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Student Ambassador Program

Allan Cameron

Allan Cameron

“This is not like undergrad, the only way to stay afloat is to constantly keep working.  Also as someone who had never gone to office hours in undergrad, it is extremely helpful to go in law school.”


Year in Law School
Rising 3L

Undergraduate / Major
Indiana University

Hinsdale, IL

Relevant Experience and Employment
Student Bar Association Rep three years, Themis Student Rep three years

Organizations and Activities
SBA, Themis, Social Chairman for the law school

Areas of Professional Interest
Criminal Law, Health Law    

What are your career goals?
Work in a defense firm downtown Chicago, make partner or start my own firm, then if all goes well finish my career as a judge.

What motivated you to purse a legal career?
Seeing first hand how much of a positive impact a lawyer can have on people's lives in a time where they are feeling very alone and unsure.

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
Professor McCuskey's Health Law or Professor Bruce's Secured Transactions.  Both of these teachers are able to take their material and bring it to life with their enthusiasm for it.

Thoughts on Toledo
Moving from Chicago I had my doubts, but ended up pleasantly surprised.  The city has a lot of passion for their sports teams and loves drinking and eating down by the river front docks.  The surprising mix of cultural restaurants has also been a great draw for me since I like sampling new cultures.

Personal Interests
Golf, sailing, hunting, playing with my dogs at home.



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