[Foreign Film titles are in brackets]       Rev. 2/1/08
Movie Title   Brief description   Call #
300   Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. Persian King Xerxes lead a Army of well over 100,000 men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and other Slave soldiers   DVD 1297
[1001 Nacht]�� / Ustredni pujcovna filmu uvadi Karel Zeman detem�� Kratky film   Narration (sound track) in German; credits in Czech; no subtitles   VHS 38
[Ab tak chhappan]   Ab Tak 56 is about an honest cop Sadhu Agashe who makes a name by killing criminals in 'fake' police encounters instead of locking them up in prison. In Hindi w/ English subtitles DVD 1310
[Akermania]Volume one����   J'ai faim, j'ai froid (I'm hungry, I'm cold):Two young Belgian girls run away from their home in Brussels.   VHS 2547
[Alsino y el condor]�� = Alsino and the condor��   Set in Nicaragua, this film depicts the clash between Central American governments and Sandinista rebels.   VHS 1241
[Amara, Akbara, Enthon' i]   Lavish action-filled account of the separation, separate lives, and eventual reunion of three brothers: one raised by a Hindu policeman, one raised by a Muslim tailor, and one raised by a Catholic priest   DVD 746
[Amarcord]�� = I remember / une co-produzione italo-francese   Memories of episodes about love, sex, politics, family life and growing up in a small Italian town in the 1930's   DVD7
[Amoresperros]   Three different people are catapulted into dramatic and unforeseen circumstances in the wake of a terrible car crash   DVD 821
[Anand]   In Hindi, with English subtitles   VHS 3079
[Atame!] = Tie me up, tie me down / Miramax Films and El Deseo S.A   Comedy in which an orphaned mental patient kidnaps a porn star in an irrationally inspired bid for love   VHS 25
[Au revoir les enfants]�� = goodbye, children / Nouvelles Editions de Films   Based on the director's life, this film chronicles Malle's experiences during the German occupation of France in World War II   VHS 2244
[Baabul]   The story of a father's attempt to rescue his daughter-in-law from her grief after his son dies tragically. The film deals with the social issue of widow remarriage   DVD 1279
[Baghban]   In Hindi w/English subtitles.At retirement, a father and mother go to live, separately, with their unwilling sons and their wives   DVD 1073
[Ballada o soldate] = Ballad of a soldier���   A young man refuses a medal following an heroic action and instead takes leave from the front to visit his mother. Russian with English subtitles   VHS 448
[Banshun]= Late spring / Shochiku Films��� directed by Yasujiro Ozu   The story of a young woman who lives with her father and finds herself growing past the marriageable age. Japanese with English subtitles   VHS 99
[Baron Prasil] = The adventures of Baron Munchausen   The Baron and his friends enjoy wild antics and have incredible adventures. They fly to the moon and visit earth   VHS 2508
[Baza ludzi umarlych] = depot of the dead   In polish w/English subtitles.Set in the mountains of southeastern Poland, portrays the desperate lives of a group of outcast men who drive deadly roads in trucks loaded with timber   DVD 1101
[Bicycle thief]   Italian with English subtitles   VHS 2795
[Big Shar]   Polish with English subtitles. An aging card shark, Shar, plays and wins against Jurek, who plays with marked cards.   DVD 966
[Black]   The film deals with the journey of two headstrong people, Michelle Mcnally, who cannot see, hear, nor speak and Debraj who teaches her to live and seek knowledgeHindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1287
[Blood of a poet]   Videodisc release of the 1930 motion picture   DVD 542
[Bodas de sangre]�� = Blood wedding / by Federico Garcia Lorca���   Flamenco interpretation of the classic drama by Federico Garcia Lorca. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1622
[Boudu sauve des eaux]= Boudu saved from drowning   A scruffy tramp is not grateful for being rescued from suicide and plagues the family that takes him in. French with English subtitles.   VHS 714
[Bout de souffle]= Breathless   The story of a couple of days in the lives of two erratic young lovers in Paris, their temporary home. Subtitles.   VHS 2113
[Brigitte & Brigitte] [Up & Down]   In French w/English subtitles.Two films written, directed and produced by Luc Moullet. In Brigitte et Brigitte (1966, 72 min., b&w) two young provincial women move to Paris together and become cinephiles at the Sorbonne. In Parpaillon (1992, 84 min., col.) a group of cyclists struggles up the slopes of the Alps   DVD 1057
[Bronenosets Potemkin] = Battleship Potemkin/ a film by Sergei Eisenstein   Potemkin re-creats the 1905 mutiny on the battleshipPrince Potemkin.It focuses a mutiny by the battleship's crew and the subsequent massacre of civilians. Russian film with English subtitles.   DVD 29
[Bye-bye]/ produced by Alain Rozanes������   In French with English subtitles   VHS 199
[Camp de Thiaroye]�� = Camp Thiaroye��   African soldiers, returning home after fighting in World War II, are massacred in a dispute over pay.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2638
[Canoabadas a neduabicge] = chimes at midnight   Orson Welles' adaptation of the Falstaff story, taken from the Shakespeare plays and Holinshed's chronicles.   DVD 633
[Carbide adn Sorrel]   German w/English subtitles. After the end of World War II, workers in Dresden decide to build a cigarette factory. They send their colleague Kalle hundreds of kilometers to pick up carbide for welding.   DVD 864
[Cartoneros]   Follows the paper recycling process in Buenos Aires from the trash pickers who collect paper informally through middlemen in warehouses, to executives in large corporate mills. In Spanish w/English subtitles   DVD 1369
[Catsplay]   Hungarian w/English subtitles.Two sisters from Hungary reflect upon their lives   DVD 900
[Cet obscur objet du desir];"That obscure object of desire���   Gaumont-La Gueville"   VHS 2290
[Chelovek s kino-apparatom]= The man with a movie camera"   An experimental film which uses numerous cinematic techniques (split screens, multiple superimpositions, variable speeds, et cetera) to present a dawn to dusk view of Moscow. Silent film.   VHS 62
[Chelovek s kino-apparatom]= The man with the movie camera   An experimental film which uses numerous cinematic techniques (split screens, multiple superimpositions, variable speeds, et cetera) to present a dawn to dusk view of the Soviet Union. Silent film. English subtitles.   DVD 32
[Chong] = My heart   Dolby Digital soundtrack in Korean with English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles   DVD 173
[Chueh lieh]= Breaking with old ideas��   Tells the story of the struggle of Chinese peasants and workers during the Great Leap Forward in 1958 to create a new kind of college in the countryside��   VHS 1614
[Chuyen tu te: Tap II] = How to behave : a story about kindness   Prompted by a dying friend who urges him to lead a life of kindnes. Vietnamese English subtitles.   VHS 614
[Cinema paradiso]   Italian or French w/English subtitles.A filmmaker returns to his Sicilian hometown for the first time in 30 years and looks back on his life   DVD 883
[Citizen Vaclav Havel goes on vacation]   In Czech w/English subtitles.Recreation of a 1985 trip that Vaclav Havel, then a prominent dissident, took around Czechoslovakia.   DVD 1100
[Cleo de 5 a 7]�� = Cleo from five to seven   A girl waiting for the result of a medical examination wanders around Paris thinking she has cancer   VHS 717
[Close encounters of no kind]   In Saurashtri & Gujarati w/Englis subtitles.This film follows the Rabari, camel and sheep herders of Saurashtra, India. Their nomadic lifestyle requires them to move herds of sheep and camels across the Saurashtrian landscape to seek grazing and water.   DVD 1097
[Como era gostoso o meu frances]= How tasty was my little Frenchman   In the coastal wilds of 16th-century Brazil, a French soldier is captured by a tribe of man-eating Indians. Portuguese, French, Tupi with English subtitles.   VHS 2524
[Como era gostoso o meu frances] = How tasty was my little Frenchman   The black comedy tells the story of a French adventurer who tries in vain to be accepted by a tribe of cannibals who has captured him. In portuguese, French & Tupi w/English subtitles   DVD 1344
[Con muy alto riesgo] = At highest risk   Looks at maternal health services in the Peruvian Andes, an area with one of the highest maternal death rates in South America. In Quechua and Spanish   DVD 1359
[Coolie] / directed by Prayag Raj, Manmohan Desai����   In Hindi-Urdu with English subtitles   VHS 3083
[Coup de torchon]= Clean slate / Films de la Tour   A black comedy about the seemingly incompetent police chief of a small African village. French with English subtitles.   VHS 2288
[Dans l'empire des sens] = In the realm of the senses / film ecrit et realise par Nagisa Oshima   This erotic masterpiece is the story of an ex-prostitute.�� Japanese with English subtitles.   DVD 2
[Das Blau Licht: eine Berglegende] = The blue light   Release of thw 1932 motion picture.Junta is hated by the people of the village who believe she is a witch. In German w/English subtitles   DVD 1343
[Das Blaue Licht]�� = The blue light / von Leni Riefenstahl   A legend set in the Italian alps about a painter who defies a local legend by climbing a mountain. German with English subtitles.   VHS 89
[Das tapfere schneiderlein] / DEFA Studio fur Trickfilme   Animated fairy tale   VHS 39
[Day of the dead�� El dia de los muertos] = Day of the dead   Spanish material - Mexico civilization.   VHS 2931
[De cierta manera]���   Set in a new housing project replacing a slum area just outside of Havana, three young people try to readjust their lives to the new social order of Fidel Castro's Cuba+C18   VHS 561
[Delicatessen]��   French w/English subtitles.In a futuristic society where meat is a rare commodity, a delicatessen serves up its customers as a nutritious replacement   DVD 906
[Demonios en el jardin]= Demons in the garden   Examines the dynamics of a post-Spanish Civil War familyIn Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 732
[Der Kongress tanzt]= The Congress dances��   Operetta set during the 1815 Congress of ViennaGerman with English subtitles.   VHS 107
[Der Rosenkavalier]�� / comedy for music by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal����   Opera in three acts. Sung in German; English subtitles   VHS 1404
[Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein]��   A puppet film presenting the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. Narrated in German   VHS 37
[Desh premee]��   In Hindi, with English subtitles   VHS 3081
[Deus e o diabo na terra do sol] =Black god, white devil   In Brazil, a peasant -- seeking escape from poverty and hopelessness -- changes first into a fanatical priest and then a cangaceiro, a bandit hero. Portuguese with English subtitles.   VHS 2510
[Devdas]   [In Hindi w/English subtitles] The tragic story of Devdas, a wealthy young man, who is loved by two women--a courtesan and his childhood sweetheart whom his family will not accept because of differing social classes   DVD 273
[Dhoom:2] back in action   A true 21st century action comedy. Three cops (Chopra, Bachchan and Basu) are caught in a global game of cat and mouse with two of the most notorious, high tech thieves still at large (Roshan and Rai) In Hindi, Tamil, Telugu; s;ubtitles in English   DVD 1284
[Dhoom]   A sophisticated gang of robbers is sweeping through Mumbai, giving nightmares to the police department. Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1283
[Die 3 Groschen Oper]= The 3 penny opera����   The story of Macheath, a well-known criminal, who marries Polly, daughter of theKingof the beggars, Peachum.German with English subtitles.   VHS 622
[Die Blechtrommel]�� / New World Pictures����   Oskar Matzerath, a self-made dwarf, narrates this story of modern society--Germany from the turn of the century through the Nazi era, German with English subtitles.   VHS 1569
[Die Fledermaus]/BBC Television and Royal Opera House   Baron von Eisenstein is supposed to go to jail for eight days for a minor offense, but decides to attend a ball first.German with English subtitles.   VHS 1416
[Die Funf neuen Bundeslander]/ Rene Perraudin Filmproduktion��   The new states of the Federal Republic of Germany are presented in 15 minute segments -- landscape, industry, important cities and cultural history of each state.In German   VHS 618
[Die Morder sind unter uns]�� = Murderers are among us   In the aftermath of World War II, Susanne Wallner returns from a concentration camp to find that her apartment is occupied by Dr. Martens, a former officer in the German army. German with English subtitles.   VHS 193
[Die Weisse Rose]= The White Rose   The story of a secret society of students and their professor who printed and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets to urge German citizens to sabotage the war efforts.German with English subtitles.   VHS 1540
[Dil Chahta Hai]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. The story of three men, friends since childhood, their individual relationships and the effect that these relationships have on them   DVD 1025
[Dilwale dulhania le jayenge]   Having been brought up in London, Raj and Simran are second generation British Asians, who still cherish their Indian roots, culture, and values.   DVD 744
[Do bigha zamin]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. Peasant-landlord melodrama, in which small landowner tries to work off debt in Calcutta   DVD 1083
[Dona Barbara]�� / Clasa Films�� una produccion de Fernando de Fuentes   Spanish with English subtitles   VHS 1649
[Egy het Pesten es Budan] = Long weekend in pest & buda   Hungarian w/English subtitles.A contemporary romantic drama set in picturesque Budapest.   DVD 903
[Ek Jind Ek Jaan]   A story of relationships and responsibility, love and revenge. In Hindi w/English subtitles   DVD 1214
[El cochecito]�� = The little coach / [presented by] Jerry Winters����   Black comedy about an old man who wants a motorized wheelchair so he can ride through town with his disabled friendsSpanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1996
[el espiritu del tango] =Subtango; the spirit of Tango   Through performances and interviews this documentary attempts to capture the spirit of the tango, which is used by dancers as a mode of artistic expression, and is not simply a commercialized cultural product for export. In Spanish w/English subtitles   DVD 1356
[El hijo de la novia] = Son of the bride   Rafael is a 42-year-old divorced father and restaurant owner who is overwhelmed with li   DVD 818
[El Nido] = The Nest / Quartet/Films Incorporated   Alejandro, an energetic, attractive but lonely 60 year-old widower, meets Goyita, an intelligent and determined 12 year-old girl.Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1623
[El Otro Francisco] = The other Francisco / Instituto Cubano���   Contrasts theromantic conceptions of plantation life found in Suarez Romero's novel with a realistic expose of the actual historical conditions of slavery throughout the Americas.In Spanish   VHS 657
[Electra, my love ]   Hungarian w/ English subtitles.A re-imagination of the classic myth, now set on a desolate Hungarian plain and in the future   DVD 914
[Elegy of the land]   In Russing w/ English subtitles.Commemorates Russian peasant Maria Semionovna Voinova who, when she died, took her secrets of raising and working flax with her   DVD 1056
[Eliana, Eliana]   When a small-town girl moves to the bustling city of Jakarta, she must cope with the conflict between her traditional upbringing and the modern way of life in the city   DVD 1058
