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Exterior Photographs

Interior Photographs

Exterior Photographs

Acklin's Dorr Street Plant, home since 1911, up for sale in 1925.

Acklin Stamping Plant, late 1930s.

Aerial view of Acklin Stamping, 1940s.


Acklin Stamping Plant, 1946. 115,000 square feet.

Acklin Stamping Plant, 1950s.

Acklin Stamping Plant, 1969. Notice the addition of a parking lot.


Acklin Stamping Plant, 1970s.

Winter of 1978, Tecumseh's Logo stands tall.


Interior Photographs

Drill Room at Acklin's original Dorr Street plant, before 1925.

Machine Shop at Acklin's original Dorr Street Location. Before 1925.

Interior of Dorr Street plant, c. 1925.


Managers Office, c. 1930s.

Workers in the Die Shop, 1940.

Engineering department, photo 1950s.


Adding on! Acklin expands in the mid-1950s.

Installing a new press, 1978.
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