Q. How do I change my password?

1. To change your password use your Internet browser to go to: 

2. Enter your Rocket ID number or your UTAD user name or your social security umber as a User Identifier. As you type in this identifier, you will only see dots displayed, this is so no one can read your information.

3. Enter your birthdate in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

4. Click on Find account.

5. You will be asked your security question. Type in the answer and click Find account.

6. Once you are logged in to the Account Maintance Site, you can choose Set your password.

7. If a message is displayed saying there is an error, the student ID or birthdate do not match what is stored in the Active Directory or if the answer to your question does not match then click the back arrow button in the upper left of your browser's menu bar. Try retyping whichever field had the error. If it happens again contact the Service Request Line at (419) 530-2400 or (419) 383-2400 or extension 2400 if on campus.

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Last Updated: 8/9/19