes in order for all content to print.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Posters at the Capitol Powerpoint Poster template

Posters at the Capitol Questions may be addressed to:
Thomas Kvale
Office of Undergraduate Research
University of Toledo
(419) 530-2983

Last Updated: 6/9/16