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Web Conferencing Meeting Center FAQ

WebEx Meeting Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding WebEx meeting center.

What is my Personal Meeting Room?

Your Personal Room is like your own personal conference room. You have the ability to start impromptu meetings by clicking Meet Now using the WebEx Productivity tools or schedule a meeting into your personal meeting room. You can also open your personal room by logging into


How do I join a meeting Scheduled meeting?

  1. Open the calendar invite from the host and click the provided link and you will be directed to the page.
  2. Enter your name and email address and click the green join button. *** If the join button is grayed out, then the host has not started the meeting. ***
  3. Once the meeting has started, you will connect your audio to the meeting. You have the following three options.
    1. “Call using computer” - Your Computer’s Mic and Speakers will connect to the meeting.
    2. “I will call in” - WebEx will provide a Toll number for you to connect to.
    3. “Call Me” - The WebEx service will ask for your phone number and call you.
      ***Note:  The preferred method is “Call using computer”***
      Audio Connection
  4. Once your audio is connected, you can then connect your video by clicking on the Video icon next to your name in the participants list.
    Video Connection
  5. Lastly, if you are the presenter, you can share your content by clicking on the Share Screen button in the middle of the screen.
    Share Screen

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How do I join a meeting from a mobile device?

To join a meeting from a mobile device, download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app from any of the app stores and install it on your device. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows 10 phones, and BlackBerry.

  1. If you have a WebEx account, locate the meeting on the My Meetings screen, then tap Join.
  2. If you do not have a WebEx Account, you can join a meeting using either of these methods:
    • Open the invitation email, then tap Join.
    • Tap WebEx Meetings, then tap Join by Number. Enter the meeting number, your name and email address, then tap Join.

How do I use a Video Endpoint to a CMR WebEx Meeting?

  1. Open the calendar invite from the host.
  2. Inside the calendar invite is the SIP video address located under the “JOIN USING TELEPRESENCE” section.
    Please see image below:
    Join using Telepresence
  3. Enter this number into your Video Endpoint and you will be joined to the meeting, for example:


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There are two ways you can schedule a meeting.

Option 1: Through Outlook

  1. Open the Productivity Tools
  2. Click Schedule Meeting
    Join with Outlook
  3. Add your participants in the "To..." field
  4. Add the subject of the meeting
  5. Add the meeting text you would like to include in your invite
  6. Choose the start and end time.
  7. Click “Add WebEx Meeting and TelePresence”
    Add WebEx Meeting
    • ***Note: If you would like to schedule a meeting to your Personal Meeting Room, select the drop-down arrow next to Add WebEx Meeting and TelePresence and click Add Personal Room***
  8. On the right, you will find the “Meeting Options. From here you can set alternate hosts, add TelePresence rooms and SIP video call-in participants.
    Meeting Options
  9. Click “Add TelePresence Rooms and this will provide you a list of bookable TelePresence rooms.
  10. Change the Amount off Video call-in participants that will call in via a Video End Point. I.e. Conference room Polycom.
  11. From the Meeting Options, You can also select an alternate host or add a meeting password for security. The alternate host can start the meeting. *** Please keep in mind that only host can start the meeting ***
  12. Your meeting info will be added to the invite. Do not write any text below the line.
    Meeting Info Added
  13. Click Send.
  14. Your meeting has been scheduled and will appear in your meetings and Outlook calendar.

OPTION 2: Using the website

  1. Log on to site
  2. Select Meeting Center on the left and click on “Schedule a Meeting” listed under “Host a Meeting”
    Join Host Meeting
  3. Complete the required information.  You do not have to include a password to schedule a meeting. The Password option is provided for you for your meeting security. You may either add "Attendees" by trying in their email addresses or "Use address book" to add "Attendees" from your Outlook address book. Select Send a copy of the invitation email to me to receive a copy of the email invite.
  4. Once all information is filled out, click the green “Schedule Meeting” button.

To cancel a meeting:

  1. Open your scheduled meeting in Outlook.
  2. Click Cancel Meeting.
  3. Click Send Cancellation.
  4. A cancellation notice will be sent to the meeting attendees.


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How do I use the Chat feature?

  1. To use the Chat feature within a meeting click the Chat tab.
    Chat Feature
  2. This opens up a chat box at the bottom of the window.
    Chat Window
  3. You can choose to chat individually to a participant by clicking the drop-down arrow next to "Send to" and selecting the participant you want to chat with, or you can chat with the entire group. Click Send to deliver the text.
  4. The host has the option to disable the Chat feature by clicking Meeting
    Host Disable
  5. Then select Options
  6. You have the option to uncheck the Chat box to disable the feature.
    Chat Meeting Options

How do I mute/unmute participants?
To mute/unmute participants, do the following:

  • To mute Individual participants:
    • Right-click on an individual participant in the participant window within a meeting and select mute or unmute.
    • To mute the entire participant list:
      • Click Participant
      • You will have the option to "Mute All", "Unmute All" or "Mute on Entry". If you select "Mute on Entry" all participants will be muted upon joining the conference.

***Note: Only the host can mute/unmute participants***

Can I pass presentation rights to another participant in the meeting?

To pass presenting rights to another participant in the meeting, do the following:

  • Right-click the participants name and select Make Presenter.
  • You can also drag the presenter ball to the individual that you would like to have present.

NOTE: The host will always be able to take back presenting rights.

How do I request a WebEx conferencing account?

Faculty and Staff may request a WebEx account by submitting a Help Desk request at or by calling 419.530.2400. Once your request is approved, you will be notified by our staff.

How do I install the WebEx productivity tools?

Faculty and Staff that have WebEx accounts assigned may request to have the productivity tools installed. Please submit a Help Desk request at Once there log in with your UTAD credentials. You can also call 419.530.2400.

Last Updated: 12/4/17