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Drill Room at Acklin's original Dorr Street plant, before 1925.

Machine Shop at Acklin's original Dorr Street Location. Before 1925.

Early stamping. Notice the foot pedal driven operation. Before 1925.


Stacking street car pole splicers for Trolley Poles. Used repair following collisions/accidents. 1930s.

Workers in the Die Shop, 1940.

Safety handcuffs on press operator. c. 1940's.


Acklin UAW Shop Committee, 1947.

Meeting of the 25 year club, late 1940s.

Mary Szymanski and Anna Szalkowski putting Tecumseh mufflers onto Brazing Furnace Conveyor. 1949-1950.


Engineering Department at work, 1950s.

Union Shop Committee, 1954. Lewis Mattox, chair is second from the right, back row.

Stanley Disque, Acklin Sales Representative and his catch a 100 pound Silver King Tarpon. Tampa Bay, Florida 1947.


Harold Siebenaler operating Drill Press. 1955.

Paul Wexlar, Stanly Schoviak, Joe Kardos, Julius Chinni, and Shortie Long representing Acklin at the American Bowling Congress, 1955.

Fire Safety demonstartion, 1967.


Fixing a part. c. 1970's.

Guy Wiseman, Industrial Engineer, performs a pollution study on liquids discharged by Acklin. 1972.

Bob Ignatowski, Die setter since 1933. Photo 1975.


Ray Mierzwiak, Acklin employee since 1929. Photo 1975.

Angie Schiavone, Receptionist, c. 1976..

Woman operating Minster Press. Date unknown.

Mac McGraw, Chief Inspector since 1969, Acklin since 1950. Photo -- January 1983.
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