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Student Ambassador Program

Jarett Bruner

Jarett Bruner

“Don’t panic take it a day at a time and relax. As long as you find a good outline or make your own a few weeks ahead of time you will have plenty of time to learn the material. I typically would study during the day and when night time rolled around took it off to go bowling and relax, felt it helped me be willing and able to dive back into the material first thing in the morning.  Don’t be afraid to ask others about things you don’t understand, and be willing to explain the things you do.”

Year in Law School

Undergraduate / Major
University of Cincinnati / Criminal Justice

Toledo, OH

Relevant Experience and Employment
Extern at the 6th District Court of Appeals

Organizations and Activities
Delta Theta Phi (Tribune), Law Review Associate Member, Business Law Society SBA Rep., Sports Law Society Member, Intellectual Property Law Society Member, Environmental Law Society Member

Areas of Professional Interest
Intellectual Property Law

What are your career goals?
Pass the Bar in California/Colorado and move out that way as an Environmental Lawyer to protect the natural resources in those states. Using an IP law background to help start up a firm for the cause.

What motivated you to purse a legal career?
Graduated from undergrad with a degree in criminal justice and after a year working in a related field realized I wanted to do more than enforce the law and actually help shape it.

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
Property I &II with Professor Cavalieri 

Thoughts on Toledo
It’s a decent city within a short distance of a lot of larger more vibrant cities allowing for weekend or day trips to those cities. Mudhens and Walleye games are a lot of fun to go to, and there is usually something to be done downtown just about any night. Wish they hadn’t closed the Del Taco but there are still plenty of great places to eat or grab a drink. Try Homeslice Pizza downtown - it’s pretty good.

Personal Interests
Tennis, Trivia, Bowling, Road trips, Camping, and lazy Sundays.


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Last Updated: 10/9/18