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Awards & Honors

Law Alumni Affiliate Awards

The College of Law and the Law Alumni Affiliate accept nominations for the Law Alumni Affiliate Awards throughout the year.

If you know of a deserving alumna or alumnus, share their story by nominating that individual. Please send the name of the alumnus or alumna and the award for which you are submitting the nomination to

New Alumni Award: This award is given to a College of Law graduate who received a law degree within the last 10 years, remains connected with the College of Law, shows leadership in his/her community, and demonstrates professional integrity.

Commitment Award: This award is presented to a College of Law graduate who demonstrates commitment to the underserved above and beyond his/her position or job and consistently demonstrates professional integrity.

Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus: This award is presented to a College of Law graduate who demonstrates distinction in his/her professional life.

Outstanding Faculty Award: This award is presented to a faculty member in honor of excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship as well as service to the College, University, and legal profession.


Past Winners

Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus Awards (Since 1986)

Roderick Kennedy
Sharon Speyer
James Thomas
Paul Hancock
Julia Bates & Randall Samborn
Justice Judith Lanzinger & Ronald Brown   
Peter Casey, III & Michael Walker
Kenneth I. White, Sr.
Christopher Bussert
Bruce Bailey
Stephen Dane
Stewart Greenleaf
Reginald Routson
Mike Jilek
Judge Norm Zemmelman
John Czarnecki
Judge Jim Jensen

Judge Ron Bowman
Alan LanceMatt Kolb
Judge George Glasser
Dick Antonini
Frank Cubbon
Tony Pizza
Judge Charles Doneghy
Dale Fallat
Judge Ginny Morgan         
Judge Francis Restivo
Judge Andy Douglas
John Stoepler
Judge Nick Walinski
Tom Manahan
Tom Lenga
Dick Heuerman


Outstanding New Exemplar (O.N.E.) Award

2013   Karl Strauss
2012   Major Michael Renz
2011   Said Orra
2010   Gerald Trepkowski
2009   Mohammed Abdrabboh
2008   Sarah Skow


Commitment Award

2013   Michael DiLauro
2012   Rabbi Alan Sokobin
2011   The Kirbys (Michael Kirby, Scott Schwab & Neil Light—posthumously)
2010   Patricia Intagliata
2009   Henry Herschel
2008   Robert Sterling
2007   Patricia Wise


Outstanding Faculty Award

2013   Geoffrey Rapp
2012   Rebecca Zietlow
2011   William Richman
2010   Robin Kennedy
2009   Benjamin Davis
2008   Douglas Chapman  
2007   Phillip Closius
2006   Daniel Steinbock
2005   Lee Pizzimenti
2004   Beth Eisler
2003   Robert Hopperton
2002   Ronald Raitt
2001   David Harris
2000   James Klein
1999   Steve Ripps
1998   Henry Bourguignon
1997   Susan Martyn
1996   Roger Anderson
1995   Howard Friedman
Last Updated: 3/13/18