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Lenora McIntyre, Operations Manager
2145 E. Scott Park Dr.
Toledo, OH 43607
Ph. 419.530.3170
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MBDC Members

Company: Reeves Etiquette
Industry: Etiquette and Image Consulting
Contact: Robin Reeves
Phone: 419.340.5715

Company: Silver Lining Concierge, LLC
Industry: Concierge Services
Contact: Jacqueline Humphrey
Phone: 419.285.6525

Company: The Toledo Journal
Industry: Print Media
Contact: Sandra Stewart
Phone: 419.367.0784

Company: The Josh Project, Inc.
Industry: Water Safety
Contact: Tankeeya Butts
Phone: 419.574.2799

Company: Sunnyfuels, LLC
Industry: Alternative Energy
Contact: Mahabala Adiga
Phone: 419.509.2090

Company: Phenix Homes, LLC
Industry: DD/MRDD Services
Contact: Ron Phenix
Phone: 567.288.3292

Company: Overland Realty, LLC
Industry: Real Estate
Contact: William Rixey
Phone: 419.578.0555

Company: Raya Consulting dba Need-A-Ride
Industry: Non-medical Transportation
Contact: Yolanda Durden
Phone: 419.832.1000

Company: American Shipping And Packing Inc.
Industry: Logistics
Contact: M. Don Carthorn
Phone: 1-800-597-2729

Company: Midwest Rehab 7, LLC
Industry: Residential Rehabilitation
Contact: Adrienne Earle
Phone: 586.339.4870

Company: Amexum United Alliance, Inc.
Industry: Renewable Energy
Contact: Keith Dandridge EL
Phone: 419.944.4435


Last Updated: 9/22/17