[Emperor's naked army marches on] = Yuki yukite shingun   Japanese w/English subtitles.In this absorbing documentary, Kenzo Okuzaki--a veteran of Japan's WWII New Guinea campaign--painstakingly tracks down the former military officers responsible for the mysterious deaths of several fellow soldiers.   DVD 963
[Entfuhrung aus dem Serail];"The abduction from the Seraglio���   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart�� produced by BBC Television�� producer   VHS 2203
[Entre nous]= Between us / Gaumont���   Set in Lyons in the 1950s, this is the story of Madeleine and Lena who are trapped in a rut of middle-class complacency.French with English subtitles.   VHS 1371
[Es war einmal�]�� / produced by Erni und Gero Priemel�� EGP Film   German fairy tale   VHS 966
[Eva Peron]   Spanish w/ english subtitles. Her stormy and passionate life brought so much hope to Argentina in an age of political power struggles, bloody coups, military oppression and economic depression   DVD 732
[Exterminating angel]�� / Luis Bunuel   In Spanish with English subtitles   VHS 3143
[Facts on file : what it is and how it works] producer Linda Parise   Instructional film   VHS 1325
[Familie Petz]�� / Video Land, ein produkt der Videorama Ges.m.b.H   Puppet show   VHS 45
[Family nest]   Hungarian w/English subtitles.The housing shortage in Communist-ruled Hungary forces a young couple to live with the husband's parents in a cramped, one-room apartment. The proximity of too many people in too small a space leads to tireless arguments and hopelessness   DVD 902
[Fanaa] = destroyed in love   A blind Kashmiri girl meets a local tour guide. In Hindi w/English subtitles   DVD 1216
[Fano]�� / el depa[r]tamento audiovisual del Colegio Universitario   A portrait of Puerto Rican painter Epifanio Irizarry ( Fano )   VHS 2851
[Father's law]=Prawo ojca   Polish with English subtitles.Michael used to be a winner, a champion European Ralley race driver, until an accident shook his life.   DVD 965
[Fawang bie ji] = Farewell my concubine.   Chinese w/English subtitles.Story that spans more than 50 years in the lives of two men at the Peking Opera, friends since childhood, and the woman who comes between them.   DVD 885
[Femmes aux yeux ouverts] = Women with open eyes / produit par Amanou Production   Profiles contemporary African women in four West African countries. French with English subtitles.   VHS 2528
[Frauen in mannerferufen]�� / Zeitspiegel   In German; women and employment   VHS 1813
[Gadar; ek prem katha]   Geographical boundaries created by political events keep two lovers apart. Hingi and English w/ English subtitles   DVD 1282
[Ghar Grihasti]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. Janki, the eldest daughter in her family, struggles to care for her parents and two brothers   DVD 1084
[Ghayal]   The story of a young boxer who avenges his brother's murder by fighting a corrupt system   DVD 747
[Gleiwitz case]   German w/English subtitles. Dramatization of a successful assault by Nazis, posing as Poles, on a German border radio station so that Hitler could "justify" his invasion of Poland.   DVD 866
[Godavari]   Sreeram and Seeta realize how perfect they are to eachother. In Telugu w/English subtitles.   DVD 1215
[Great tenors]��   A 1983 German television special with Erika Koth and Marcel Prawy   VHS 587
[Guru]   A villager, Gurukant Desai, son of a village schoolteacher, comes to Bombay in 1958 and rises from its streets to become the biggest tycoon in Indian history. Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1256
[Gyalyum Chemo] = The Great Mother   Describes the life of Gyalyum Chemo, a simple village woman whose son became His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He speaks about the positive influences she made on his life and how mothers can make a difference in the rearing of their children. Closed-captioned in English   DVD 1339
[Her third]   German w/English subtitles. Twice-married and romantically involved with a woman, an independent woman decides to seduce a male colleague in order to find a father for her children   DVD 865
[Hijacking Agatha]   Polish with English subtitles. Poland's own "Fast times at Ridgemont High", a coming of age Cult film about young love in Poland during the early 1990's.   DVD 964
[Hum aapke hain koun]   Two families are brought together by a marriage; when the wife dies, leaving a child, the wife's sister is pressured to marry the widower and become the mother of the child. However, the husband's brother has already fallen in love with the sister   DVD 755
[Hum dil de chuke sanam]   Romantic drama about a love triangle, set in India and Hungary. Includes lavish sequences of dance and music   DVD 748
[I see you]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. Raj Jaiswal, a star on a British TV show, starts falling for a woman that only he can see   DVD 1078
[Imbe Gikegu] = Scent of Pequi fruit   Kuikuro filmmakers tell a tale of dangers and pleasures, of sex and betrayal, where men and women, hummingbirds and alligators build a shared world.   DVD 1345
[Immoral story]   In Polish w/English subtitles. Once a major star of the stage, Ewa now wiles away her time drinking in her dreary apartment.   DVD 957
[In pursuit of the Siberian Shaman]   A documentary on the revival of Buryat shamanism based on the field research on Olkhon Island.In Russian w/English subtitles   DVD 1360
[Injong sajong polgot opta] = Nowhere to hide   Chase film in which cops try to catch a master of disguiseDolby Digital soundtrack in Korean with English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles   DVD 172
[Inquilaab] / [presented by] N. Veeraswamy�� Srieswari Productions����   In Hindi with English subtitles   VHS 3077
[Iqbal]   The story of Iqbal, an eighteen-year-old deaf and mute boy who dreams of becoming a cricket player. In Hindi w/English subtitles   DVD 1308
[Japigia Gagi] Roma stories   In Japigia, a neighborhood in the periphery of Bari, Italy, a small community of Roma (Gypsies) carve out an existence in an illegal, ramshackle encampment.   DVD 1347
[Je vous salue Marie]= Hail Mary / JLG Films�� directed by Jean-Luc Godard   A teenage virgin innocent becomes pregnant. The girl, her fiance, family and friends struggle to cope.French with English subtitles.   VHS 1432
[Je, tu, il, elle;"I]   French with English subtitles   VHS 716
[Jesus of Montreal]   French w/English subtitles.A Montreal shrine seeks to inspire its congregants by modernizing its staging of the Passion play.   DVD 888
[Jules et Jim] = Jules and Jim / Les Films du carrosse et S.E.D.I.F.���   Before World War I in Paris, a girl alternates between a French student, Jim, and a German student, Jules.French with English subtitles.   DVD 63
[Jules et Jim] = Jules and Jim / Les Films du Carrosse, S.E.D.I.F., CBS/Fox Company   A lighthearted story about two close friends (Jules and Jim) involved with the same woman (Catherine).French with English subtitles.   VHS 1216
[K. Asif's Mughal-e-Azam]   A dramatic spectacular set in the time of the Mughals at the height of their power and splendour   DVD 745
[Kaante]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. Six Indian criminals living abroad meet in a jail cell and plot a robbery.   DVD 1080
[Kal Ho Naa Ho]   [In Hindi w/English subtitles] When Aman Mathur moves into the neighborhood, he changes the life of Naina Catherine Kapur by pushing the quiet and serious girl into things she would never have dreamed of doing   DVD 1113
[Kashmir ki Kali]   Rajib is sole hbeir to a millionaire industrialist. Marrriage is not something which fits in with Rajib's plans and he manages to quickly dispose of the girls from whom he was to select his life's mate. Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1281
[Kiarasa yo sati] = Agouti's peanut   The Panar� of the village are shown going about their daily activities: hunting, fishing, weaving, harvesting peanuts, cooking, dancing, playing soccer. In Panara w/ English subtitles   DVD 1346
[King Lear]   In Russian w/ English subtitles.A dramatization of William Shakespeare's play in which tragedy occurs when an old king prematurely divides his kingdom between his daughters in the vain hope that they will care for him in his old age   DVD 1050
[Krrish]   In Hindi w/English subtitles Krishna is a boy with magical powers. He becomes entranced by a pretty girl, Priya, but Priya and her friend have hatched a plot to use Krishna's powers for personal gain   DVD 1088
[Kukushka] = The cuckoo   In a land torn apart by war, two men on opposite sides are about to find out they have one thing in common. In Russian w/English subtitles   DVD 1225
[La belle et la bete] =Beauty and the beast   Dramatized adaptation of the classic fairy tale. Tells the fable of the kindly beast and the self-sacrificing beauty whose love releases the prince in him. French with English subtitles   DVD 1
[La Bete humaine].�� / Paris Film Production�� [released by] M.M. Hakim�� un film de Jean Renoir   A psychopathic train driver falls for a married woman, plans with her to kill her husband, but finally strangles her instead   VHS 1421
[La Boheme] = La Boheme Italian���   by Giacomo Puccini"   VHS 1360
[La Cenerentola]�� / [music by] Gioacchino Rossini   In Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 543
[La Ciudad y los perros]���   Four angry cadets [in a Peruvian military academy] ... set off a chain of events that starts with a theft and leads to murder and suicide--External container   VHS 1902
[La conquete du Pole]. = "The conquest of the North Pole���   a Georges Melies" Music with English titles.   VHS 2404
[La Fanciulla del Wes] = The girl of the golden West / [by Giacomo Puccini]   In Italian; recorded live at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden on Nov. 12, 1982.Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1409
[La Femme d'A cote] = The Woman next door   Life is going well for Bernard Coudroy.Then new neighbors move in next door and Mathilde re-enters Bernard's life.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2291
[La Grande vadrouille]   French comedy based on a novel by Gerard Ourythe novel was published in England as: Don't look now--we're being shot at.French \ English subtitles.   VHS 693
[La Historia oficial]�� = The Official story / Almi Pictures, Inc   The wife of a businessman finds herself face to face with terror. Spanish with English subtitles   VHS 1244
[La Jetee]�� / Argos-Films presents   A science fiction love story that occurs after World War III.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2371
[La Ley del deseo]= Law of desire   Explores the relationships of a gay movie director, who has a transsexual brother and two lovers. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1934
[La Linea del cielo]= Skyline / Kino International Corp   A Spanish speaking photographer tries to make ends meet in New York. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1242
[La pianiste] = The piano teacher.   French w/ English subtitles.The story of Erika, a middle-aged classical piano instructor who is trapped between her rigid passion for music and her suffocating home life.   DVD 899
[La Pirate] /Jacques Doillon   A story of four persons who contend for one woman. French language.   VHS 513
[La Selva]��   Focuses on the people and industry of the rainforest region in Peru. Spanish   VHS 2932
[La Soupe aux choux]/Jean Girault   An extraterrestrial visitor complicates the simple lives of two ordinary peasants. French language.   VHS 511
[La Strada]= the road / Producers, Dino De Laurentiis, Carlo Ponti�� director, Federico Fellini   A traveling entertainerbuysa simple-minded girl to help him with his act. Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1264
[La vie devant soi]/ Lira Films   In French; starring Simone Signore   VHS 692
[La vie et rien d'autre]= Life and nothing but��   Two women search for the men they love in the aftermath of World War I in France. French with English subtitles.��   VHS 3018
[Lage raho munna bhai]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. The story revolves around the character of Munnabhai, who learns more about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and tries to apply the latter's concept of Satyagraha to modern life   DVD 1085
[Lamhe]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. A young man, during a trip to India, falls in love with an older woman. She however, marries another man.   DVD 1120
[L'animal]/ comedie realisee par Claude Zidi���   In French.   VHS 695
[L'annee derniere a Marienbad]�� = Last year at Marienbad   A handsome stranger tries to convince a lovely young woman that they had a passionate affair a year agoperhaps at Marienbad. French and Italian with English stubitles.   DVD 36
[Late spring]   A widowed father feels compelled to marry off his beloved only daughter   DVD 736
[L'Avventura]   A wealthy woman disappears on a yachting trip, and her lover and her best friend begin an affair   VHS 3116
[Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain] = Amelie from Montmartre   French w/English subtitles. Am�lie is a young woman who had a decidedly unusual childhood; misdiagnosed with an unusual heart condition, Am�lie didn't attend school with other children, but spent most of her time in her room, where she developed a keen imagination and an active fantasy life.   DVD 886
[Le Grain de sable]= The Grain of sand��   When Seyrig loses her stable job as a cashier at a theatre, she first tries to re-establish herself through a new job. French with English subtitles.   VHS 2720
[Le Jour se leve]/Marcel Carne , Jacques Prevert   A worker who has killed a man waits in his apartment recalling a meeting with a young girl and an affair with another woman. French with English subtitles.���   VHS 1196
[Le Plaisir] / Max Ophuls   In French, English subititles; Filmed in 1952. From three short stories by Guy de Maupassant; adapted by Jacques Natanson. French with English subtitles.   VHS 1198
[Le Salaire de la peur]�� / un film de Henri-Georges Clouzot����   A tense drama of courage, cowardice and failure set in South America. French and Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 2196
[Le sang d'un poete]= Blood of a poet/ Jean Cocteau   A personal film in four episodes. An avant-garde film built around a character wholives what he createsin the words of Cocteau. French with English subtitles   VHS 65
[L'Eclipse]= The Eclipse   A detailed study of the moody surrender of a woman to a rare and illusive love. Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1186
[L''Ecole businnonni'ere]= Passion for life��   Story of a school teacher who tries to bring modern methods of education into a small village in Provence (France) after World War I. French with English subtitles.   VHS 1616
[Legend of Bhagat Singh]   This film takes us on the journey of Bhagat Singh's remarkable and dramatic lifeHindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1278
[Le'olo]   French w/English subtitles.L�olo Lozone, a twelve-year old dreamer, uses his imagination to escape the realities around him through writing   DVD 889
[Les choristes] = Chorus   In french w/English subtitles. Unemployed music teacher Clement Mathieu becomes the supervisor at a boarding school for the rehabilitation of minors.   DVD 562
[Les Contes d'Hoffmann] = The tales of Hoffmann / by Jacques Offenbach���   Seeking to exorcise the failure of his current love affair, the poet Hoffmann tells the tales of his three past loves. Sung in French with English subtitles.   VHS 1362
[Les Ripoux] = My new partner��   Veteran policeman Noiret teaches his new by-the-book partner the finer points of graft and the good life. French with English subtitles.   VHS 539
[Les Ripoux] = My new partner/ un film de Claude Zidi   A comedy about two corrupt policemen who became rich and left the police service. In French   VHS 691
