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LaunchPad Incubation Technology Tenant Clients


Blue Water Satellite

Blue Water Satellite, Inc. is a leading provider of satellite imagery processed with proprietary algorithms to provide information on the world’s land and water resources.


Gen3Bio™, Inc. is a research and development company that is working to introduce new biobased specialty chemicals and polymers that do not rely on plant sugars used for human consumption. Feedstocks include algae biomass and agricultural and forestry waste including rice hull and sawdust. These renewable feedstocks provide a low carbon footprint, are available in large quantities and have a low and stable feedstock cost.


Grypshon Industries, LLC specializes in the development of user-friendly products that promote long-term safety and savings by targeting common, often overlooked difficulties.  At Grypshon, we believe is maximizing the efficiency, productivity, and safety of our members in the military without undue sacrifice in the face of budget cuts.

Hephaestus Limited

Hephaestus Limited designs, manufactures and pilots advanced unmanned aerial systems. The company was founded in 2013 to revolutionize how firefighting scenarios are managed, with the goal of saving lives, mitigating risks, and reducing costs.


 Lucintech, Inc. is developing semitransparent, flexible, thin-film photovoltaic (PV) coatings that directly convert sunlight to electricity. These PV windows maintain visual clarity, reduce solar heating and are ideal for building-integrated PV (BIPV) windows in glass curtain-wall buildings and for PV automobile sunroofs.


Midwest Optoelectronics, LLC (MWOE) is working on developing photoelectrochemical systems which can generate hydrogen, using renewable energy sources, at high efficiency and lifetime, and therefore at low cost.


Optebiz, Inc. has developed an architecture technology to help manufacturers upgrade their existing infrastructure to enable them to compete with cheaper offshore competition.  It helps manufacturers become highly efficient and optimized while fighting pricing pressures globally and increasing ROI.


OsteoNovus, Inc. is an early stage orthopaedic medical device company focused on the development of biologic materials to support and regenerate bone. The company's innovative technology encompasses novel synthetic calcium phosphate based cements suitable for several clinical applications, including bone voids, treatment of various fractures and spinal disorders.


Petrichor’s initial product, Cycle, is a global automations platform that enables organizations to quickly deploy web services and easily scale them to millions of customers around the globe. Comprised of servers in different data centers and on different continents, Cycle allows applications to leverage potentially hundreds of servers to power an organization’s services while reducing IT and infrastructure costs.

Phabriq Development

Phabriq Development is a hybrid venture catalyst and creative agency clarifying relevant growth strategies & illuminating award-winning media for clients and partners at any stage from bootstrap startup to grassroots crowdfunding to follow-on financing.


PointStart, LLC is both an agency and a startup factory.  The company builds web and mobile apps as well as in-house projects.  PointStart offers its expertise and guidance to startup entrepreneurs regarding development and technical knowledge of web design.


Real Time Gaming Network, LLC (RTGN.TV) is the first 24-Hour eSports Broadcasting Network that is a web-based, console and mobile platform for watching professional cyber athletes showcase their skills in a high-level gameplay. RTGN.TV will broadcast from location Fighting Games, First Person Shooter Games, Real Time Strategy Games, MOBAS, Racing Games and more for the casual gamer or non-gamer to be entertained with the ability to download exclusive content from in-house and third party developers.

SolAps SolAps, LLC designs, manufactures, and markets solar-based devices and appliances, thereby enhancing consumer adoption of renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic energy, to a greater degree.
solscient logo Solscient Energy, LLC is Ohio’s fully integrated solar energy finance and development company. They design, develop, install, own and operate solar energy systems on commercial rooftops or other on-site locations, which provide clean, renewable energy while reducing energy costs.
 Spinal Balance

Spinal Balance, Inc. is an early stage orthopaedic medical device company focused on the development of complex spine implants for the treatment of degenerative disease and deformity of the spine.  Our mission is to develop and deliver technological innovations which enable surgeons to more effectively treat the world’s most complex spinal disorders.

 suganit logo SuGanit Systems, Inc. is involved in developing economically viable technologies for renewable energy production. They are currently working on research to produce ethanol from biomass for transportation fuels, and in solar energy conversion devices.

twineLABS, LLC provides a uniquely designed and highly transportable photo station and software ecosystem, which together provides event guests a fun, photo entertainment experience and social sharing avenue through smartphones and the web, all in real time.  The combination of the twineSTUDIO photo station and twineLIVE app creates a hub for a customized event-based social network for each event.

 United Metrology Systems

United Metrology Systems, LLC (UMS) has developed prototypes of optical and electrical test equipment for solar cell devices and large-scale solar panels.  The company is developing a semiconductor device characterization instrument—deep level transient spectrometer, which is widely used in semiconductor research labs.  UMS makes customized I-V, I-V-T, Quantum Efficiency, C-V measurement tools with high stability light sources for small solar cells and large solar panels.

Last Updated: 3/22/15