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You are a leader. A doer. A thinker. A winner.

You deserve to be honored by enrolling in one of the most distinctive honors colleges in the country.


The Jesup Scott Honors College is The University of Toledo's premier academic experience leading to a degree in any of the University’s vast array of degree and professional programs.

University Hall Why Jesup Scott Honors College?

  • Prestigious program that leads to great career opportunities.
  • Honors courses in all of UT's vast array of degree programs.
  • Internships, study abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities that facilitate active learning and real job opportunities.
  • Preferred access to UT's prestigious and and highly selective advanced degree programs like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Business, Education, Science, and many others.
  • An optional three-year degree program so you can begin an advanced degree program at the beginning of your fourth year.
  • Optional honors college housing and student life that allows  you to experience college life and meet new people.
  • State-of-the-art teaching methods and technology.
  • Personalized advising that helps you to reach your personal career goals.
  • Admission that is based on high school GPA, admission test score, and your leadership potential. You can earn your way into the program by taking a semester of foundational courses at UT and doing well in those course.
experiential learningExperiential learning at its best

It's about experiential learning, which means internships, co-ops, research, service learning, study abroad and more. Learn more

Honors Graduate
Optional three-year degree options

Learn how you can complete a bachelor's degree in three years by taking advantage of previous school and work experience. Learn more

Academic Support
Preferred admission to advanced degree programs

The academic advantage - preferred admission to UT's distinguished graduate and professional degree programs and more

Study Abroad
Optional honors on-campus  housing

Take classes in historic buildings, course taught in and out of the classroom using advanced technology, and enjoy the option to live in dedicated student housing.  Learn more

Honors degree programs

More than 200 undergraduate degrees, three year degree options, preferred admission to UT's distinguished graduate and professional degree programs and more.

University Hall
Honors flipped classrooms
Lectures are pre-recorded and provided online so classroom time can be used for hands-on activities and group discussions including video connections with students from other parts of the world.
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