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Student Ambassador Program

Jacob Westfall

Jacob Westfall

“Study for every class like you’re studying for finals starting on day one. That advice is from Professor Davis and it’s the best advice I’ve gotten so far.”


Year in Law School

Undergraduate / Major
Ashland University – Political Science and Philosophy, Religion minor

Oberlin, OH

Relevant Experience and Employment
As an IT worker at Ashland University, I spent tons of time presenting a friendly face to people who weren’t sure what they were doing.

Organizations and Activities
Law Review, Moot Court, Federalist Society (secretary), Delta Theta Phi, Christian Legal Society

Areas of Professional Interest
Criminal Law, Constitutional Law

What are your career goals?
I want to eventually be a judge.

What motivated you to purse a legal career?
Innumerable hours of watching “Law & Order” and “Judge Judy” as a child.

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
Constitutional Law / Strang

Thoughts on Toledo
It’s an alright place to live, but sort of a tough adjustment for someone who’s been in a small town for his entire life.

Personal Interests
Reading, watching movies, playing video games, looking at memes.


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Last Updated: 10/9/18