Q. How do I put my Blackberry on Enterprise?


Mobile Device Standards and Procedures

 Pre Requisites for Mobile Device Connectivity:

  • Client must be a current staff or faculty member.
  • Client must have a data plan associated with the device. (Blackberrys must have an Enterprise Data Plan)
  • Client must have a legitimate business need for remote mailbox access through the mobile device. 

Procedure for Activation:

For Blackberrys:

Client must request either through Rocket Wireless at 419-530-7998, Client Services, or the IT Helpdesk at 419-530-2400 the activation of the Blackberry Device.

The account is created on the BES and the activation password is communicated to the appropriate entity.  The activation password will remain viable for 48 hours.  If, after the 48 hours has elapsed, the device has not been activated, another request must be made to reset the account and receive another 48 hour window.

The activating entity then follows the below procedure to activate the device:

            -Open the setup wizard

            -Choose the email setup option

            -Choose to set up the device for a work email (BES) account

            -Choose the option that the administrator has given the activation password

            -Enter the client’s email address as

            -Enter the activation password

            -Depress the roll button, or screen key and choose activate in the menu

For Windows Mobile Devices:

 The activating entity will follow the below procedure to activate the device:

-Open the ActiveSync Application

-Choose the “set up your device to sync with it” option

-Enter “” as the server name and ensure that the SSL option is checked

-Enter the credentials of the mailbox to connect to and “UTAD” for the domain (“Save Password” must be checked for automatic sync)

-Select what folders to synchronize

-Once the sync process starts, the activating entity must accept the prompt to apply the security policies on the device

 Security Policy:

 The following information must be presented to the client regarding our security policy and measures taken on the mobile device:

  •  Each mobile device configured to use the Exchange Server will be configured for encryption and IT will have the ability to perform a remote wipe of the device. 
  • The device will require a separate password to access the device’s features.
  • After 10 incorrect attempts to unlock the device, the device will automatically wipe itself. 
  • The device will automatically lock itself after 15 minutes if idle.
  • If the device is lost or stolen, that information must be presented to IT as soon as possible.


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Last Updated: 8/29/19