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Rules & Policies

College of Law Rules & Policies

College of Law Government Rules

Academic Rules of the College of Law

College of Law Diversity Plan

Student Handbook

Please take time to read this Handbook carefully. It contains the rules and procedures of the College of Law, for which every student is responsible. The Handbook also includes information about College of Law offices and services.

Information about the main University’s student affairs, activities, policies, and services is available from the Office of the Dean of Students and at the University Policy Website

Notices from the College of Law and the University will be sent to students via email only. All law students must update their current email addresses at myUT (log-in required) and should check their email daily.

Exam Policies & Numbers

Students should visit myUT (log-in required) to obtain exam numbers. Students will be assigned a new exam number each term.
Exam numbers are used for anonymous grading, and students should use exam numbers instead of names on all mid-terms, briefs, and finals.

Exam Schedule & Petition to Reschedule
Memo from Dean Rapp on Exam Rescheduling
Examination/Rescheduling Policy
Policies & Instructions for Using Laptop Computers on Exams

Last Updated: 9/24/18