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On Campus Interview Reservation

We offer employers visiting campus complete control of their interview schedule including start and end times, and allow employers to meet with candidates of their selection. Thank you for your interest in Toledo Law students. Please send us your request by filling out and submitting the form below.

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Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not list a second-choice date, we will notify you if your first-choice interview date is not available and provide a list of dates that are still open.

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Available Position(s)

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Summer Associate/Law Clerk (I will interview full-time 2Ls and part-time 3Ls)
Associates (I will interview full-time 3Ls and part-time 4Ls)
Other: (please describe)

Required Qualifications

Please use this box to list any requirements you have for applicants as we collect resumes (e.g., minimum GPA and/or class rank, must have undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science to apply, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications

Please use this box to list any preferences you have for applicants as we collect resumes (e.g., Law Review or Moot Court experience preferred.)


If your organization has already prepared a posting or job description that you would like us to use for publicizing the opportunity, please insert the text in the box below.  If not, we are happy create a posting for you based on the preferences and requirements you listed above.

Application Materials Requested

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Send materials via: Hard Copy Electronically (via Symplicity).


Length of interviews
Full day of 20-minute interviews (see 20 students)
Full day of 30-minute interviews (see 13 students)
Half day of 20-minute interviews (see 9 students)
Half day of 30-minute interviews (see 6 students)
Other: (please type in requested schedule, and we will contact you to confirm the alternate arrangements)


Non-Discrimination Policy Affirmation

Thank you for contacting the Office of Professional Development of The University of Toledo College of Law for your recruiting needs.  The University of Toledo College of Law requires, and is obligated under the Association of American Law Schools Bylaw 6-3(b), that all employers to whom it furnishes assistance and facilities for interviewing and other placement functions observe the principle of equal opportunity.

University of Toledo College of Law Non-Discrimination Policy:

The University of Toledo College of Law is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in education, employment, membership and contracts without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, military or veteran status, the presence of a disability, genetic information, familial status, political affiliation and participation in protected activities, except as mandated by pertinent legal requirements. The College of Law will take affirmative action as required or permitted by federal or state law.

By submitting this form, you affirm that your firm or organization agrees that it will observe the principles of equal opportunity outlined in the Non-Discrimination Policy above.    



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