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University Computer Center
2801 W. Bancroft
MS 202
Toledo, OH 43606-3390

Information Technology
UTMC | Dowling Hall
3000 Arlington Avenue
MS 1079
Toledo, OH 43614

Hall Directors and Resident Hall Advisers

Welcome to Fall Semester 2015. Resident Life and Information Technology are providing all Resident Advisers with room telephones and voicemail service.

Local Calls

Dial 9+Area Code + 7 digit number.
For Instance - 9-419-555-1212.

Campus calls

Dial the last four (4) digits of a campus number.
For Instance - to reach Rocket Solution Central dial 8700.

Toll free calls

Dial 9+1+ the 10 digit Toll Free Number.
For Instance - 9+1+800+586+5336
to reach The University of Toledo Admission Office.


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Last Updated: 7/30/15