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Under Construction - Check back soon - Voice Mail

Voice Mail Services - Voice Mail or Unified Messaging (UM) integrates different means of communication into a single interface that you can access in multiple ways. UM will bring your email, voice mail, calendar and contacts to a centralized location and offers new features. For example, you will be able to check your voice mail directly from your email Inbox and you will also have the ability to listen to your email and/or calendar from your telephone.

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Getting Started 

To use the Unified Messaging system you must contact Information Technology by using the IT Help Desk icon on your desktop or by calling 2400 from any campus telephone.  Be sure to give your full name and your 7 digit telephone number when requesting service. Once enabled you will receive an email welcoming you to Microsoft Unified Messaging. This email confirms your extension (which are 7 digits) and provides you with a PIN for telephone activation.

Personalizing your Mailbox

  • Locate your email from Microsoft Exchange - it confirms your extension and provides you with a pin to use with your telephone.
  • Dial 6000 from your telephone
  • Listen for the Prompt "Hello Rocky Rocket, enter your Pin"
  • If you hear "to access your mailbox enter your extension" Enter all 7 digits, (for instance 3836012 or 5304805) then enter your Pin 
  • The system will prompt you to Record your Name and then to Record a Greeting.

Health Science Campus Voice Mail setup instructions

Main Campus Voice Mail setup guide

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Last Updated: 2/6/18