[Les Sous-doues en vacances] / [directed by] Claude Zidi   Through the workings of alove computerBebel meets Claudine, falls madly in love with her, and follows her to St. Tropez. French language.   VHS 512
[Lola Montes]�� : un film / de Max Ophuls��   In French with English subtitles   VHS 1199
[Los Olvidados] "Luis Bunuel's production of The young and the damned (Los olvidados)���   original screenplay by Luis Bunuel and Luis Alcoriza" Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1246
[Los Santos inocentes] = The Holy innocents / basada en la novela de Miguel Delibes   A rural Spanish family dreams of rising out of poverty and changing their life of subordination. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1243
[Love of three oranges]�� / by Serge Prokofiev���   Opera; Sung in French with English subtitles   VHS 2226
[Love]   Hungarian w/English subtitles.An emotionally precise drama of a bedridden old woman. Her son is in jail and her daughter-in-law makes up stories about his life as a filmmaker in America, forging letters from him, which his mother believes as she awaits his return   DVD 915
[Lumumba: la mort du prophete] = Lumumba : the death of the prophet   Reexamines the independence struggle in the Belgian Congo and its leader, Patrice Lumumba.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2144
[Madama Butterfly]   Opera; Sung in Italian with English subtitles   VHS 2205
[Maine Pyar Kiya]   A young man from a wealthy family and a young woman of modest background fall in love despite of his family's disapproval. Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1280
[Manon Lescaut] / by Giacomo Puccini����   Opea; sung in Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1361
[Maquilapolis] = city of factories   Explores the environmental devastation and urban chaos of Tijuana's assembly factories and the female laborers who have organized themselves for social action,Spanish w/English subtitles.   DVD 919
[Mar adentro] = The sea inside   Ram�n Sampedro wants to end his life because a diving accident 28 years before that turned him into a quadriplegic. Spanish w/ English subtitles   DVD 578
[Memorias del subdesarrollo]= Inconsolable memories   A study of Cuban society before and after the revolution as seen through the eyes of a man who is a landlord and self-styled writer. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 1334
[Mis] = Teddy bear   In Polist w/ English subtitles. Ryszard Och�dzki, called "Teddy Bear" by his friends, president of a sports club, is about to go abroad with his team.   DVD 958
[Mitt liv som hund]= My life as a dog / Svensk Filmindustri�����   Bundled off to a rural village because his mother is ill, a boy finds unexpected adventure with the town's warmhearted eccentrics. Dubbed in English   VHS 2891
[Mujeres al borde de un ataque denervos] = "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown���   Farce involving a woman in love with a terrorist. Spanish with English subititles.   VHS 2011
[N!owa t'ama] = the melon tossing   In a large repertoire of!Kung Bushman games, the melon tossing game is unique in the complexity and stability of its music and in the frequency with which it is played   DVD 606
[Nicolai Gedda]��   A 1979 documentary entitled : The World of Nicolai Gedda   VHS 583
[Night & Fog]   Newsreels and stills to tell the story of not just the Holocaust, but the horror of man's brutal inhumanity. In French with English subtitles.   DVD 428
[No habra mas penas ni olvido] = Funny dirty little war��   Petty rivalries erupt into a local civil war in this satire of political and human follies. Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 2054
[Noce en Galil�e] = Wedding in Galilee   Hebrew and Arabic dialogue, English subtitlesThe elder of a Palestinian village under Israeli military rule, wants permission to hold a traditional wedding for his son that will go past the imposed curfew   DVD 778
[Oedipus Mayor]   In Spanish w/English subtitles.Local mayor is sent to a small town in the Andes to negotiate peace with the guerrilla revolutionaries, while there a romance begins with a widow of a war lord.   DVD 969
[Offret sacrificatio] = The Sacrifice / Svenska Filminstitutet   A dark and complex drama about redemption and the nuclear holocaust.Swedish with English subtitles.   VHS 362
[Omkara]   In Hindi w/English subtitles.The film follows one man's descent into sexual jealousy because of his passionate love for his woman and the final destruction of that love at the altar of blind obsession   DVD 1074
[Orpheus]   Jean Cocteau turns the Orpheus legend into a story of a poet and his encounter with death and the middle world   DVD 544
[Ossessione] = Obsession   A wanderer falls for the wife of an innkeeper and they murder him but fate takes a hand. Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1440
[Ossessione] = Obsession   The story of the ill-fated love between Gino, a virile young drifter, who arrives by chance at a roadside restaurant and filling station, and Giovanna, the beautiful young wife of the fat old man who owns the place.   VHS 3146
[Overcoat] / producer Alexei Batalov   Russian with English subtitles.   VHS 2856
[Overseas]= Outremer / directed by Brigitte Rouan��   For three beautiful sisters, the lush and privileged life of French colonial Algeria creates an oasis in the center of a harsh desert when revolution and dramatic social change erupts around them   VHS 893
[Page 3]   Drama surrounding the high society lifestyle of Mumbai's elite. Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1255
[Pakeezah]/ production, direction [& story] by Kamal Amrohi   In Hindi, with English subtitles   VHS 3078
[Panch`ik Wang]= The foul king   In Korean with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles   DVD 171
[Pan's Labyrinth]   In Spanish w/English subtitles.Ofelia finds the creatures of her imagination in which she used to escape have become a reality and she must battle them to save both her mother and herself.   DVD 1179
[Peter the First] Part I�� / produced by Lenfilm Studios   Russian dialogue with English subtitles   VHS 3024
[Potomok Chingis-Khana]= Storm over Asia / production, Mezhrabpomfilm����   Revolutionary drama centered on a young Mongol thought to be descended from Genghis Khan whom imperialists seek to use to further their expansionist interests. Silent film with English subtitles.��   DVD 49
[Prefab people]   Hungarian w/English subtitles.A relentlessly realistic portrait of a young working-class couple suffering the everyday stresses of marriage.   DVD 901
[Pyaasa]   In Hindi w/English Subtitles. Two men fight over the love of one woman. One truly loves her, but the other may just want to be with her because of her money   DVD 1075
[Qayamat] / Aftab Pictures   In Hindi-Urdu with English subtitles   VHS 3085
[Que he hecho yo para merecer esto?]= What have I done to deserve this? / Tesauro y Kaktus���   Gloria, a very resourceful working class housewife, trying to keep her outrageously wacky family afloat. Spanish with English sutbitles.   VHS 2010
[Que viva Mexico]�� / Mosfilm Studio�� Sergei Einstein'slostmasterpiece, reconstructed by Grigory Aleksandrov and Nikita Orlov   A video document of the history of Mexico, presented in four novellas:Russian with English subtitles.   VHS 3159
[Rakht]   In Hindi w/English subtitles. A young woman uses her psychic powers to make a living and her clients lead her to a murder mystery that threatens her very existence   DVD 1081
[Rang de Basanti]   This is the story about the youth of India today.Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1285
[Renata Tebaldi--In concert with Franco Corelli]��   "Based on the book 'The American president' published by Riverhead Books."   VHS 581
[Rue Cases-Negres]= Sugar Cane Alley   Jose, an eleven-year old orphan, wins a partial scholarship. French with English subtitles.   VHS 2511
[Sans toit ni loi]= Vagabond / un film de Agnes Varda���   The story of Mona, an aimless drifter whose only desire in life is to be truly free.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2626
[Sansho the bailiff] = Sansho-dayu / directed by Kenji Mizoguchi   In 11th century Japan, two noble children are sold into slavery to the tyrannical bailiff Sansho. Japanese with English subtitles.   VHS 3036
[Sarfarosh]   Ajay's life changes after an encounter with terrorists that leaves his brother dead and his father paraplegic.In Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1309
[Sarkar]   A gangster family saga, with a story line similar to "The Godfather" In Hindi w/ English subtitles   DVD 1286
[Sartre by himself]/Sodaperaga and L'Institut National De L'Audiovisuel, Paris���   French with English narrative   VHS 2359
[Schauplatz Deutschland.] = Germany live / Deutsche Welle   Four programs from the travelogue series [v. 310, v. 311, v. 312, v. 313] German with English subtitles.   VHS 2879
[Shakti]   Story of a spirited mother who is willing to go to any lengths to protect and save her child   DVD 751
[Shaktima no veh] = The sacred play of Shaktima   This video presents the story of Shaktima as performed by the traditional Muslim Bhavai troupe led by Amrit Kalu Radatla of Kankavati village. In Gujarati, Sanskrit & Dingal w/ English subtitles   DVD 1354
[Shatrang ke khiladi]   In Hindi, with English subtitles   VHS 3080
[Sholay]   It is a the story of a village that realizes non-violence does not mean cowardice, but that it can stand up to terror and lawlessness   DVD 753
[Sholay] / a United Producers Picture�� Sippy Films���   In Hindi with English subtitles   VHS 3084
[Sliver on the river]�����   The Coalition for the Homeless asks the GSA to follow the intent of the Stewart B. McKinney Housing Assistance Act��   VHS 2978
[Stachka]="Strike"   Goskino and Proletkult Productions". Silent film with Russian and English subtitles.   VHS 3154
[Stop mom Theresa!]   The misadventures of a career girl, who decides to stop doing good for others and focus on finding Mr. Right.   DVD 1059
[Swades]   In Hindi w/English subtitles A bright young scientist working at NASA returns to rural India on a quest to find his childhood nanny. He is drawn into her village's life and finds himself searching for answers to questions of progress and development that the village faces   DVD 1082
[Szabadgyalog] = Outsider   Hungarian w/English subtitles.Nicknamed "Beethoven," Andr�s is a violinist who has been kicked out of music school in Debrecen and now makes his living as a disc jockey.   DVD 904
[Szerencses Daniel] = Daniel takes a train   [Hungarian] In December of 1956, as the Soviet Union crushes revolution in Hungary, large numbers of people flee the country   VHS 3307
[Teresa Berganza]��   A recital by Teresa Berganza at the Osaka International Festival on 25 April 1975   VHS 580
[Testament of Orpheus]   "Special features: Villa Santo Sospir, a color film by Cocteau featuring many of the locations used in Testament of Orpheus; a collection of Cocteau's writings on the film; a Cocteau bibliofilmography"--   DVD 543
[Tosca] / by Giacomo Puccini�� libretto by G. Giacosa and L. Illica���   Sung in Italian, with English subtitles   VHS 1414
[Tosca] / by Puccini. Unitel, Munchen   Sung in Italian with English subtitles   VHS 542
[Transsexuality]��   Three transsexuals appear on the Phil Donahue program   VHS 302
[Tristan und Isolde: open in drei aufzugen]   Conducted by Daniel Barenboim; Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele   VHS 911
[Trittico;"Il trittico] : three one-act operas   by Giacomo Puccini". Sung in Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 1405
[Triumph des Willens] : das Dokument vom Reichsparteitag 1934��   A documentary commissioned by Adolph Hitler as the official record of the Nuremberg Party Rally of 1934. German with English subtitles.   VHS 1529
[Triumph des Willens] = Triumph of the will   This film, commissioned by Adolf Hitler to record the 1934 Nazi party rally in Nuremberg   DVD 447
[Trollflojten]= Ingmar Bergman's The magic flute   A handsome young man is enlisted to rescue the Queen of the Night's daughter from an evil sorcerer. Swedish with English subtitles.   VHS 2227
[Turandot] / directed by Franco Zeffirelli�����   Sung in Italian, with English subtitles   VHS 536
[Udju azul di Yonta]= The blue eyes of Yonta   Uses the device of a young woman's search for the author of a love letter to explore the political and social environment Portugueseprovince of Portuguese Guinea. Crioulo with English subtitles.   VHS 2530
[Ugetsu]/ Daiei Film Production   Two peasants in war-torn 16th-century Japan abandon their families to seek their fortunes. In attaining his goal, each man destroys his own life. Japanese with English subtitles.   VHS 1183
[Umberto D.]�� / directed by Vittorio De Sica   The story of a government pensioner living alone who strives to retain a sense of dignity in his elder years. Italian with English subtitles.   VHS 2806
[Un chien Andalou]Land without bread   Un chien Andalou is a silent film with musical accompaniment; French intertitles and English subtitles. Land without bread is in English   VHS 3144
[Un chien Andalou]: land without bread   A surrealistic movie written over the course of a three day exchange of fantasies and dreams between Luis Bu�uel and Salvador Dali.   VHS 3144
[Un puente al futuro]�� = a bridge to the future   Ecuador; description and travel   VHS 2118
[Underground]   A tragicomedy about love, friendship, betrayal, manipulation and lies. Deals with the conflicts of Yugoslav history of the past fifty years.Serbo-Croatian and some German & French with English subtitles.   DVD 587
[Upal] = Heat   In polish w/English subtitles.Two Polish cabaret performers wreak havoc in town as they look for a place to perform their variety act   DVD 1102
[Valahol Europaban] = Somewhere in Europe   Hungarian w/English subtitles."A tale of homeless war orphans in devastated postwar Hungary.   DVD 905
[Veer-Zaara]   In Hindi w/English subtitles.Saamiya Siddiqui, a Pakistani lawyer, struggles to unravel the truth about Veer Pratap Singh and win him justice   DVD 1077
[Visages de femmes] = faces of women / Desire Ecare - Films de la Lagune : Ivory Coast.����   Politically and stylistically adventurous film exploring the links between feminism, economics and tradition in modern-day Africa. French with English subtitles.   VHS 2515
[Viskningar och rop] = Cries and whispers / an film av Ingmar Bergman�� a Janus Films presentation   Exploration of the relationships among four women--three sisters and their housekeeper. Swedish with english subtitles.   VHS 361
[Volpone] = "Volpone"   Moral comedy about a rich 16th-century Venetian ship owner who pretends to be dying in order to swindle money. French with English subtitles   VHS 27
[Voulez-vous danser avec moi?] = Do you want to dance with me?   A marital spat lands Brigitte Bardot, as Virginia, in themiddle of a murder investigation in this lighthearted mystery. French with English subtitles.   VHS 1365
[Wachsfigurenkabinett] = Waxworks���   A poet imagines scenarios in a wax museum fairground that involve Jack the Ripper, Ivan the Terrible, and Haroun al-Raschid. Silent, with English subtitles.   VHS 2613
[Wend Kuuni[= Le don de Dieu   A mute foundling is raised in an African village by a weaver and his family.Mossi with English subtitles.   VHS 2529
[Werbespots]��   This is a collection of German commercials   VHS 1103
[Window shopping] / scenario, Chantal Akerman   French dialogue, English subtitles; musical film   VHS 2253
[Witness]   In Hungarian: An irreverant political satire, tracing the rise and fall of a hopelessly inept civil servant living during Communist rule in Hungary   DVD 806
[Women's empowerment project]   Discusses theNew Beginningsprogram developed by homeless women in Chicago.   VHS 2979
