These biographical sketches are intended to flesh out some of the individuals, both in management and on the production lines, who have made up Acklin Stamping.


Grafton Acklin 1851-1926. The company's founder and first president, guiding the company from 1911-1926.

James Acklin 1884-1936. Grafton's eldest son and Acklin's second president, running the firm from 1926-1936.

Donald Acklin 1886-1931. Grafton Acklin's middle son and an Acklin Stamping Vice President. His death in 1931 prevented him from taking over the company's helm.

William Acklin 1888-1939. The third and final member of the Acklin Family to head the company which he did from 1936-1939.

Frank Graper 19??-1944. Acklin's first president to come from outside the Acklin Family. While leading the firm from 1939-1944 Mr. Graper was responsible for finding Acklin defense contracts and promoting positive employee-patient relations.

F. Cyril Greenhill 1894-1991. Acklin's president from 1944-1952, guiding the company through World War II and the post-war era.

Egon Hirschmann - A pioneer in Acklin's safety efforts, he organized a Shop Safety Program in 1930.

Ray Mierzwiak - 40+ year Acklin employee.

Wilfred (Bill) Williams - Acklin's assistant Sales Manger in 1947.

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