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Use of Materials

Please follow these guidelines when handling archival materials.

Policies for Using Canaday Center Materials

  • Special collections materials do not circulate outside of the Canaday Center.
  • Please handle materials with care.  Do not mark or deface them in any way. Theft or mutilation of special collections will result in prosecution.
  • Maintain archival and manuscript materials in the order in which they are received. If you find material damaged or out of  proper order, please report the problem to a staff member.
  • Take notes in pencil only.  Pencils will be provided on request.
  • Leave all bags, briefcases, coats, parcels, umbrellas, etc., on the bookshelves behind the reference desk in the Reading Room.  These are subject to search by staff members.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited in the Canaday Center Reading Room.
  • All photocopying is done by staff, subject to Canaday Center regulations and charges. We reserve the right not to photocopy materials due to condition, copyright, or donor restrictions.
  • Return all materials to a staff member when you are finished and inform the staff member that you have completed work with them.
  • Permission to publish all or part of  manuscript or archival materials housed in the Canaday Center must be requested in writing. Permission must also be obtained from the copyright holder(s).
  • When using materials from the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, please acknowledge their source by clearly stating the name of the collection in which you found the materials. If the materials you are using were found on our web pages, please specify the URL (web address) of the page on which you found them. Please cite Canaday Center materials as follows:

For Manuscript Collections -- "[Collection Name], The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, The University of Toledo Libraries"

For University Archives -- "Records of [College or Administrative Unit], The University of Toledo Archives, The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, The University of Toledo Libraries"  

(See Citation Format for more specific examples.)





Last Updated: 7/22/16