[Yo, la peor de todas] = I, the worst of all   This historical drama tells the story of Juana Ines de la Cruz, one of the greatest poets of the Spanish Siglo de Oro.Spanish with English subtitles.   VHS 90
[Yojimbo]= the bodyguard   It is a satire on greed, violence, paranoia and human weakness. Japanese with English subtitles.   DVD 59
[Yol]/ a film by Yilmaz Gurney��   Paints a thoughtful, compelling portrait of modern Turkey. Turkish with English subtitles.   VHS 2083
[Yuva]   In Hindi w/English subtitles The paths of three young men from three stratas of society cross over the Hoogly Bridge on a Thursday morning, changing each of their lives irreversibly   DVD 1076
[Zakochany aniol] = Angel in love   In Polish w/English subtitles. Angel Giordano, unable to return to heaven, stays optimistic while living with so many unhappy humans on earth.   DVD 956
[Zan Boko]/ Gaston J.M. Kabore   Zan boko meansthe place where the placenta is buriedand symbolizes the continuity between past and present in African village societies.French with English subtitles.   VHS 2527
[Zemlya] = Earth / a Ukrainfilm-Kiev Production   After the death of his grandfather, Vasil wishes the neighboring farmers to share the use of a tractor purchased by the village council. Ukrainian with English subtitles.��   VHS 3160
[Zerbrochene Krug] = "The broken jug"   The play ... pursues the court proceedings dealing with the request for damages by Frau Marthe Rull against Ruprecht, her daughter Eve's lover. German with English subtitles.   VHS 70
[Zycie rodzinne]�� = Family life   A design engineer returns to his family home after six years in Warsaw. Polish with English subtitles.   VHS 2569
12 Angry men   Depicts a jury of men who must decide the fate of a teenage boy who has murdered his abusive father   DVD 240
12 angry men��   Classic courtroom drama about a teenage boy accused of killing his father and the jury that must decide his fate   VHS 3118
1-800-INDIA   Over the past decade, India has emerged as the leader in the global market for white-collar "outsourcing" jobs-- a notable component of India's rapid economic growth.   DVD 961
1824, Gibbons vs. Ogden��   Presents a dramatization of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Gibbons v. Ogden��   VHS 549
1968: a look for new meaning   A detailed look at a pivotal year in American history   DVD 369
1985 International master series��   Andolfi conducts a therapy session with a blended family consisting of parents   VHS 24
20,000 leagues under the sea�� / Walt Disney���   Captain Nemo, a misguided scientist, permits three survivors of a destroyed frigate to accompany him on a worldwide submarine voyage in the Nautilus   VHS 2281
2001�� : a space odyssey   A science fiction film which moves from the pre-historic birth of intelligence toward the emergence of man as pure thought somewhere in the future   VHS 2296
2001, a space odyssey;"2001   a space odyssey���   DVD 28
20th Century with Mike Wallace. Hate across America   Examines the modern history of hate crimes in America   VHS 995
20th century with Mike Wallace. Sexual harassment and pornography   Examines the sexual harassment of women by men in the workplace   VHS 1101
25 most influential business persons of the past 25 years/Nightly business report   Who are the 25 most influential persons in business, finance and economics since NBR first took to the air in 1979? NBR and the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania set out to answer that question   DVD 991
25 years of news��   Edited from miles and miles of original newsreel film, this sixty-minute program is a moving, living history of America, 1941-1965, from Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin   VHS 1534
28 Women   The video documentary by Muriel Magenta, artist and ASU professor of art, is a personal response to the struggle of single mothers who decide to enter a shelter to achieve self-sufficiency in a safe environment, and construct a stable foundation for an independent family life   DVD 615
3 Godfathers   After robbing a bank in Arizona, three bandits take off across the desert with Sheriff Buck Sweet in pursuit. The bandits discover a dying woman about to give birth in an abandoned wagon, and they promise to take her baby to the town of New Jerusalem   VHS 3328
30-second president��   Moyers looks at the role of television advertising in presidential campaigns. He interviews Rosser Reeves and Tony Schwartz   VHS 1639
39 steps��   A man falsely accused of murder must uncover a secret organization in order to prove his innocence   VHS 538
4 Little girls   A time when the civil rights movement is burning with a new flame   DVD 431
400 blows   The semi-autobiographical story of fourteen-year-old Antoine Doinel, portraying his aloof parents, oppressive teachers, petty crime, and a friendship that would last a lifetime   DVD 739
42nd Street���   A Broadway musical director has troubles during rehearsal, but has a successful opening night   VHS 1155
5 documentales�� = 5 documentaries   Castro's literacy campaign. Teacher who turns troubled teenagers into musicians.���   VHS 563
60 minutes�� : Deeadra�� Elizabeth   Deaf woman, Deeadra Blaylock Morrison, and her training at Gallaudet College.��   VHS 26
60 minutes�� : partial birth abortion / CBS Inc   This program discusses the legal, moral, and religious aspects of late second trimester abortions (dilation and extraction).   VHS 668
60 minutes�� : the high cost of dying / CBS Inc   This program investigates funeral home and mortuary practice in America.   VHS 301
77 Million paintings by Brian Eno   Brian Eno's exploration into the medium of light. Eno entitled his collection of audio-visual installations to depict the possible number of images that can be created from a huge number of combinations, a term he calls 'generative'   DVD 1257
8 1/2�� / una produzione Cineriz�� I��   Semi-autobiographical film about a famous film director who loses his inspiration while making a movie   VHS 1187
89 mm od Europy�� = 89 mm from Europe   In Europe the train tracks are 1435 mm wide.In Russia the train tracks are 1524 mm wide.The difference is 89 mm   VHS 2038
9 to 5   Three female office workers combine forces to take revenge on their deceitful, egotistical, and thoroughly chauvinistic boss   DVD 272
A Bach companion�� : the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750   This ... documentary on Johann Sebastian Bach takes a close look at his life.��   VHS 686
A marriage: diary of a lesbian   Anne (quoting directly from the journal) tells the story of her protracted relationship with a local married woman   DVD 461
A memory of two Mondays   Arthur Miller's vivid comedy-drama portrays the nature of life during America's Great Depression   DVD 317
A. Philip Randolph�� : for jobs & freedom   Biography of the African American labor leader, journalist, and civil rights activist, A. Philip Randolph.���   VHS 2538
Abandoned   Young Aaron finds himself abandoned at a bleak orphanage by his recently divorced and despondent father.   DVD 819
Abortion and the law   A documentary which focuses on the legal, moral, social, and psychological aspects of abortion in the United States   DVD 479
Abortion denied�� : shattering young women's lives / The Feminist Majority Foundation   Shows the effect that parental consent and notification laws have on young women's rights to legal abortion   VHS 2418
Abortion pill��   After years of controversy, RU486, a pill that can end a pregnancy without surgery, is coming to America.��   VHS 175
Abortion: for survival�� / The Fund for the Feminist Majority   Shows how the denial of abortion affects not only women's lives in the United States but also in the third world countries   VHS 1937
Abraham and his children��   Film investigates the similarities and differences of the content and symbol of the covenant Abraham made with God in relation to Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim faiths   VHS 2829
Abraham and Mary Lincoln   Six part program which examines the Lincolns' family life and marriage   DVD 334
Abraham; one man one God   Examines evidence, including fifteen hundred cuneiform tablets discovered at the ancient city of Ebla   VHS 1127
Abraham; the secret behind "the secret"?   On this inspirational DVD program, Esther and Jerry Hicks present the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, whom Esther calls 'infinite intelligence' and Jerry refers to as 'the purest form of love I've ever encountered.   DVD 1110
Abused   The emotionally charged story of Susan Greenberg, who, at 19, killed her abusive boyfriend.   DVD 1300
Accessing data networks��   Contains information on the variety of material available throughonline networks, databases, bulletin boards, and other online services   VHS 672
Accessing the media���   Teaches groups how to focus a message, pitch a story or event, follow up on a press release, and deal with journalists on site to maximize coverage   VHS 2981
Accused�� / Paramount Pictures Corporation   A fiercely independent woman is gang raped then battles thelegal system.��   VHS 2141
Acid test�� / Key-Z Productions   LSD drugs   VHS 904
ACORN abandoned buildings campaign���   Documents the problems caused by abandoned buildings in Chicago neighborhoods, including crime and fire hazards.   VHS 2980
Acquaintance date rape prevention��   Interactive satellite teleconference discussing all aspects of acquaintance rape on American college campuses   VHS 1810
Acrobatics of dance�� / WCBS TV   A performance by the Sierra Leone National Dance Troupe of dance and acrobatics with the accompaniment of drums   VHS 202
Acrobats of God;"Acrobats of God (Choreographic work : Graham)"   A satirical treatment of the creation of a ballet with particular emphasis on the creative efforts of the choreographer, featuring the Martha Graham Dance Company   VHS 593
Across cultures��� A62   Thirteen 15 minute programs compare the cultures of the Baoule people of West Africa, the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico and the Japanese   VHS 1107
Act of conscience   Chronicles the story of a family in western Massachusetts whose home was seized by federal marshals and IRS agents after they publicly refused to pay federal taxes as a protest against war and military spending   DVD 823
Action��   Demonstrations of sports photography   VHS 652
Actors technique   Singer/actors, dancer/singers, and actor/dancers talk about their breathing, voice and movement techniques.   DVD 999
Adam's Rib   A husband and wife lawyer team clash when the wife defends a woman on trial for shooting her spouse.   DVD 241
Adam's rib����   A husband and wife lawyer team clash when the wife defends a woman on trial for shooting her spouse.   VHS 2104
Adapted sports and recreation riding for the disabledA67   Concept, script and narration by Jan Spink   VHS 1464
Adaptive control�� / SME   Defines adaptive control as a computer-based system which constantly monitors processing parameters to optimize performance. C125   VHS 20
Adolescent boys who are suicidal   In this video, Dr. David A. Jobes demonstrates his integrative problem-solving approach to working with male adolescents who have contemplated or attempted suicide   DVD 1237
Adolescent girls who are suicidal   Suicide attempts by adolescent girls are three times as frequent as those by boys. Most teenage girls with suicial ideation have identifiable psychological, social, or familial probmens that can be helped by careful assessment and treatment, thus eliminating the need for suicide   DVD 1288
Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945��   Portrays the life of Hitler, from his early days as an artist to his rise to power in the Third Reich.���   VHS 388
Adult-child interactions�� : forming partnerships with children / High/Scope Educational Research Foundation   Part I Introduces adult-child interaction strategies, demonstrates their use in two work time scenes. Part II shows additional classroom scenes from each part of the daily routine   VHS 1153
Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. Volume 4   Ozzie doesn't take kindly to the newHairstyle for Harriet , and later breaks the sound barrier as aJet pilot   VHS 849
Advertising missionaries   Three missionaries capitalizing on a growing cash economy in New Guinea   VHS 951
Aerobic exercise program designed for individuals with paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, leg amputations��   Four aerobic workout programs, each designed for a specific handicapping condition, but suitable for non-handicapped people also.   VHS 1485
Aerodynamic generation of sound����   Describes the mechanism of sound generation by turbulence resulting from an instability of steady flow.���   VHS 2389
Affair to remember   Love story and rendezvous   DVD 327
Affirmative action: the history of ideas   Explores the historical roots of affirmative action and the current debate over its usefulness   DVD 430
Affordable housing and jobs campaign��   Chicago rehab Network; public housing   VHS 2977
Afghanistan�� : exporting the Taliban Revolution / Films for the Humanities & Sciences   Takes a firsthand look at the results and implications of the escalating tensions between Afghanistan and its neighbors   VHS 2234
Africa   An unprecedented look at the continent of Africa, as seen through the eyes of the African people.   DVD 513
African Queen��   Two diametrically opposed people find themselves thrown together in the war-torn African jungle   VHS 1300
Afrique, je te plumerai����   A compelling and sardonic essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon, and by extension, on the African continent.   VHS 2250
After Twilight   When a theocratic new order takes over the state of Texas, unlikely freedom fighter Jen Frazier finds just how dangerous it can be to fight a state with "God on its side."   DVD 598
Aftertaste   Focuses on two [South African] wine farms where 'empowerment' projects have recently been started in response to these calls for change.   DVD 1370
Against all odds�� : inside statistics   Presents the why as well as the how of statistics using computer animation, colorful on-screen computations, and documentary segments   VHS 3033
Against the law   This program explores the insanity defense by examining the cases of two multiple murderers who used the defense.   VHS 978
Agatha Christie's Ten little Indians�� / Pathe Communications   An Agatha Christie mystery that brings together ten total strangers at an isolated desert inn   VHS 1398
Age of aids   Originally broadcast in two parts on May 30-31, 2006 as part of the Frontline television series   DVD 825
Age of ballyhoo : the Roaring Twenties as seen by the people who lived it���   Documentary about the Twenties told through the use of Hollywood movies and newsreels of the period   VHS 14
Age of the shoguns�� : (1600-1868) A84   Looks at the history of Japan during the age of the Tokugawa family, the era of Edo   VHS 1544
Ages of infancy�� : caring for young, mobile, and older infants���   This video presents ideas and guidelines on how to support infants as they move through stages of development   VHS 3129
Agnes of God�� / Columbia Pictures���   When, at an isolated convent, the infant of a young nun is found strangled, a court-appointed psychiatrist must decide if the devout but troubled girl is fit to stand trial   VHS 2286
Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes = Aguirre, wrath of God���   Allegorical story of a mad conquistador on a search for the mythical El Dorado   VHS 81
Aida�� / Radiotelevisione Italiana and Polivideo SA�� music by Giuseppe Verdi�� libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni   The action takes place in ancient Egypt, and tells of the love of Radames, the captain of the guard, for a slave girl, Aida.   VHS 1408
AIDS and the American family���   Presents educational information on AIDS, including ways it is spread and estimates of how many people are likely to suffer from it in the next 20 years   VHS 1356
