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Tuition & Financial Aid

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Toledo Law has the lowest in-state tuition rate in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. You'll receive a nationally ranked legal education at an affordable value.


$17,900 Tuition - Lowest in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana

Toledo Law has reduced its in-state tuition from $20,579 to $17,900 for the academic year starting fall 2015. Tuition for out-of-state students next year also will drop – to $29,449. 

The tuition reduction makes Toledo Law’s in-state tuition the lowest of any law school in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Michigan and Indiana residents pay Ohio in-state tuition rates by virtue of the College’s automatic Michigan Resident Scholarship Guarantee and Indiana Resident Scholarship Guarantee. The tuition decrease benefits all students who are enrolled at Toledo Law in the 2015-2016 academic year, whether they are new or continuing, full-time or part-time.


2015-2016 Tuition & Fee Schedule 1 (anticipated)

As a state-supported school, different rates of tuition are charged based on a student’s classification as an Ohio Resident or Non-Ohio Resident. See the Ohio Residency Guidelines

Full-time Student (12 - 16 Credit Hours)2

Per Semester

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

  Ohio, Michigan, and
Indiana Residents
Tuition $8,950.00 $8,950.00
Madatory Fees $812.30 $812.30
Non-Resident Surcharge $0.00 $5,774.16
Total (Per Semester): $9,762.30 $15,536.46
Total (Per Academic Year): $19,524.60 $31,072.92


Part-time Student (Less than 12 Credit Hours)

Per Credit Hour

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

  Ohio, Michigan, and
Indiana Residents
Tuition $745.83 $745.83
Mandatory Fees $67.15 $67.15
Non-Resident Surcharge $0.00 $181.18
Total (Per Credit Hour): $812.98 $1,294.16

*Note: a mandatory $6.50 special service fee is charged per semester. 

Miscellaneous Fees and Student Health Insurance Information

Matriculation Fee (one-time) $30.00
Rocket ID Fee (one-time) $35.00
Parking Fee (optional-per semester) $125.00
Legal Services Fee (optional-per semester) $10.00
Student Health Insurance:3
Plan 1 (Default): Fall: $1,457.00
Spring and Summer: $2,133.00

 2014-2015 Tuition & Fee Schedule

1 Fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees.  For complete information on tuition, fees and University policies please see the Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 Finance Brochure.
2 A student is charged $857.45 for each semester hour in excess of 16.  A non-Ohio resident is charged an additional surcharge of $481.18 for each semester hour in excess of 16.
3 All students are required to have health insurance.  For additional Information, please contact the Student Health Insurance office at 419-530-3474 or visit the website at:

Last Updated: 3/23/15