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Student Ambassador Program

Gregg Byrne

Gregg Byrne

“Take some time each week to go over all of your notes and start organizing them by topic. By doing this, you basically have your outline ready to go and you can continue to add things as the class progresses. By waiting, it makes remembering things you discussed towards the beginning of the semester tough.”

Year in Law School
3L. Part-time evening student.

Undergraduate / Major
West Chester University / B.S. Liberal Studies: Professional Studies; Madonna University / B.S. Paralegal Studies

Springfield, PA

Relevant Experience and Employment
Employed as a paralegal at an intellectual property firm in Southfield, MI – Brooks Kushman, P.C. – working on-site at Ford Motor Company in the Office of the General Counsel’s Intellectual Property Group

Organizations and Activities
Student Bar Association, Night Student Association, Student Ambassadors, ABA Representative

Areas of Professional Interest
Intellectual Property Law, International Law

What are your career goals?
To work in-house at a corporation handling transactional matters

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
Professor McCuskey – she always had great energy, which was needed for an 8pm class, and was extremely helpful in her explanations and how she presented the material

Thoughts on Toledo
I live an hour away, so I don’t get to spend as much time in Toledo as I would like to, but from what I’ve seen/experienced, the downtown seems like a great place to have a night out!

Personal Interests
Traveling, crossword puzzles


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Last Updated: 10/9/18