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HIPAA Online Resources and Policies

Additional HIPAA Resources can be found by following the links below:

University of Toledo Policies relating to HIPAA - These policies can be viewed in detail by visiting the Policies Website

Policy #                 Description
3364-15-10          Confidentiality of Patient Information
3364-15-08          Workforce Training on HIPAA
3364-100-60-01    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
                          Compliance and Training Policy
3364-100-90-01    Release of Information
3364-100-90-02    Minimum Necessary Guidelines for Use/Disclosure of 
                          Protected Health Information
3364-100-90-03    Patient Request for Restriction on Health Information 
                          for Use/Disclosure for the Purposes of Treatment, 
                          Payment and Hospital Operation
3364-100-90-04    Designated Record Set
3364-100-90-05    De-Identifiable and Re-Identifiable Health Information, 
                          Limited Data Set
3364-100-90-06    Patient Request to Receive Communications of Protected 
                          Health Information (PHI) by Alternative Means/Locations
3364-100-90-07    Right to Access and Amend PHI.
                               I. Patient Right to Access Protected Health 
                                  Information (PHI) & Associated Costs CFR 164.524 (47)
                              II. Patient Right to Appeal decision if Access Denied
                             III. Patient Request to Amendment of Protected Health 
                                  Information CFR 164.526(50)
                             IV. Patient Right to Appeal if Amendment is denied
3364-100-90-08    Patient Directory
3364-100-90-09    Joint Notice of Privacy Practices
3364-100-90-10    Privacy & Security Office Designations
3364-100-90-11    Accounting and Documentation of Disclosures of 
                          Protected Health Information other than Treatment, 
                          Payment or Healthcare Operations

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