Wilfred (Bill) Williams

Wilfred (Bill) Williams was born in Toledo Ohio in 1911 and attended Woodward High School, an institution from which he graduated in 1929. While in High School Bill worked at Willys-Overland on the assembly line but he wanted to move up in the factory and headed to Toledo University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. When the depression hit the hardest Bill dropped out and headed to Acklin in 1931 as a Blueprint Boy also doing some die designing on the side.

In1934 Bill Williams left Acklin to finish his engineering degree at the University of Michigan. When he graduated in June of 1936 he went to work for General Motors in their spark plug division, but left in November of 1937 when he came back to Acklin. He was hired into the Estimating Department but by April of 1938 he was moved to Sales. Promotions came quickly and by 1943 he was named Assistant Sales Manager a position he still held in 1947.

Inhis position as Assistant Sales Manager Bill Williams wasn't limited to sales, he also managed Acklin's advertising budget as well as handle customer and public relations. He supervised 9 salesman employed by Acklin in major cities throughout the midwest.

Mr. Williams enjoyed photography and also participated with his sons in the Boy Scouts serving as a member of the Regional Troop Committee.

When Tecumseh Products purchased Acklin the sales department was dissolved and Mr. Williams moved on to other jobs.

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