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Transfer Files with Microsoft Office Communicator

Tired of your Inbox always being full?  By transferring files using Microsoft Office Communicator you can save valuable email space.  Just drag and drop the file you would like to share and it will immediately be sent to the person of your choosing.  Once you drag your file into the chat window it will send a request to the other person.

The receiver must accept the file. Once accepted by default it will be saved to your My Documents/My Received files folder. You can also choose save as and choose where it is saved. Once you hit accept you will be prompted to remind you not to accept files from people you do not know. As long as you know the person you can click OK.

 The file will then download and you will see that it was successfully sent. You can then open the file by clicking on the blue link in the window. Always remember not to accept any files from people you do not know.





Last Updated: 6/9/16