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Welcome to an exciting brand new year!

For many it is a time for new resolutions and goals. As you make your New Year resolutions and goals, we at the IT Department have one resolution - Customer First! To better serve you and communicate our services, the IT Department will periodically send out an IT Digest to you, our valued customer. In this first release of the IT Digest we are excited to announce that virtual computer laboratories are now available, next generation wireless rollout is advancing at a faster pace, full disk encryption software to protect sensitive data exposure on laptops and desktops is available, and we have expanded our Help Desk coverage and implemented an automated call back feature to deal with high call volumes. For the IT Department to achieve its resolution, we are asking for your input and comments/feedback on how we are doing by completing a brief survey at the bottom of this IT Digest.

Access your computer lab from anywhere and anytime.

ITis launching Virtual labs through out the campus and within each of the colleges. With nothing more than a broadband internet connection and a web browser, students can access virtual computers loaded with all of the software they need to be successful...from anywhere in the world! (Read More)

Next-gen wireless is here.

IThas completed the deployment of the first phase (residence hall common areas, Stranahan Hall, etc...) of the campus' next generation wireless network. This new wireless network will be deployed throughout the UT campuses. Once implemented, UT will have one of the most advanced wireless networks among college campuses. (Read More)

Standard Banner reports not meeting your needs? Want to create your own?

ITimplemented an easy-to-use query tool that will allow for quick querying of important Banner information in June, 2010. Personalized queries, with no technical skills required, can be developed, saved and re-used at the click of a button. (Read More)

Does your doctor need quick access to your medical record? The solution is on the horizon.

ITwill enable your UTMC doctor to have a Web-based, workflow-driven ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) solution that automates the clinical functions of his physician practice with Electronic Prescription writing and transmission to your pharmacy, electronic order entry and results reporting, documentation of your visit and office workflow automation. (Read More)

More IT help.

IThas re-organized its help desk to provide faster and even better service than ever before. Our new phone system now allows extended coverage and added features like automatic call back. (Read More)

Securing your laptop data, IT has the solution.

IThas started implementing McAfee Endpoint Encryption on all University-owned laptops to protect sensitive information. (Read More)

Coming soon: new Banner with more functionality.

ITwill be upgrading our ERP Banner system which will enable more functionality like online graduation application for students. (Read More)

Have your say and be heard!

Wevalue how you feel, so fill out this survey and let us know how we are doing. (Survey)

Thinking of Windows 7?

ITis carefully evaluating Windows 7 against more than three dozen critical applications to ensure our users continue to enjoy the full functionality of their software. (Read More)


Doyou know you can access your home folder and other network folders from home and anywhere? Go to files.utoledo.edu to access your network folders. (Try It)

Last Updated: 6/26/15