AIDS quarterly�� : fall 1989 / with Peter Jennings   Talks about AIDS and civil rights in Chicago & presents status of medical treatment and discrimination in treatment on racial basis   VHS 2683
AIDS show�� : artists involved with death and survival���   This thoughtful and provocative documentary demonstrates the social aspects of AIDS.   VHS 2034
AIDS, can I get it?����   Focuses on AIDS as a venereal disease rather than a mysterious plague and emphasizes the benefits of early detection.��   VHS 1998
Ailey dances���   A ballet performance by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and other musical performances   VHS 1382
Aime Cesaire�� : a voice for history = une voix pour l'histoire   This series introduces the celebrated Martinican author who coined the termnegritudeand launched the movement called theGreat Black Cry.��   VHS 2310
Ain't scared of your jails, 1960-1961��   Originally produced for television broadcast in 1986   VHS 1135
Air crash��� / CBC;"Air disaster: how experts investigate air crashes"   The program shows actual footage of fiery air catastrophes,   VHS 263
Airplane   The passengers and crew of an airplane suffer every catastrophe in the book in this spoof of disaster movies   DVD 242
Airplane!�� / Paramount Pictures Corporation   The passengers and crew of an airplane suffer every catastrophe in the book in this spoof of disaster movies   VHS 2282
Al Capone����   An account of the life of Al Capone, tracing his rise to the top of Chicago's underworld   VHS 2628
Al Qaeda files   A compilation of seven highly acclaimed Frontline programs, produced both before and after the years following 9/11 and focusing on the inner workings of Al Qaeda and their ongoing conflicts with the United States   DVD 827
Alaskan earthquake, 1964.�� / U. S. Geological Survey   Uses animated scenes, documentary footage, and models to show the causes of earthquakes   VHS 1566
Alaska's inside passage   Discover Alaska's true treasures along its magnificent marine highway, the Inside Passage. Navigate 1,000 miles of pristine coastline, with unforgettable stops that capture the region's rich history, fascinating wildlife, and timeless traditions   DVD 728
Alexander Nevsky���   Historical drama set in 1242, dealing with the defense of Russia by prince Alexander Nevsky from invasion by Teutonic crusaders   VHS 1775
Alfred Hitchcock's north by northwest / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer   Enemy agents mistake a New York City advertising executive for an American spy   DVD 378
Alice in the cities��   Phillip, a footloose 31-year old journalist on the road from the United States to Europe, suddenly finds himself with a new traveling companion: a 9-year old girl named Alice   VHS 799
Alice in wonderland   Alice is a bored schoolgirl who yearns for a more exciting life. Things get "curiouser and curiouser" after she follows the frantic White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and has a series of surreal misadventures in the madcap world of Wonderland   DVD 993
Alien��� / 20th Century Fox   Terror begins when the crew of a spaceship investigates a transmission from a desolate planet and discover a life form that is perfectly evolved to annihilate mankind.��   DVD 46
All about Darfur   Up until now the perilous events in Darfur has been explained by outsiders... Sudanese filmmaker Taghreed Elsanhouri talks with ordinary Sudanese in outdoor tea shops, markets, refugee camps and living rooms about how deeply rooted prejudices could suddenly burst into a wild fire of ethnic violence   DVD 868
All about Eve   From the moment she glimpses her idol at the stage door, Eve Harrington moves relentlessly towards her goal: taking the reins of power from the great actress Margo Channing.   DVD 154
All my sons�� / Brandman Productions, Inc   Set during World War II, a troubled father and son know that a second son will never return from the war   VHS 1557
All quiet on the western front   A group of young World War I German recruits pass from idealism to disillusionment with war / B&W 1930   DVD 195
All quiet on the western front   In this realistic depiction of the lives of ordinary German soldiers Paul Baumer and his school chums are encouraged to enlist by their bombastic, slogan-chanting teacher, but they quickly learn that actual war is more gore than glory, as they crawl through mud, huddle in trenches, suffer the ordeal of frenzied hand-to-hand combat and dodge screaming shells during World War I / Color / 2002 ver.   DVD 882��
All quiet on the western front���   This story of World War I follows a group of young German recruits through their passage from idealism to disillusionment with war / B&W 1930   VHS 698
All that jazz   Based on the life of Bob Fosse   DVD 435
All the kings men   Set in the Depression, follows the life of a young farm boy who turns from an honest political hopeful to a powerful but corrupt governor   DVD 998
All the president's men   After the death of his partner, San Francisco private eye Sam Spade is dragged into a quest for a priceless statuette   DVD 243
All the special children����   Dr. Leo Buscaglia narrates this documentary about children with physical, mental or learning disabilities.   VHS 689
All you need   "..family drama about a woman who struggles to put her life in order, even while her family spirals out of control" - box   DVD 610
Allegheny uprising   In pre-Revolutionary War days, a young frontiersman smashes the liquor traffic with the Indians   VHS 3327
Alles gute!�� : a German course for television��   German language- for self study and for the classroom for beginners and as a refresher course   VHS 3031
All's well that ends well���   The dramatization of Shakespeare's play entitled All's well that ends well   VHS 221
Alphabet�� Pacific 231�� Anemic cinema�� Law & disorder��   A selection of avant-garde and experimental films by various directors   VHS 2171
Alphaville;"Alphaville�� : une etrange adventure de Lemmy Caution   Chaumiane Production-Film Studio�� le neuvieme filme de Jean Luc Godard"   DVD 6
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater�� / Danmarks Radio/ZDF/RM Arts����   Four short compositions performed by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, with an introduction by Alvin Ailey   VHS 1747
Amadeus   Film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer   DVD 339
Amato; a love affair with opera   Filmmaker Stephen Ives documents the Amato Opera House, a family-run opera company that performs classical operas on a tiny stage in a New York City brownstone.   DVD 1266
America at the crossroads; Eruope's 9/11   Explores the struggles for balance in the Islamic world, the bombings in Madrid Spain, Al Qaeda cell activities in Milan Italy, and the Van Gogh murder in the Netherlands   DVD 1254
America at the crossroads; faith without fear   Follow along on the journey of Irshad Manji, a Muslim dissident, as she tries to help restore humanity and reason to Islam   DVD 1247
America at the crossroads; gangs of Iraq   Scores of bodies litter the streets of Baghdad. To stanch the violence, the U.S. has spent billions to bolster the Iraqi forces. Takes a hard look at how the four-year training effort has failed and how the Coalition-trained forces have themselves been infiltrated by various sectarian militias.   DVD 1248
America at the crossroads; JIHAD; the men and ideas behind AlQaeda   Provides an in-depth look at the modern, radical Islamic groups, and the ideas and beliefs that inspire them   DVD 1251
America at the crossroads; Kansas to Kandahar   Explores the response of the U.S. military in the war on terror by chronicling the service of army reservists called for an extended tour of duty in Afghanistan   DVD 1253
America at the crossroads; Security vs. liberty; the other war   Explore the controversial new policies adopted by the United States government following 9/11 to help prevent terrorism at home   DVD 1252
America at the crossroads; struggle for the soul of Islam; inside Indonesia   An inside look at how a fledgling democracy is struggling to control the rise of religious extremism   DVD 1246
America at the crossroads; the brotherhood   The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to the spread of a fundamental form of Islam throughout the world. Investigate a movement that preached peaceful co-existence while offering inspiration for jihadi groups.   DVD 1244
America at the crossroads; the case for war; in defense of freedom   With the debate over the war in Iraq reaching a fever pitch, this program follows one of the advocates for the war against Saddam Hussein. Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle travels the globe articulating, defending and debating the neo-conservative case for an assertive American foreign policy   DVD 1245
America at the crossroads; the Muslim Americans   Learn about the diversity of Muslims in America and the Muslim-American experience today   DVD 1249
America at the crossroads; Warriors   Profiles a handful of Army soldiers filmed during the spring and fall of 2005 in some of the most dangerous areas in and around Baghdad   DVD 1250
America enters the war�� / produced by CBS News   America the neutral -- Wilson and war   VHS 2169
America on the road�� / senior executive producer, Mert Koplin���� by Diego Echeverria��   A history of the automobile and its profound effects on American society   VHS 1634
America remembers; the events of September 11 and America's response   Assembled from CNN Presents' two-part series of the same name, this video compiles CNN's coverage of 9/11 and the months that followed. Includes timeline of events on September 11; eyewitness accounts; and personal recollections by CNN's Larry King, Paula Zahn, Aaron Brown, Wolf Blitzer, and Judy Woodruff.   DVD 722
American apartheid?�� / BBCPanoramaproducer, Kevin Sutcliffe   Examines African-American equality in today's society   VHS 684
American Avant-Garde shorts�� : dream of a rarebit fiend�� Salome�� the fall of the house of Usher�� the bridge�� Lot in Sodom   Dream of a rarebit fiend presents a man who eats rarebit and then has nightmares;Salome stars the famous dancer Alla Nazimova; The fall of the house of Ushertelling of the Old Testament story in terms of homosexuality��   VHS 2952
American beauty   An emotionally & spiritually comatose suburban man decides "to hell with it all" and reverts to living as he did when he was happiest--as a carefree teenager.   DVD 1010
American Desi   Through his new experiences, a college freshman struggles to understand the side of himself he has always turned his back on in order to fit in   DVD 618
American dream   In this Academy Award winner for best documentary in 1991, the true-life story of the 1985-1986 workers' strike against Geo. A. Hormel & Company in Austin, Minnesota is documented from beginning to end.   DVD 813
American Film Theatre. Collection 1   The Iceman cometh; Rhinoceros; Butley ; Luther; The maids   DVD 403
American graffiti   Four teenagers come of age in 1962   DVD 353
American graffiti�� / Universal Pictures�� a Lucasfilm Ltd./Coppola Co. production   This film portrays one night in the life of a group of high school friends just before they go off to college, jobs, or the army   VHS 1992
American gypsy�� : a stranger in everybody's land /Little Dust Productions�� a documentary by Jasmine Dellal   America is home to one million Gypsies, or Rom, whose rich culture has long been mysterious to outsiders.   VHS 1768
American in Paris   Presents the romantic adventures of a carefree young artist in post-WWII Paris   DVD 239
American musical theater�� / Educational Audio Visual Inc   Presents a chronicle of the American musical stage from minstrel shows of the early 1800s through the theater of the 1960s   VHS 1808
American musical theater, the 1970's�� / Educational Audio Visual Inc   Discusses popular musicals of the 1970s, reflecting on the new focus on topical issues   VHS 1811
American president   Andrew Shepherd is a consummate politician and a man of integrity, who also happens to be a widower, ready to start dating again.   DVD 200
American president   "Based on the book 'The American president' published by Riverhead Books." 4 Discs.   DVD 370
American red Cross standard first aid�� / American National Red Cross   This tape teaches lifesaving skills to apply in emergency situations   VHS 2090
American roots music   Features historic and documentary footage of 20th century pioneering artists.   DVD 338
American scene of violence�� : Frederick Douglas and Rodney King��   Speaker, Dr. Houston A. Baker   VHS 2773
American Seminar II : literacy, your community and its workforce��   A teleconference with various guests discussing the need for literacy and problems caused by its lack in America   VHS 1176
American wedding   An examination of American wedding style and traditions.   VHS 999
Americana�� / executive producer Skip Sherwood���   A recent Vietnam vet tries to rebuild his life through restoring a merry-go-round and friendships with a disturbed young woman and a garage man   VHS 1268
Americana�� / Penguin Productions   Children's questions and answers about America   VHS 1757
America's greatest roller coaster thrills in 3-D�� / a Telemedia production��   Tour fourteen of the most exciting roller coasters in the nation.��   VHS 3090
Americas national parks�� / Encounter Productions��   Presents a video journey showing scenic beauty in seventeen national parks in the United States   VHS 682
America's relations with Eastern Europe�� / produced by Steven Kostant���   An impressionistic overview of America's historical relationship with Eastern Europe:��   VHS 2934
America's Victoria   Victoria fought for women's suffrage and also promoted Anglo-American co-operation and friendship   VHS 3232
An Act of Congress��   A documentary about how a law is made in Congress. Shows the drama and dynamics involved in translating the issues and the conflicting desires of people into the law of the land   VHS 534
An Introduction�� / Eastman Kodak Company   Includes basic photographic instruction for learning how to get the most from your 35 mm. camera   VHS 641
Anatomy of a hostile takeover�� / Columbia University Seminars   Chief executives, attorneys, and journalists discuss the ethical problems of corporate mergers   VHS 1862
Anatomy of a libel case   Using a hypothetical case, this seminar explores the tension which exists between the right of a person to his or her good name and the need of the people to know important facts about public officials and issues.   VHS 703v. 1-2
Ancestors / director, Thomas J. Lefler�� editor, Dianna Vozza   A step by step guide to conducting genealogical research   VHS 1547
Ancient and modern, the fall and rise of the Middle East���   Richard Bulliet discusses the factors that caused the decline of the Middle East from the Golden Age of Islam to a low point after the Middle Ages and back again after the discovery of oil   VHS 2489
And you thought they were just playing�� transdisciplinary play based assessment   Shows early intervention professionals and preschool center staff how to use transdisciplinary play-based assessment (TPBA)   VHS 891
Andrea Chenier�� / music by Umberto Giordano�� libretto by Luigi Illica   Performance recorded May 1, 1985 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden   VHS 1403
Angry monk   Examines the life of Gendun Choepel, a Tibetan monk who left the monastery to become a fierce critic of Tibet's religious conservatism, cultural isolationism and reactionary government.   DVD 949
Animated journey���   Provides insight into the politics, culture and personality of the East Europeans.���   VHS 2945
Animation, the beginning��   An anthology of animated films dating from 1906 to 1927   VHS 2509
