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The Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Engineering dual degree program offers a student who has been admitted to The University of Toledo College of Law and The University of Toledo College of Engineering M.S.E. Program the opportunity to complete requirements for both the J.D. and the M.S.E. degrees through a program of integrated curriculum in an accelerated period of study. The program is designed for full-time students who have an undergraduate degree in Engineering or its equivalent. Students with a non-engineering undergraduate degree will be required to complete all prerequisite courses required by the College of Engineering, depending upon the nature of the undergraduate degree.

Description of the Curriculum

The integrated program and curriculum would lead to the awarding of two degrees. The Juris Doctor degree would be awarded by The University of Toledo College of Law and the M.S.E. degree would be awarded by the University of Toledo College of Engineering.

Masters of Science in Engineering Degree: To fulfill requirements for the M.S.E. degree with Thesis/Project Option, 30 semester hours at graduate level are required. Students in the joint program may apply up to 12 semester hours of non-first year course work at the College of Law towards meeting the M.S.E. degree requirements. With the M.S. Thesis/Project option, students must complete 18 semester hours at the graduate level from the College of Engineering including 9 hours of M.S. Thesis or 6 hours of M.S. Project. The credit of 12 semester hours from the College of Law may come from the following courses:1

Course #   Credit hrs
LAWI 9330 Environmental Law 2/3
LAWT 9390 Natural Resources Law 2/3
LAWI 9710 Patent Law 2/3
LAWI 9900 Trademark Law 2/3
LAWI 9210 Copyright Law 2/3
LAWI 9580 Land Use Law 2/3
LAWI 9510 Labor Law 2/3
LAWI 9310 Employment Law 2/3

1 Courses may be substituted with the permission of the Associate Dean of The University of Toledo College of Engineering.

Juris Doctor Degree: The College of Law requires the successful completion of 89 semester hours. The dual degree program would permit up to 12 semester hours of core courses done in the College of Engineering to be applied towards the satisfaction of the 89-hour requirement. The 12 hours of course work from the College of Engineering would be:2

Course #   Credit Hrs
BIOE 5110 Bioengineering Principles 3
BIOE 5260 Medical Imaging Systems I 3
BIOE 5720 Introduction to Biomaterials 3
BIOE 6420 Medical Data Mining 3
BIOE 6710 Tissue Engineering 3

Chemical & Environmental Engineering
CHEE 5150 Environmental Reaction Engineering 3
CHEE 5160 Industrial Waste Treatment 3
CHEE 5180 Hazardous Material Spills 3
CHEE 6700 Management of Project & Technological Innovation 3

Civil Engineering
CIVE 5210 Advanced Soil Mechanics 3
CIVE 5340 Experimental Mechanics 3
CIVE 5640 Industrial Hygiene 3
CIVE 5650 Industrial Ventilation 3
CIVE 5670 Solid Waste Management & Disposal 3
CIVE 5710 Engineering System Modeling 3
CIVE 5830 Engineering Ethics & Professionalism 3

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
EECS 5110 Simulation of Computer Systems 3
EECS 5130 Digital Design 3
EECS 5180 Computer Networks 3
EECS 5330 Image Analysis & Computer Vision 3
EECS 5360 Communication Systems 3
EECS 5370 Information Theory & Coding 3
EECS 5530 Computer Graphics I 3
EECS 5540 Computer Graphics II 3
EECS 5560 Database Systems I 3
EECS 6380 Advanced Computational Methods 3

Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
MIME 5050 Human Factors Engineering 3
MIME 5060 Manufacturing Engineering 3
MIME 5110 Production, Planning & Inventory Control 3
MIME 5800 Design for Manufacturability 3
MIME 6980 Advanced Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing Systems 3

2 Courses may be substituted with the permission of the Associate Dean of The University of Toledo College of Law.

Administrative Arrangements

The University of Toledo Colleges of Law and College of Engineering will be responsible for the administration of the dual degree program. The College of Law and the College of Engineering shall coordinate and continue to monitor any changes in curriculum in the respective colleges that might lead to an adjustment of crossover credit courses within each college.


Students apply for the dual degree program using the College of Law standard application form. A check-off box will indicate a candidate's request for admission to the dual program. The LSAT will be accepted by the College of Engineering in lieu of GRE scores. A single application fee payable at the time of application will be charged for the dual program. A joint admissions committee consisting of admission committee members from both colleges will review those College of Law applications that request dual admission.


The College of Law and the College of Engineering, with the Graduate School, will administer and advise with regard to that school's curriculum, requirements, and guidelines. A dual program oversight committee will review policies and monitor the progress of students toward the dual degree completion.

Awarding of Degrees and Credit

A student enrolled in the dual degree program will not receive either the J.D. or M.S.E. degree until all the work required for both degrees has been completed. A student who withdraws from the dual degree program and remains in either the College of Law or College of Engineering shall receive only so much credit for work in the other college as the Dean may authorize under the rules of that College.

No credit for work in the other college shall be awarded unless the student achieves what is a "passing grade" in the college offering the course. In addition, degrees must be awarded within time limits established by the Graduate School, the College of Law, and the College of Engineering.

Joint J.D./Masters of Science in Engineering Potential Schedule


  Fall Summer Spring Law Hours

Current Cumm.

Masters in Engineering Hours
Current Cumm
Year 1

Summer 1

16L hrs  

9 ME hrs

15L hrs 31










Year 2

Summer 2

12L hrs

3 ME hrs




12L hrs

3 ME hrs




67 (6)



Year 3


10-12L hrs

3 ME hrs




12L hrs 22-24 89 3



Six Required Courses in the M.S.E.

1 The J.D. student has at this point received 12 hours of credit in the J.D. Program for work completed in the M.S.E. program.

2 The M.S.E. student has now received 12 hours of credit from J.D. work towards the M.S.E..

( ) indicates hours counted towards credit in one college for courses taken in the other college

For more information, please contact:

College of Law
Llewellyn Gibbons
Professor of Law and Advisor for JD/MSE Program

College of Law
Geoffrey Rapp
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

The College of Law recommends that joint degree students remain apprised of the requirements for each degree they are pursuing. While the College of Law makes every effort to maintain timely information relating to the joint degree programs, because other colleges manage their own curricula and requirements, it is possible that information on this site could be out of date.  Please check the other college’s website relating to the joint degree for additional information.

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