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Master of Studies in Law (M.L.W.)

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The Master of Studies in Law (M.L.W.) is designed for professionals in a variety of career settings who desire a better understanding of law and the legal system but do not wish to practice.

The M.L.W. program can be completed in one year, allowing students to obtain a solid understanding of our legal system without committing the equivalent of three years of full-time study necessary for a J.D. degree.

Enhance Your Career

The M.L.W. program can benefit those who work with lawyers (e.g., corporate managers, accountants, realtors, court employees, law enforcement personnel), those whose work is governed by law and regulations (e.g., health care professionals, human resource professionals, government employees, educators), and those in other professions where knowledge of the law is valuable (e.g., journalists, engineers, entrepreneurs).

Although designed primarily for professionals aiming to enhance their existing careers, the M.L.W. program can help re-direct and launch career paths, too.

Individualized Full- and Part-Time Programs

M.L.W. students can pursue either a full-time or part-time schedule. Full-time students can complete the program in two semesters, and part-time students are welcome to arrange a workable program for themselves. Day and evening courses are available, making it convenient to attain a Master of Studies in Law degree while working.

The College of Law boasts a rich and diverse curriculum. M.L.W. students can select course work based on particular interests or scheduling needs after completing the initial required courses. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is available to assist each student in tailoring his or her schedule. 

A quick overview of the program is available in the M.L.W. brochure and a more detailed description of the program can be found on the M.L.W. Detailed Requirements page.

The M.L.W. degree does not qualify the holder to sit for a bar examination or practice law, nor will it be considered as a qualifier for entry into the J.D. program. Classes taken toward the Master of Studies in Law degree will under no circumstances be later applied toward a J.D. degree.
Last Updated: 4/9/15