Ankle injuries�� / produced in cooperation with the National Basketball Association   Features trainers from several teams who discuss ankle injuries and their treatment   VHS 1802
Annie Hall   Woody Allen's semiautobiographical portrait of his amorous, but ultimately mismatched, relationship   DVD 85
Annie Hall�� / United Artists�� directed by Woody Allen����   A romantic and sensitive comedy revolving about the diverse and diverting relationships of two nervous New Yorkers   VHS 96
Annual report on the United Nations��   This program consists of former U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations discussing U.N./U.S. relations   VHS 2473
Another country   Story recounts the events which affect Guy Bennett, a clever, hedonistic young man nearing the end of his final year in a prestigious boarding school. He becomes an outcast and turns from a prime candidate for a brilliant career in the diplomatic service to a revelatory spirit and ultimately, a lonely exile in the Soviet Union   VHS 1709
Another side of peace   An Israeli man's efforts to reach reconciliation and to come to terms with the deaths of his sons.   DVD 917
Another sky   Rose, a demure and prim governess, arrives in Marrakesh, Morocco to begin a new job as a paid companion to a wealthy English expatriate. As she explores the exotic environs of her new home, she is seduced by the men, music, and mystery of Morocco   DVD 1054
Another woman / a Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe production���   Copyright notice on video: Orion Pictures Corporation ; 1988   VHS 2656
Ansel Adams�� : a documentary film /directed by Ric Burns��   Portrait of a great artist and ardent environmentalist-for whom life and art, photography and wilderness, creativity and communication, love and expression, were inextricably connected��   DVD 76
Ansel Adams, photographer�� / produced by Andrea Gray and John Huszar   Presents a film portrait of noted American photographer Ansel Adams, focusing on his role as a teacher, conservationist, and artist   VHS 2738
Anthony & Cleopatra�� / a BBC Television production��   Reissue of the version released by Time-Life Video in 1981; originally broadcast by British Broadcasting Corp. in 1980   VHS 2819
Anthropology on trial�� / WGBH   Examines the field of anthropology from the point of view of those who have been studied.   VHS 1355
Anthropology; real paople, real careers   Looks at the broad array of jobs in the field of anthropology, chiefly through interviews with faculty and students at the Northern Arizona University Dept. of Anthropology   DVD 1224
Antietam�� / director, Steve McCullough�� producer, William L. Brown, 3rd   Historian William Brown brings the massive battle of Antietam to life   VHS 1960
Anti-psychotic drugs : prescription for despair�� / CBS News   A three-part series from Dan Rather's CBS News, with Susan Spenser, dealing with disfiguring neurological disorders   VHS 443
Apartment   ambitious office clerk plans to get ahead by lending out his apartment to his boss, but falls in love with the boss's girlfriend   DVD 119
Apocalypse now / Paramount Pictures   A United States Army officer/trained assassin is sent into the depths of a southeast Asian jungle to seek out a renegade colonel   DVD 385
Apocalypse; the puzzle of Revelation   The book of Revelation is perhaps the Bible's most puzzling and powerful.   VHS 1129
Apocalypto   As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, the rulers insist the key to prosperity is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices.   DVD 1164
Apollo 13   It had been less than a year since the first man walked on the Moon, but to the American public, Apollo 13 was just another "routine" space flight.   DVD 950
Appalachia: no man's land��   Examines the question of land ownership in southern West Virginia.��   VHS 1345
Apparition   Silent film with a musical soundtrack   VHS 2409
Appointment with death�� / a production of K.A. Productions��   Focuses on medically-assisted suicide in Holland, the only nation where euthanasia is openly practiced and condoned   VHS 3125
Approaches to onsite management   Documentary introducing the concepts of community onsite/decentralized waste management options   VHS 1546
Apu trilogy�� / directed by Satyajit Ray   presents the moving saga of Apu and his family in India   VHS 75
Archenemy; the philistines   New archaeological discoveries have uncovered a wealth of astonishing information about the Philistines' way of life   VHS 1131
Are you ready?��   A discussion regarding a cooperative medical apprenticeship program which places students in the office of a practicing physician   VHS 407
ARF : the stories behind the winning campaigns of the 2003 ARF Ogilvy research awards   Case histories of the winning campaigns of the 2003 Advertising Research Foundation Ogilvy Research Awards   DVD 515
Argument about a marriage   Documents a conflict between two groups of Bushmen (!Kung) in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa over the legitimacy of a marriage and a child born out of   DVD 604
Aristocats�� / Walt Disney Productions   This tale begins in Paris, where a kind millionairess wills her entire estate to her family of cats   VHS 556
Arming of the earth�� / Corporation for Entertainment & Learning���   Journalist Bill Moyers considers how the machine gun, the submarine, and the airplane have revolutionized the conduct of war.   VHS 1626
Around the world in 80 days   Adapted from the story by Jules Verne about a man's endeavor to circumnavigate the world in 80 days   DVD 1019
Arsenic and old lace   Abby and Martha have a bizarre habit of poisoning gentlemen callers   DVD 352
Arshile Gorky�� / a film by Charlotte Zwerin   Explores the life and work of twentieth-century Armenian-American artist Arshile Gorky through archival footage and photographs   VHS 1973
Art Blakey & the jazz messengers   One of the finest lineups in the history of jazz - Bobby Timmons, Jymie Merritt, Benny Golson, and the legendary trumpet player, Lee Morgan. This historic concert, filmed in Belgium in 1958, is the only known visual of this influential band   DVD 897
Art com video 3�� : Max Almy   Max Almy's video investigates contemporary culture, often employing state of the art digital video effects and computer processing.��   VHS 3027
Art in the cultural revolution   Examines the Communist Party's rigorously enforced art policies during China's Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976   VHS 3203
Art of conducting; legendary conductors of a golden era   Rehearsal and performance footage presenting the work of six conductors:   DVD 953
Art of memory�� / by Woody Vasulka�� with Daniel Nagrin and Klein   A surrealist, live-action and computer-generated video, with some b&w inserts.   VHS 3026
Art of Quilting   The artistry and techniques of contemporary American quilt making is explored   DVD 1267
Art of the classical Pas de Deux   Live taped performance of selections   VHS 3221
Art of the Netherlands�� / Cromwell Productions��   Chronicles the life, times, and work of true masters of the art world.��   DVD 71
Arthur   Arthur Bach is very, very rich, and he's next in line for a 750 million dollar inheritance.   DVD 185
Arthur Miller and the crucible   Interweaves excerpts from the BBC production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible with dramatizations of the congressional hearings on "un-American" activities involving Arthur Miller to show the fundamental themes in common with both and their influence on the playwright's development   DVD 978
Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman�� / a Roxbury and Punch production���   A social drama about an aging traveling salesman who recognizes the emptiness of his life and commits suicide   VHS 1941
Artists in wonderland�� / with Jim Hartz   Demonstrates computers used for graphics   VHS 2748
As I am: portraits of persons with developmental handicap   Young people with developmental disabilities speak about their lives, the problems they face, and their hopes and expectations for the future. Offers basic information on developmental handicaps, presents simple guidelines for relating to people with such handicaps and encourages employers to offer appropriate jobs to people with developmental disabilities   VHS 2625
As it was in the beginning��   The development of the concept of one God is discussed   VHS 2685
As you like it   Based on the romantic play by William Shakespeare, Rosalinddevises a scheme to find out if Orlando is in love with her.   DVD 1299
As you like it��   Film adaptation of Shakespeare's well known comedy.A pastoral romance set in the Forest of Arden in medieval France   VHS 262
As you like it�� / a BBC TV production in association with Time-Life Television   Dramatization of William Shakespeare's play, As you like it   VHS 98
Asante market women   Examines the matrilineal and polygamous Asante society of Ghana through interviews with women   VHS 963
Ashes and diamonds�� / Film Polski   Portrait of a young Polish nationalist assassin who, when World War II ends, finds himself living uncertainly   VHS 1217
Ashes and embers�� / a film by Haile Gerima���   An excursion into the pained psyche of a black Vietnam veteran, brought to life by Ethiopian-born writer-director Haile Gerima.��   VHS 2886
Aspects of central place��   Cambridge (England) History   VHS 2950
Asperger's syndrome: a guide for parents and professionals   Covers the theory of mind of those with this challenge, and as he does, his ideas broaden our perception and understanding.   DVD 475
Assessment�� : charting growth / Stark County Educational Service Center���   Covers strategies for assessing children: the profile of progress, the parent/teacher/child conference, and the early childhood assessment team   VHS 2262
At the crossroads�� / produced and directed by Steven Kostant   An American filmmaker searches for his cultural legacy in Hungary, Poland, and Germany.��   VHS 2940
At the helm of Korean business�� / a production of NHK   This program explores what is behind the Republic of Korea's remarkable economic growth   VHS 913
At the river I stand�� / a film by David Appleby   Documentary of two 1968 events in the civil rights movement   VHS 2094
Athens: the Golden Age�� / Encyclopedia Britannica Films   Lecturer Charles Kahn describes aspects of Athenian life which made the achievement of the Golden Age possible   VHS 1443
Atomic cafe�� /Archives Project���   This collage film focuses on the 40's and 50's, showing clips of soldiers wearing sunglasses going into areas devastated by nuclear detonation��   VHS 1154
Attention deficit disorder: a dubious diagnosis?   This program examines the hidden factors that have created a childhood A.D.D. epidemic.   VHS 989
Auntie Mame   In 1928, a 10-year-old boy goes to live with his eccentric, sophisticated aunt--a lady who throws a party for any occasion DVD 118
Ausangate   Documents the lives of the Quechua people living around the sacred mountain Ausangate in Peru   DVD 1361
Autism Spectrum Disorders & the SCERTS Model   This video series provides an overview of the SCERTS model and demonstrates its application in classroom, community, and home environments for children in early intervention through the primary school grades   DVD 617
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman   The history of blacks in the South as seen through the eyes of a 110-year-old former slave. Based on the novel by Ernest J. Gaines   DVD 1035
Avant garde. 3��   In the Gance film a mad scientist discovers a sneezing powder that changes the shape of anything it touches.   VHS 2170
Aviator   Follows the life of Howard Hughes as the twenty something millionaire, having already made a fortune improving the design of oil-drilling bits, who comes to Hollywood with an interest in getting into the picture business.   DVD 572
Awake and sing   A portrait of a Jewish family in a Bronx tenement perfectly captures the spirit of the Depression years   DVD 321
Awakenings, 1954-1956�� / a production of Blackside   Covers two events that helped to focus the nation's attention on the rights of black Americans:���   VHS 1133
Awful truth   A separated couple sabotages each other's love affairs while waiting for their divorce decree to become final   DVD 367
Ayatollah speaks�� : insights into Islam in Iran / ABC News Productions   Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, on pilgrimage at Mecca, seeks to dispel popular American misconceptions of his religion and life in his homeland, Iran --Container   VHS 942
B.B. King blues master   A video documentation of B. B. King's style and technique. King discusses the elements of his style   DVD 291
Babe (Motion picture : 1995);"Babe���   Universal Pictures presents a Kennedy Miller film�� screenplay by George Miller & Chris Noonan�� produced by George Miller   VHS 552
Babel   Tragic accident in Morocco sets off a chain of events that will link four groups of people, who divided by cultural differences and vast distances, will discover a shared destiny that ultimately connects them.   DVD 980
Babette's feast / Metro Goldwyn Mayer   With the mysterious arrival of Babette, a refugee from France's civil war, life for two pious sisters and their tiny hamlet begins to change.   DVD 392
Back to back   Two hilarious one-act plays (What Shall We Tell Caroline? and The Dock Brief) in which an inept lawyer defends a man who is guilty of murdering and a foul-tempered, but loving, husband seeks to shelter his wife and daughter from the realities of life   DVD 679
Bad boys���   An action comedy about two tough cops who heat up the streets of Miami   DVD 680
Bad boys II   Narcotics cops Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Bennett (Lawrence) head up a task force investigating the flow of ecstasy into Miami.   DVD 681
Bad company�� / Paramount Pictures   A tale of friendship of survival set in the 1860's, when two runaways, a draft-dodger and a saddle tramp, join forces   VHS 1262
Bad seed   A mother makes the tortuous discovery that her cherubic eight year old daughter harbors an innate desire to kill   DVD 670
Bad seed�� / Warner Bros   Rhoda Penmark is an 8 year old well-mannered, sunny-faced perfect little lady.She is also an efficient, unfeeling killer. What Rhoda wants, she ruthlessly gets   VHS 943
Balance of terror�� / Paramount Pictures Corporation   It's a game of cat and mouse for Kirk and the Romulan commander, whose cloaking device renders his ship invisible   VHS 890
Balanced scorecard   Professor Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton argue that senior managers need the balanced scorecard approach   VHS 988
Balanchine essays: Arabesque   Demonstrates the Balanchine style of the Arabesque ballet movement as taught by Suki Schorer   VHS 3188
Balanchine essays: Passe and attitude   Suki Schorer and Merrill Ashley provide a detailed analysis and demonstration of the ballet steps pass� and attitude   VHS 3190
Balanchine essays: Port de bras and epaulement   Suki Schorer and Merrill Ashley provide a detailed analysis and demonstration of ballet port de bras and �paulement   VHS 3189
Ballad in blue�� / New Version By Cantharus Productions N.V   In London for a series of concerts, Ray Charles befriends David, a confused young child who recently lost his sight.   VHS 2294
Ballroom II��   Teaches three traditionally standard ballroom dances: foxtrot, waltz, and cha cha.For intermediate students   VHS 2919
Ballroom, III�� / Alan Meyers & Associates   "For intermediate students."   VHS 3049
BAM : beyond Baikal--a journey to eastern Siberia��   A journey to the seldom visited area of eastern Siberia.Uses official Russian footage   VHS 568
Bambi   Bambi is a young deer hailed as the 'Prince of the Forest' at his birth. As Bambi grows, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, in particular a rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower.   DVD 969
