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Welcome Toledo Law Entering Class of 2019!

Orientation will be held on Friday, December 21, 2018.



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We are looking forward to your arrival in January. Orientation will be held on Friday, December 21st, 2018. Please review the detailed orientation schedule and orientation session materials below. 

We ask all of you, including evening-division students, to make plans to attend the entire orientation program.  Because orientation is an essential introduction to law school, attendance is mandatory. Dress for orientation is business casual.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is an all-purpose service organization through which the student becomes an integral part of Toledo Law. Through elected class representatives, every individual has an active voice in matters concerning the law school. The organization also sponsors various social and academic activities.

SBA Information

Request for Transcripts 

(This request is in addition to the transcripts you have already submitted to LSAC)

The University requires two official transcripts from your undergraduate degree-granting institution, and one official transcript from each graduate school and/or law school in which you have been enrolled for credit.  Your registration for law classes is conditional until the College of Law has received your transcript(s).

Official transcripts bear the institutional seal and must show the award of your degree and the date your degree was granted.  If you are a recent graduate, transcripts should not be sent until your degree is posted on the transcript.

UT students can complete this transcript request form and submit it.

If you have not already done so, please request the Registrar at your higher education institution(s) to send your transcripts to:

The University of Toledo College of Law
Mail Stop #507
Office of Admissions
2801 West Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH  43606


Your Rocket ID number is your student identification number.  This number will allow you to create and access your Toledo Law email and create your UTAD account, which will allow you to view your student account on the myUT Portal.  You should have received this number during the seat deposit application process.  If you do not have your Rocket ID number, please contact the Office of Admissions as soon as possible.


1. Register for Courses

The Office of Admissions prepares class schedules for all incoming first-year students.  You can register for your courses online via the myUT PortalIt is an honor code violation to change your class schedule without express permission from the Associate Dean.

2. UT Email Activation

All enrolled UT students, faculty and staff must request email account activation by using before the first use. These accounts allow the holder to send and receive Internet electronic mail using workstation software or via the web.  Once your request for email account activation has taken place, students will connect to to access their email.

3. Purchase Campus Parking Permit

You may authorize your vehicle for parking on main campus by purchasing a parking permit.  To purchase a parking permit, log in to the myUT Portal and under the Law tab, click the Request/Update Parking Permit link under the My Accounts section.  Please visit Parking Services for parking-related FAQs and current rates.  Note: you will not be able to purchase a parking permit until you register for your courses. 

4. Purchase Rocket ID Card

The Rocket Card is the official University of Toledo Identification Card.  Your Rocket Card provides access to academic buildings, the Student Recreation Center, and the Student Medical Center.  You may order your Rocket Card through the Rocket Card Request System.  Please note that there is a one-time fee of $35, and you must upload digital photo of yourself when placing your order.  Note: you will not be able to order a Rocket Card until you register for your courses.

5. Purchase Textbooks & Complete First Assignments

After you receive your schedule, please log in to the myUT Portal, and under the Law tab, click the Spring 2019 Syllabi/First Assignments/Books link for course information, textbooks, and first assignments.  Books may be purchased online, through one of our campus bookstores or at the student to student book sale during orientation.


Throughout the year, local apartment communities provide housing information to the Office of Admissions. This information is not all-inclusive, but we are happy to provide it to incoming students upon request. We recommend that students consider the information published by The University of Toledo Off-Campus Housing Department, Apartment Guide, For Rent Guide, and for additional information.

There is additional information listed on a closed Facebook group for admitted Toledo Law incoming 2019 students. Please visit the connecting page at

Student Services

The University of Toledo is a student-centered institution, and as such provides numerous services and activities to assist you in reaching your personal and educational goals.

Law Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms Checklist

Information Technology

Student Disability Services

Student Recreation Center

Student Medical Center

Student Health Insurance

University Counseling Services

Student Legal Services

Military Service Center


When will I register for classes?

There’s no need to worry about selecting your classes - the Office of Admissions will take care of this for you!  Schedules will be released mid-summer.  After you receive your schedule, you will need to log in to the myUT Portal to complete your class registration.  It is an honor code violation to make changes to your schedule without the express permission of the Associate Dean.

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When do I need to pay my tuition?

Tuition for the Spring 2019 semester is due in full on January 4, 2019.  Scholarships, if applicable, will be posted to your account by late December. Please consult the Treasurer's Office Important Dates page for more information.

To expedite financial aid processing, all students should complete their FAFSA well in advance of the first day of classes.  This is necessary to ensure that your financial aid is in place to pay your tuition in a timely manner.

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Why do I need to provide more transcripts, and can I use the ones I sent to LSAC?

We require additional transcripts for two reasons:

  • First, one copy of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts will be maintained, permanently, in your file at Toledo Law; and
  • Second, one copy of your undergraduate transcript will be sent to the Office of Bar Examiners when you apply for the bar examination.  This alleviates the necessity of requesting additional transcripts for bar applications.

Unfortunately, we cannot reuse the transcripts provided to LSAC.  For our purposes, we must have original, certified and official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts.  The transcripts which accompany your application from LSAC are photocopies.

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I’m a Michigan/Indiana resident who received the Michigan/Indiana Resident Scholarship Guarantee.  Why is there an out-of-state surcharge on my bill?

All non-OH residents, excluding Monroe County, MI residents, are assessed an out-of-state surcharge on their bill each semester.  Toledo Law will cover the out-of-state surcharge for all Michigan and Indiana residents through our MI & IN Resident Scholarship Guarantee.  (see for more details)

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Where can I buy books?

Students may purchase books online or through one of our two on-campus bookstores, Barnes & Noble and The Student Bookstore.  Please view the January 2019 Syllabi/First Assignments/Books under the Law tab on the myUT Portal for course information and a list of required textbooks for your courses. 

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What are the important dates to know for Toledo Law?

It is important to know when classes will be in session at Toledo Law, as we have a mandatory attendance policy.  Please consult the Toledo Law Academic Calendar and the Main Campus Academic Calendar for important law school dates and campus-wide event information, respectively.

Please note that the academic calendar for Toledo Law is not congruous with the academic calendar for main campus.

For the Add/Drop/Withdraw dates, please consult the Registration Dates page and look for Law on the chart.

Please be aware that The University of Toledo (and all offices) will be closed starting Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 2nd. University offices will reopen on Wednesday, January 2nd.

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I’m an International Student.  Are there any special requirements for me?

All international students (non-U.S. citizens) are required to attend both the Toledo Law orientation, and the UT International Student Orientation.  UT International Student Orientation is hosted by the Office of International Student Services.

International Student Orientation Registration

International Student Pre-Arrival Information

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Is there a place to connect with my fellow incoming students before classes begin?

Yes - a closed Facebook group has been created for admitted Toledo Law incoming 2019 students. Please visit the connecting page at

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Last Updated: 2/4/19