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Computer Lab Policies

Information Technology's goal is to keep the open IT labs (Info Commons and RH 1559) in top working condition and provide an environment that is conducive to learning and working. These policies, while perhaps inconvenient at times, are designed to maintain the kind of environment where students can enjoy their experience in the labs.

Food and Drinks

No food or drinks without lids are allowed in the Open Labs. When students are allowed to eat and/or drink in a computer lab, keyboards become sticky, mouse buttons get grimy and computers stop working properly. To prevent damage to to the computer equipment and allow everyone to work in a clean environment, eating and drinking (without lids) in the labs is strictly prohibited. We ask that all students, faculty, and staff leave all food and drinks outside the lab. Those found eating or drinking in a lab will be asked to leave.


Please keep the computer lab environment quiet to avoid interrupting another fellow computer user’s work. Although not everyone is doing schoolwork in the labs, many students are working on schoolwork and require a quiet environment. IT would like to ensure that students have a quiet working environment. Please be conscious of the fact that others may be working on important school work. If you would like to talk to someone, keep the chat to a minimum and if you would like to continue the conversation please take it outside the lab.

Cell Phones

The Lab Support Group has a No Cell Phone policy in every Open Lab it maintains. Once again, LSG would like to keep the lab as a quiet lab so students can have a good working environment. Please switch off, set to vibrate, or mute your phones upon entry to LSG labs. If you receive a phone call, leave the lab to answer the call. If you are speaking on your phone in the lab, you will be asked to leave. Failure to leave will result in a call to security to be escorted out by police.

Last Updated: 6/9/16