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Collaborate With Desktop Sharing

With the Microsoft Office Communicator client it is possible to allow other people to view and even control your computer.  With desktop sharing you can guide others through difficult tasks or get assistance without leaving your desk. 

Tobegin a desktop sharing session, click on the hand holding a monitor at the top of the Instant Messaging window.

You then choose share desktop. If you have dual monitors, you can also choose which monitor you want to share.

Aninvite will then be sent to the other person. At the top of the screen you will see a box appear saying that you are in control. If you click the drop down menu you can share control with the other person. Once you share control the other person will be able to move your mouse and type on your computer. To stop them from controlling ether take the control away or click the red X at the top of the screen to end your session.





Last Updated: 6/9/16