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Marianne Moore, 1887-1972

Nevertheless (1944)

PS3525.O5616 N4    

In this slim volume, Moore writes about animals, religion, and Europe. Wallace Stevens said about this book that “she makes the most lavish snake-charmer look like a visitor,” probably eluding to the magical and mysterious way in which Moore chooses dense words to create moods in her poem. In “A Carriage From Sweden,” (p.8) for example, she writes: “The split / pine fair hair, steady gannet-cleat / eyes and the pine-needled-path deer- / swift step; that is Sweden, land of the / free and the soil for a spruce tree”



Poetry and Criticism (1965)

PS3525.O5616 P63    

This essay was printed on a hand press. It collects Moore’s responses to questions about her views on creativity and her relationship with the revolution in poetry. As indicated by the date, Moore had a lengthy career - as did H.D., who was Moore's friend at Bryn Mawr College in the early 1900s.







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