Bananas   Absurd humor borders on insanity as a tester of strange gadgets quits his Manhattan job   DVD 117
Band of brothers   Tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, an elite rifle company that parachuted into France early on D-Day morning, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, captured Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden, and suffered heavy casualties. Also includes a documentary about the soldiers in Easy Company   DVD 1127 v. 1-6
Band wagon   Fading movie musical star Tony Hunter, down and out in Hollywood, decides to try his luck on the Broadway stage   DVD 1098
Barbarians   Explore the origins of the Huns, Goths, Vikings, and Mongols. Shot on location featuring interviews, reenactments and narrated by Clancy Brown, this brings to life the powerful leaders, and drive that kept empires in terror for centuries   DVD 1070v. 1&2
Barbarians at the gate   A down-to-the-wire battle to see who is really king of the Wall Street jungle   DVD 492
Barbarians II   The savage story of four of history's most fearsome tribes: the Saxons, The Franks, the Vandals, and the Lombards, who cut a swath of destruction through the heart of the Roman world for the better part of a millennium   DVD 1071v. 1&2
Barber of Seville / by Gioacchino Rossini   Sung in Italian with English subtitles.   DVD 397
Barbie nation   Journeying from Barbie conventions to anti-Barbie demonstrations   VHS 981
Barbiere di Siviglia;"The barber of Seville���   music by Gioacchino Rossini�� words by Cesare Sterbini�� Glyndebourne Festival Opera�� director   VHS 1407
Barefoot in the park   A young, newly wed couple set up housekeeping in an attic apartment near Central Park in New York City   DVD 315
Barn builders�� : Pennsylvania settlers in Ohio   The story of the Pennsylvanians who settled in Ohio in the 19th century.���   VHS 2088
Barresi on adolescent voice   This program describes the adolescent voice change, including physiological and acoustical research.   DVD 795
Barton Fink�� / Circle Films, Inc   It's Hollywood in the 40's, and Barton Fink, the New York playwright, has arrived to work as a screenwriter.   VHS 2901
Baryshnikov by Tharp : with American Ballet Theatre�����   Three ballets choreographed by Twyla Tharp that tell no story but are full of the vitality, daring, intelligence, and emotional depth that a great dancer possesses. C246   VHS 2008
Baseball�� / Baseball Film Project, Inc.����   Nine-part program on the history of baseball   VHS 3117
Baseball; a film by Ken Burns   The definitive documentary of America's pastime, baseball.   DVD 530 v. 1-10
Basic attending skills�� / Allen E. Ivey and Norma B. Gluckstern   Demonstrates skills used in counseling interviews   VHS 1758
Basic carpentry��   Step by step instructions with money and time saving tips   VHS 1677
Basic conducting techniques�� / by Joseph A. Labuta   Intended to accompany 2nd ed. of author's textbook of the same title   VHS 2480
Basic home repair�� / Lane Publishing Co.�� Do It Yourself, Inc   A step-by-step guide to major and minor interior and exterior home repairs   VHS 1694
Basic influencing skills��   A workshop series on microcounseling which introduces helping as a process of interpersonal influence   VHS 1759
Basic preservation techniques�� / Johns Hopkins University   Library conservation and restoration   VHS 1428
Basics of Bassoon   A beginner's guide to playing the bassoon. Covers everything from assembly to performance   DVD 801
Basie, Gillespie, Coltrane - Jazz casual   Contains three episodes of the television program Jazz Casual featuring interviews with and performances   DVD 325
BASSically Karr   Introduction to the techniques and challenges of playing the double bass, illustrated through conversation and performances   DVD 794
Bassoon basics   Members of the United States Army Field Band give instruction on improving bassoon playing and demonstrate proper technique   VHS 970
Battle for El Salvador�� / WGBH-TV��   Traces the evolution of El Salvador's civil war and of U.S. policy toward this Central American country   VHS 330
Battle for the Bible [Secrets of the dead - TV series]   In the 15th and 16th centuries, a group of men set out on a new crusade to bring the Scriptures to people in their own language for the very first time. In so doing, they would help launch a religious revolution that would ultimately change the course of history in England, America and beyond   DVD 1262
Battle for the Bulge�� / Peter Batty Productions   After the D-Day disaster, Hitler began to prepare for his last desperate gamble: The Battle of the Bulge.��   VHS 1510
Battle of Algiers   Dramatizes the harrowing events of 1957, a key year in Algeria's struggle for independence from France.   DVD 770
Battle of Algiers�� / [producer, Antonio Musu�� directed by Gillo Pontecorvo]   Dramatization of the conflict between Algerian nationalists and French colonialists that culminated in Algeria's independence in 1962   VHS 1190
Battle of Britain   The understaffed, technically inferior Royal Air Force holds off an invasion by the German Luftwaffe in 1940   VHS 3323
Battle of Midway   "The Battle of Midway" is a brief documentary on the World War II Battle of Midway, including footage of naval and aerial operations. "Global war" focuses on the conduct of World War II in 1943 on the European and Pacific fronts   DVD 507
Battle of Russia   Shows the Russian defense against the Nazi invasion during World War II, focusing on the Battle of Stalingrad   VHS 3107
Battle of Russia�� / produced by the War Department, Special Service Division   This documentary shows the Russian defense against the Nazi invasion during World War II, focusing on the Battle of Stalingrad   VHS 1513
Battle of the Ancre�� / Imperial War Museum. Dept. of Film   Silent film with musical soundtrack and English titleboards;WW, 1914-1918   VHS 846
Battle of the Bulge��   Originally presented on NBC television; Ardennes battle   VHS 2641
Battle of the Somme�� / Imperial War Museum   Footage taken at the Battle of the Somme depicting the British Army's activities between June 26th and July 7th or 9th in their fight against the Germans   VHS 845
Battleship Potemkin��   Recounts the heroic mutiny of Russian sailors in 1905.Includes the Oddessa Steps sequence, famous for its revolutionary film editing and cinematic montage   VHS 470
Be prepared to speak : the step-by-step video guide to public speaking��   A guide to public speaking which illustrates speechwriting, speech presentation, and overcoming stage fright   VHS 559
Beach birds for camera   A film adaptation of a modern dance work originally made for the stage.   VHS 3194
Beach, a river of sand�� / Encyclopedia Britannica Films��   This program investigates where the sand on a beach comes from, how it is transported along the coast and where it goes.   VHS 2176
Beaches��   A story of life-long friendship through good times and bad   VHS 2497
Beautiful mind�� / Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures   Dramatic biography of John Nash, a mathematical genius, who made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim.   DVD 82
Beauty and the beast   Belle, whose father Maurice is imprisoned by the Beast (really an enchanted Prince), offers herself instead and finds the prince inside the Beast   DVD 222
Beauty and the beast�� / Platypus Productions, Gaylord Production Company   Closed captioned for the hearing impaired;"The shy   VHS 4
Because I said so   Daphne Wilder is a mother whose love knows no bounds or boundaries.   DVD 1111
Becket   Peter O'Toole, Richard Burton /Henry II, who surprises England by naming his fellow rouge and trusted confidant Thomas Becket as Chancellor.   DVD 1178
Beckett on film�� / Blue Angel Films�� Tyrone Productions   The comprehensive cinematic interpretation of Beckett's plays. --Container   DVD 79
Becky's story�� / produced by Richard Bonin   Examines the death, caused by an illegal abortion, of a 17 year old Indiana girl   VHS 2479
Bed and sofa�� / produced by Sovkino, Moscow   Satirical film which points up the social consequences of the Soviet housing shortage.   VHS 2513
Beethoven's Fidelio�� / produced by Peter Hall����   A performance of Beethoven's only opera in which Leonore, the faithful wife, struggles to free her unjustly imprisoned husband Florestan from a Spanish dungeon   VHS 2999
Beetlejuice   A couple of likable ghosts contact the afterlife's bio-exorcist to rid their home of a trendy New York family that moves in   DVD 244
Before I die   Uses the experiences of three hypothetical patients to examine difficult issues such as physician-assisted suicide, final treatment options, palliative care, and advance directives.   DVD 455
Before students will learn�� / The Master Teacher, Inc   Discusses traits of the underachiever, methods for motivating students and factors which affect classroom behavior.���   VHS 1329
Beginning American Sign Language videocourse�� / Sign Enhancers   Learn sign language by watching the interactions in a deaf family. Instructor also demonstrates signs. Each tape includes introduction to new vocabulary, visit with the family, cultural and grammatical notes, and a practice session   VHS 2593
Beginning with bong�� / University of Maryland Department of Physical Therapy���   Six children with physical limitations share a day in their lives in order to show how they do things differently and to tell how they are the same as other people.   VHS 1318
Behavior control�� / KCTS   Investigates techniques used to influence people's behavior, from subliminal messages to work with the mentally ill.   VHS 269
Behavioral treatment of autistic children�� / Focus International Inc.���   Presents an explanation, demonstration, and long-term follow-up of a major breakthrough in the behavioral treatment of young autistic children based on a study of two clients over a period of twenty years   VHS 2426
Behind the scenes with Joann Falletta�� / a production of Learning Designs��   Music can be heard as layers of sound - as melody and accompaniment.��   VHS 639
Beijing   The stops featured on the way include: The Forbidden City, Silk Street Market, Tiananmen Square, Chang'an Avenue, The Great Wall, Kung Fu, Chinese Opera, and Temple of Heaven   DVD 1123
Being Hmong means being free�� / NEWIST/CESA 7��   Highlights the history, culture and identity of Hmong immigrants and refugees from Laos who settled in the United States between 1975 and the early 1990s.   VHS 816
Being Julia   She finds what she is looking for in a handsome young American fan, who adds a few more sparks than Julia was hoping for   DVD 577
Being There   Circumstances propel a feeble-minded gardener, whose entire knowledge of life comes from watching television, into becoming adviser to the president   DVD 116
Ben Hur   A prince of Judea leads his nation against the wrath of the conquering Romans.   DVD 192
Ben Vereen   Vereen's unforgettable story with the help of the people who know him best.   VHS 1120
Bend it like Beckham   Eighteen year-old Jesminder's parents want her to be a nice, conventional Indian girl. But she just wants to play soccer like her hero, David Beckham.   DVD 752
Ben-Gurion--one place, one people�� / Nielsen-Ferns Int'l���   Examines the philosophy and political contributions of David Ben-Gurion, who was a pioneer of modern Zionism and prime minister of Israel   VHS 137
Benjamin�� / BBC-TV   A study of an infant's growth and development during the first 6 months of life   VHS 182
Benjamin Britten�� : Coal face, Night mail, Instruments of the orchestra, Steps of the ballet   This series is a collection of twenty individual full length films representative of the British Documentary Film Movement.��   VHS 3040
Benjamin Franklin   Traces Franklin's life   DVD 314
Berlin 1945�� / Lamancha Productions Ltd   This film is about the final Russian conflict, the fight to take Berlin.From Russian archive material witness probably the bloodiest battle of World War II.   VHS 1517
Berlin airlift   This program provides a striking look at the first battle of the Cold War and the largest humanitarian campaign the world has ever seen.   DVD 1296
Berlin Alexanderplatz�� / Tele-Culture presents, a Vandham Productions, Ltd.��   Story of Franz Biberkopf, a former transportation worker.��   VHS 331
Berlin, the symphony of a great city�� = Berlin, die Symphonie der Grossstadt   A cross section of life in Berlin from dawn to midnight on a late spring day.Uses montage, cutting, and editing to capture the pulse and tempo of this city   VHS 1776
Bertolt Brecht�� / BBC Education & Training�� producer, Bob Portway���   The German poet, playwright, and theatrical reformeris the subject of this program, in which those who knew him discuss his life and many works.   VHS 1769
Best of both worlds, part I�� / Paramount Pictures�� directed by Cliff Bole   The Borg are suspected of wiping out whole colonies.���   VHS 961
Best of both worlds, part II�� / Paramount Pictures�� directed by Cliff Bole   After Picard has been captured by the Borg, they can use all his knowledge of the Federation.���   VHS 961
Best of travels in Europe   Receive a true understanding of treasured local customs, and above all, explore the unfamiliar, discover the unusual, and marvel at the fabled and wonderful places you will visit   DVD 549
Best practices for brain-compatible classrooms��   Discusses whether the latest research in brain psychology and physiology can be used to develop a more brain compatible classroom   VHS 1931
Best practices for your website/staying out of legal trouble   Discusses web publishing rights, what constitutes "fair use," privacy policies, trademark law and other legal concepts related to owning and maintaining a website   VHS 944
Best years of our lives   Recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans of WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives.   DVD 245
Best years of our lives   Recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans of WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives.   VHS 797
Best years of our lives�� / Samuel Goldwyn Productions   Recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans after WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives   VHS 797
Bethlehem diary�� / a film by Antonia Caccia   Christmas in Bethlehem, 2000. The Israeli army has closed off Bethlehem since the 2nd Intifada began.   VHS 934
Better off dead?�� / produced by Andrew Liebman, Graham Chedd����   The subject ofBaby Doehas initiated court fights, legislation and considerable debate in medical and legal circles over the last few years.   VHS 2421
Betty LaDuke : an artist's journey from the Bronx to Timbuktu / SOSC Media Center��   This video documents the evolution and vibrancy of her life and work   VHS 1696
Between the atom and the star�� / produced by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration   Deals with life in the space stations of the future   VHS 569
Between the lines   An exploration of the lives of a group of friends working together on a small alternative newspaper   VHS 60
Beverly Hills Cop   Detroit detective who follows the trail of a friend's murderer to the posh surroundings of Beverly Hills   DVD 115
Beverly Sills--in concert��   A 1979 performance by Beverly Sills with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra   VHS 585
Beyond conviction   This is a documentary on the story of three crime victims on an emotional journey toward healing and recovery.   DVD 1333
Beyond F.A.T. City; a look back a look ahead   Messages for those who teach children with learning disabilities who constantly struggle with frustration anxiety and tesnion.   DVD 807
