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Experiential Learning Requirement

The development of professional skills is essential to success as a practicing attorney. Toledo Law offers a wide variety of experiential learning courses providing substantial instruction in professional skills, including clinics, externships, simulations, and legal drafting courses.

Students entering before Fall 2014 must take at least one professional skills course in order to graduate. Students entering in or after Fall 2014 must take at least six credits of experiential courses, of which at least four credits must be in clinic or externship courses.

The following courses will count toward the professional skills and experiential learning requirements:

Law Electives

LAWI 9020 E-Commerce
LAWI 9140 Business Planning
LAWI 9220 Constitutional Litigation
LAWI 9350 Estate Planning
LAWI 9470 Intellectual Property and Licensing
LAWI 9480 International Business Transactions
LAWI 9550 Health Care Fraud Litigation
LAWI 9560 Real Estate Transactions
LAWI 9700 Patent Practice & Procedure
LAWI 9840 International and Domestic Arbitration
LAWT 9600 Employment Law Drafting
LAWT 9600 Motor Vehicle Collisions
LAWT 9600 Social Media Discovery

Trial Advocacy

LAWL 9180 Trial Advocacy I
LAWL 9190 Trial Advocacy II

Law Clinics & Skills

LAWN 9000 Trial Practice
LAWN 9090 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWN 9100 Negotiation: Theory and Strategy
LAWN 9110 Advanced Trial Practice
LAWN 9120 Post-Conviction Practicum
LAWN 9130 Advanced Criminal Law Practicum
LAWN 9310 Criminal Law Practice Clinic
LAWN 9330 Advanced Criminal Law Practice Clinic
LAWN 9410 Dispute Resolution Clinic
LAWN 9420 Advanced Dispute Resolution Clinic
LAWN 9610 Public Service Externship
LAWN 9910 Civil Advocacy Clinic
LAWN 9930 Advanced Civil Advocacy Clinic
LAWN 9940 Domestic Violence & Juvenile Law Clinic
LAWN 9950 Advanced Domestic & Juvenile Law Violence Clinic
LAWT 9600 Criminal Appeals Clinic
LAWT 9600 Sports Law Practicum

Law Writing Courses & Independent Research

LAWP 9000 Seminar: Pretrial Litigation
LAWT 9600 Transactional Drafting

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