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Sheet Music Collection, 1847-1956, bulk, 1860-1910


Size: .5 linear feet

Provenance: Most of the materials in this collection were purchased through the rare books acquisition process.


Access: OPEN

Collection Summary: Many Toledo imprints, bulk 1860-1910.

Subjects: Music, Art, Drama, and Theatre


Related Collections: More sheet music can be found in the Donald D. Duhaime Collection (MSS-077, Box 8, R4).


Copyright: The literary rights to this collection are assumed to rest with the person(s) responsible for the production of the particular items within the collection, or with their heirs or assigns.  Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition to publish from any part of said collection per Title 17, United States Code.  The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections may reserve the right to intervene as intermediary at its own discretion.


Completed by: April S. Dougal, 1991 and Laura Micham, 1999; last updated: June, 2014

Scope and Content Note


There are 51 pieces of sheet music in this collection. Consisting largely of Toledo imprints, the collection spans a wide rang of dates and themes. It includes songs of war (the Civil War, WWI, and WWII) love songs, humorous songs, children's songs, patriotic songs, sentimental songs, and dance music. There are instrumental pieces as well as music with lyrics. The city of Toledo features in three of the songs about the life of a Toledo newsboy, Scott High School, and the Liberty Loan Campaign respectively. Of particular note are the number of songs and lyrics written by women. Finally, there are three pieces by Paul Laurence Dunbar, an important African American poet and lyricist (see the Herbert Woodward Martin Papers, MSS-015, 095).


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Abt, Franz (music), and Rea (lyrics). For Old Love's Sake. Toledo, Ohio: C.J., Wooley and Co., n.d.






Adam, A. The Hungarian Flag Dance, as Danced by 48 Danseuses Viennoise, at the Principal Theatres in Europe, and the United States. 2nd ed., Stephen W. Marsh: Boston, MA: 1847.






Allen, DeClan. I Love Both the Shamrock and the Rose. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., n.d.






Andino, J.E. Love's Despair Waltzes. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1899.






Ball, Ernest R. (music), and Paul Laurence Dunbar (lyrics). Who Knows? New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1908, 1909, 1911.






Blackmore, Paul C. Scott High Forever. Toledo, Ohio: Paul C. Blackmore, 1920.






Bowles, Paul. Huapango no.2 (El Sol). New York: Alec Templeton, Inc., 1956






Braham, David (music), and Edward Harrigan (lyrics). Sons of Temperance, S.O.T. New York: William A. Pond and Co., 1876.






Browning. Hazel M. (music), and Hiram B. Browning (lyrics). My Queen of the Caravan (An Egyptian Love Song). Toledo. Ohio: Hi. Browning Music Co., 1918.






Browning, Hazel M. (music), and Hiram B. Browning (lyrics). Whip-O-Will, A Southern Lullaby. Toledo, Ohio: H.B. Browning Music Co., 1918.






Browning, Hiram B. and Hazel M. Browning (Mrs.) (music), and George W. Stevens (lyrics). Its Up to You - Toledo Prize Song, Third Liberty Loan Campaign. Toledo, Ohio: Liberty Loan Committee, 1918.









Buckline, Harry. Tell Me of My Darling Boy, Or, The Mother's Reply to 'Just Before the Battle.' Toledo. Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1864.






Clark, James C. (music), and Annie Herbert (lyrics). The Two Villages and When the Mists Have Rolled Away. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1873.






Cook, Will Marion (music), and Cecil Mack (lyrics). Molly Green. New York: Harry Von Tizler Music Publishing Co., 1902.






Dale, W. Phelps (music), and Lizzie Lincoln (lyrics). Death of Our Darling. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1867.






Degenhard, Charles C. (music), and Amanda T. Jones (lyrics). The Realm of the West. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1863.






Dondore, C.T. (music), and Nichols, T.W. (Prof.) (lyrics). So Near Sighted. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1867.






Fuller, Maude N. Tempest Tossed. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1899.






Fuller, Maude N. The Champion March. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1902.






Gordon, H. (music), and Maggie Kilmer (lyrics). We'll Conquer Or Die. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1864. (2 c.)






Hawthorne, Alice. What Is Home Without A Mother. Philadelphia: Winner & Schuster, 1854.






Holding. Carlisle B. O See Our Banner Floating O'er Us. Toledo, Ohio: Ignes Fischer, 1908.






Hoover, Charles E. Don't Drink, My Boy, To-Night. Boston: F. Trifet, 1877.






Irving, A.B. I Am Waiting. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1864.






Kammermeyer. E. C. (music), and J.M. Edwards (lyrics). Nothing But Money. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney Co., 1896.




Mason, Jack (arr.), and Jerry Browne and Jack De Vol (lyrics). Little Bo-Peep Has Lost Her Jeep. New York: Southern Music Publishing Co., 1942.






Merrill, Bob. A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl (Skoob-el-ee Doo-bee-dum). New York: Valyr Music Corp. 1956.






Newcomer, Walter W. (arr.), and Charles M. Myers (lyrics). Dear Old Daddy and Mammy of Mine. Toledo, Ohio: Charles M. Myers, 1926.






Ogden. W.A.. The Little Empty Cradle. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1866.






Pontius, William H. (music), and Jno. M. Jolley (lyrics). The Old Bell. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1880.






Prior, Charles Edward (music), and Samuel N. Mitchell (lyrics). No More the Bugle's Stirring Blast. Toledo. Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1877.






Prosen. Sidney. Till I Waltz Again With You. New York: Village Music Co., 1952.






Ransom. Nellie Brooks. The Climax. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1900.






Reichardt, Alexander. Thou Art So Near and Yet So Far. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, [1865].






Rosenfeld, M.H. Only A Smile. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1882.






Seymore, Frederick. Dear Little Sleepyhead. Toledo, Ohio: Waldorf Music Publishing Co., 1919.






Shattuck, C.F. (music), and Peter McNamee (lyrics). Little Bright Eyes, Come And Meet Me. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1873.



Siedle, E.A.. Linden Glide. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1894.






Slack, J.H. Home, Sweet Home. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, n.d.






Smith. Boyton. The Mill Wheel, A Popular German Melody. Toledo, Ohio: Ignes Fischer, n.d.



Smith, M.F.H. (music), and Lilly Lovette (lyrics). He Is Coming Home To-Day. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1864.






Suffern, J. William. The Blind Slave Boy, Or, Come Back To Me, Mother. Toledo, Ohio: W. W. Whitney, 1865.






Suffern, J. William. In the South the Clouds Are Breaking and the Veterans Are Returning. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1865.






Suffern, J. William (music), and F.D.C. Miller (lyrics). Whispering Angels. Toledo, Ohio: W.W. Whitney, 1865.






Viney, Whitney (music), and Paul Laurence Dunbar (lyrics). My Little Black Lamb. Chicago, IL: Harvey's Greater Minstrel's, 1922.






Webb, Frank R. The Inspiration Waltzes. Toledo, Ohio: Ignes Fischer, 1878.






Willing, William. Forget Me Not Waltz. Toledo, Ohio: Ignes Fischer, 1876.






Willing, William. Little Topsey. Toledo, Ohio: Ignes Fischer, 1883.






Wood, Florence. Antler Waltz. Toledo, Ohio: McCormick Music Co., 1900.






Woodward, W.H. The Life of a News Boy. Toledo, Ohio: Woodward Music Co., 1908.






Work, Henry Clay. Come Home, Father. Chicago, IL: Root & Cady, 1864.