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Matthew Janack

Matthew Janack

“Recognizing that it is important to stay healthy as much as it is to study hard is invaluable. Academics is not the only challenging aspect of 1L year, it is staying confident in yourself and keeping a cool head.”

Year in Law School

Undergraduate / Major
University of Akron - Bachelors in Political Science

Brecksville, OH

Relevant Experience and Employment
University of Akron Resident Assistant

Organizations and Activities
Law review, Business law society

Areas of Professional Interest
Criminal Law, Health Law

What are your career goals?
My career goal is to be a well-trained, practicing attorney. I'd like to have a diverse legal career that offers a wide range of experiences.

What motivated you to purse a legal career?
After my first year of undergraduate education I found myself having career identity crises. I had recently given up my long time goal of being a physician and had no idea what I wanted to do. When I focused on my skills and the types of things I am good at such as reading, writing and public speaking pursuing a legal career was a natural fit.

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
My favorite class as of yet has been Constitutional law with Professor Strang

Thoughts on Toledo
Overall my 1L year experience was successful and dare I say enjoyable. I had excellent Professors and a great law school staff that were ready willing and able to help at any step along the way. Toledo has a very welcoming and nice culture. This is not only true of the university but particularly the legal community.

Personal Interests
Long distance running, video games, table tennis


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Last Updated: 10/9/18