Beyond the dream XI�� : a celebration of Black history and culture : rising influence of Black literature : a literary countdown to the new millennium��   A panel discussion looking back on literary roots to see what they will tell us about Afro-American literature in the new millennium.   VHS 939
Beyond words�� : the marriage of art & literature in bookmaking��   Through interviews with writers, artists, paper makers, printers, and curators, this film describes the history and production of contemporary fine art bookmaking, or livres d'artistes   VHS 938
Bhaji on the beach   A comedy about a group of Indian women, living in England, who are brought together by a day at Blackpool   DVD 619
Bible's greatest secrets   Archaeologists and their teams sift through the sands of history. They seek to unlock the mysteries of vanished civilizations and their people   VHS 997
Bible's greatest secrets   In the Hold Land, dozens of specialized archeologists sift through sands of history.   VHS 997
Biblical angels   This program searches for clues in the stories of the Bible's heavenly spirits   VHS 1148
Bicycle thief�� = Ladri di biciclette   An unemployed man gets work for which his bicycle is essential.Its theft and the man's desperate attempt to recover it evoke a story of deep poignancy. Includes English dubbed version   DVD 5
Big   A 12-year-old boy's wish comes true when he asks a mechanical carnival genie to make him 'big'   DVD 260
Big�� / Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation   A 12-year-old boy's wish comes true when he wishes to bebig.��� With a little help from Zoltar, a mechanical carnival genie, Josh wakes up as a 35-year-old man.��   VHS 2827
Big corporation�� / British Broadcasting Corp   The corporation, as a myth and reality, is examined and dissected.��   VHS 428
Big Jake   Big Jake McCandles, is a husband who hasn't seen his wife in over 18 years. But he returns home after his grandson is kidnapped by a vicious outlaw gang. While the law gives chase in rickety automobiles, Jake saddles up with an Indian scout and a box of money-- even though paying a ransom isn't how Jake plans to exact good old frontier justice   DVD 1201
Big mama�� / produced and directed by Tracy Seretean   Depicts Viola Dees, a devoted, elderly grandmother, in her struggle to raise her orphaned grandson in South Central Los Angeles.��   VHS 2102
Big night   The story of two brothers whose Italian restaurant is on the brink of bankruptcy.   DVD 368
Big sleep�� / Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc   Philip Marlowe is hired by millionaire Gen. Sternwood to learn who is blackmailing his young, loose daughter, Carmen, with pornographic pictures.��   VHS 1953
Bill Cosby on prejudice��   In a satiric diatribe in which a super bigot expresses a hatred against all minority groups, actor Bill Cosby exposes the prejudices which are experienced by all   VHS 2225
Billion dollar day�� / [a co-production of] WGBH Boston���   Focuses on three currency traders in London, New York and Hong Kong in search of thebest return -where timing can mean the gain or loss of thousands of dollars   VHS 92
Billy Elliot   Billy secretly joins a ballet class, knowing that his blue-collar family would never understand   DVD 1289
Billy Liar/ Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd.����   Billy dreams of escape from an unsympathetic, resolutely working-class family, a pair of demanding fiancees, and an insecure dead-end job at an undertakers   VHS 2563
Biodiversity�� / National Teleconference on BioDiversity   Edited version of the National Teleconference on BioDiversity, held in conjunction with the National Forum on BioDiversity, September 21-25, 1986, in Washington, D.C.,   VHS 1447
Biology for the new MCAT   DVD study guide for the biology section of the Medical College Admission Test. Each section is cross-referenced to a specific chapter in The Gold Standard MCAT (2007) written by Brett L. Ferdinand   DVD 1220
Birdman of Alcatraz�� / Norma Productions   The story of a convicted killer who avoids the depths of despair by becoming a world-renowned authority on birds during his imprisonment   VHS 2273
Birds   Melanie Daniels rolls into Bodega Bay in pursuit of eligible bachelor Mitch Brenner, the small California town is inexplicably attacked by thousands of birds   DVD 114
Birth control and the law   Includes interviews with different religious and health officials and discusses the differences in moral attitudes towards birth control of Catholics and non-Catholics   DVD 446
Birth of a nation�� / [Epoch]   A Civil War spectacular.��   VHS 531
Birth of a nation�� / David W. Griffith Corporation   This epic story of the Civil War as seen through the lives of two families is a controversial classic of film history   DVD 10
Birthday basket for Tia�� / by Pat Mora�� illustrated by Cecily Lang   With the help and interference of her cat Chica, Cecilia prepares a surprise gift for her great-aunt's ninetieth birthday   VHS 2293
Birthright, growing up Hispanic���   Examines the work of several Hispanic-American writers and how their poems, short stories, and novels reflect what it means to grow up Hispanic in America.   VHS 2315
Bitter melons��   Portrays the difficulty of survival in the central Kalahari Desert in southern Africa.   VHS 710
Bittersweet Farms hand bell choir�� / Audio-Visual Services, University of Toledo   Shows autistic youth practicing in a hand bell choir   VHS 1499
Black and tan / Duke Ellington. St. Louis blues / Bessie Smith��   Black and tanis the first film appearance of Duke Ellington's Orchestra featuring Cootie Williams and Johnny Hodges.St. Louis bluesshows the magic of Bessie Smith's voice   VHS 2052
Black Athena�� / Bandung Limited for Channel Four����   Explores the debate around Prof. Martin Bernal's book on the African origins of Greek culture, Black Athena.   VHS 899
Black Dahlia   Set in 1940s Los Angeles. Two police officers investigate the death of Elizabeth Short - also known as The Black Dahlia, a young woman who is found brutally murdered.   DVD 983
Black fox�� : The True story of Adolf Hitler.   Based on Goethe's Reineke Fuchs, an adaptation of Reynard the fox   VHS 1537
Black gold   After oil, coffee is the most actively traded commodity in the world with $80 billion in retail sales. But for every $3 cup of coffee, a coffee farmer receives only 3 cents.   DVD 920
Black harvest; the highlands trilogy   A story of culture clash. Charts the progress of Joe Leahy in convincing the Ganiga tribespeople to join him in a coffee growing venture.   DVD 1352
Black is-- black ain't�� : a personal journey through black identity   American culture has stereotyped black Americans for centuries.   VHS 2092
Black narcissus/ J. Arthur Rank presents   Majesty gives way to mystery, and marks a harrowing descent into madness, when a young British nun is ordered to establish a convent in the remote Himalayan mountains.   DVD 376
Black Panther�� : San Francisco State: on strike / a film from California Newsreel   Black Panther: Interviews with founding members   VHS 2091
Black press�� : soldiers without swords / produced and directed by Stanley Nelson   A history of African-American newspapers and journalism from the mid-19th century through the 20th century.   VHS 2082
Black Robe�� / Samuel Goldwyn Company��   In the 17th century, Father Laforgue is assigned to go up river into the Canadian wilderness on a perilous journey to convert the Huron Indians.   DVD 639
Black rose   A Saxon youth is run out of England during the Crusades, and goes with his loyal retainer to adventures in China where they become intrigued in the court of Kubla Kahn   DVD 1211
Black theatre�� : the making of a movement / California Newsreel   Recaptures the birth of a new theatre from the Civil Rights activism of the 1950's, '60s, and '70s.   VHS 2278
Black Unicorn   Provides a history of the Broadside Press and a biography of its founder, Dudley Randall. Includes interviews with Mr. Randall and other authors involved with the press over a twenty-five year period   VHS 1299
Blackboard jungle�� / Loew's Incorporated�� Metro Goldwyn Mayer���   Film about life in an inner city high school in the 50s that was the first to utilize a rock 'n' roll soundtrack.   VHS 930
Blackmail�� / British International Pictures���   A girl stabs an artist who has tried to rape her and her police detective boyfriend conceals his knowledge of her guilt.���   VHS 550
Blade runner�� / The Ladd Company   A futuristic tale set in the Los Angeles of 2020   VHS 712
Blade runner�� / Warner Bros. Pictures��   Los Angeles, 2019: Deckard, an expertblade runner,must identify and execute four replicants, (genetically engineered beings virtually identical to humans)��   DVD 19
Blade runner�� : the director's cut / Warner Bros.���   Los Angeles, 2019: Deckard, an expertblade runner,must identify and execute four replicants, (genetically engineered beings virtually identical to humans)��   VHS 712
Blanchine celebration, Pt. 2   Selections from ballets choreographed by George Balanchine   VHS 3185
Blanchine celebration. Pt. 1   Gala performance of the New York City Ballet commemorating its founder George Balanchine   VHS 3218
Blazing Saddles   The new sheriff and his sidekick, retired gunfighter Waco Kid, protect the town of Rock Ridge   DVD 113
Blazing saddles�� / Warner Bros.�� produced by Michael Hertzberg�����   The new sheriff and his sidekick, retired gunfighter Waco Kid, protect the town of Rock Ridge from the men who want to run the railroad through the town   VHS 2280
Blitz; London's longest night   The story of the war's most concentrated aerial attack on London in 1941 and how the city nearly perished under the German barrage.   DVD 826
Blitzkrieg�� / Lamancha Productions Ltd   Original archive material recording the German annihilation of Poland's defenses in 1939 to the final Russian onslaught against Berin in 1945   VHS 1573
Blockhouse��   Tells the story of four man entombed in a subterranean stronghold for six years after D-Day invasion of Normandy   VHS 1740
Blodiga tiden. English;"Mein Kampf�� : a blueprint for the age of chaos   Minerva International Films����   VHS 1522
Blonde Mystique   Two brunettes and one blonde woman set out to discover the blonde mystique   DVD 1372
Blonde Venus�� / Paramount Pictures   An aspiring young actress gives up the stage to marry a scientist who becomes afflicted with radium poisoning.   VHS 2520
Blood alley   An American merchant marine captain ferries a group of Chinese refugees down the Yangtze River to escape the Communists   DVD 1152
Blood and sand   Though he is branded fifth rate, he soon becomes Spain's greatest matador and returns home to marry his childhood sweetheart. But when a beautiful, passionate aristocrat seduces him, Juan succumbs to her temptations, only to see his own happiness and sucess crumble   DVD 1207
Blood diamond   An ex-mercenary and a Mende fisherman join together to smuggle a rare pink diamond out of war-torn Sierra Leone   DVD 1154
Blood diamond   An ex-mercenary and a Mende fisherman join together to smuggle a rare pink diamond out of war-torn Sierra Leone   DVD 1155
Blood of Jesus��   The story concerns the accidental shooting of a woman and of the faith in Jesus that brings her back.��   VHS 2887
Blood Simple   A jealous husband hires a detective to murder his wife and her lover   DVD 151
Bloody child   The true story of a young U.S. Marine, just back from the Gulf War, who was arrested while digging a grave in the middle of the Mojave Desert for his murdered wife, whose bloodied body lay in the backseat of his car   DVD 1068
Blowup��   A drama recounting the adventures of a young fashion photographer in London, who finds indications of murder when he develops film which he shot of a man and woman in a park   VHS 711
Blue�� / a film by Krzysztof Kieslowski����   A young woman is left devastated by the unexpected death of her husband and child.   VHS 195
Blue angel��   A middle-aged schoolmaster is degraded and ultimately destroyed by his obsession with a cheap cafe entertainer   VHS 520
Blue collar trap : an NBC News white paper����   Interviews four factory workers, their wives, parents, and co-workers and observes each man at his job.��   VHS 178
Blue lamp�� / Ealing Studios�� screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke����   British crime drama about the killing of a Scotland Yard policeman and the manhunt that follows   VHS 2554
Blue velvet   A college student stumbles across a bizarre mystery and wants to know more.   DVD 201
Blue velvet�� / DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group����   A young man finds a severed ear whose trail leads him to a detective's daughter��   VHS 2757
Blues   The blues is a seven-part documentary film series exploring the evolution of the blues, featuring rare archival performance footage of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon ... et al., also including over 100 newly-filmed performances by contemporary artists such as B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Beck ... et al. singing classic blues songs   DVD 644v. 1-7
Boat�� : [formerly Das Boot] / Columbia Pictures���   The tale follows one of the famed German U-boats as it challenges the British navy at every turn   VHS 2730
Bob Fosse   biography of Broadway and musical film choreographer Bob Fosse.   VHS 1102
Bobby   Revisits the night presidential-hopeful Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968.   DVD 1162
Bobby Short at the Cafe Carlyle�� / Bobby Short�� a Lealou Production   Join Bobby at the Cafe Carlyle for this thrilling 25-song set, delivered with his usual verve and charm.��   VHS 1724
Body and soul��   An article about an escaped prisoner posing as a preacher causes a terrible nightmare for the readers   VHS 2899
Body as an instrument�� / Chimera Foundation for the Dance, Inc.���   Introduces non-dancers to modern dance.��   VHS 206
Body heat�� / the Ladd Company�� produced by Fred T. Gallo���   A likable, unambitious lawyer and his siren-like lover plot to kill her wealthy husband   DVD 57
Bolero��   Examines a performance of the symphony Bolero by Maurice Ravel.Deals with ways individual performers regard their work, and describes the converging excitement of the talented musicians who perform the score   VHS 632
Bong and Donnell   Bong, who is physically disabled, and his best friend, Donnell, are shown at from 3rd grade to H.S.   DVD 422
Bonhoeffer   Documentary on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young German theologian who was one of the first to openly resist Adolf Hitler.   DVD 947
Bonnie and Clyde�� Warner Bros. Pictures   A mixture of comedy and brutal violence, this film is based on the exploits of the notorious American outlaws of the 1930's, Bonnie Parkerand Clyde Barrow   DVD 48
Bonus disc; jazz icons, series 2 / Reelin' in the years productions   John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Dave Brubeck, Sarah Vaughan   DVD 1276
Bop, the first revolution�� / produced by University Media Resources��   Shows the beginning of Bop music in the 1940's   VHS 319
Borat; cultural learning's of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan   When Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev travels to America to make a documentary, he not only generates strong reactions regarding his extreme prejudices, he also tries to meet and marry Pamela Anderson   DVD 989
Border crossed us   Indians of North America   VHS 2397
Boris Godunov�� / M. Musorskii�� Bolshoi teatr Soiuza SSR   Full-length version of the Mussorgsky opera about the half-crazed Tsar   VHS 2998
Born in America�� / produced by University Media Resources��   Dr. Reginald Buckner attempts to define and to illustrate what jazz is and where it came from   VHS 314
Born in flames�� : a film / by Lizzie Borden   A futuristic fable of feminist turmoil still brewing ten years after a peaceful socialist revolution.��   VHS 72
Born into brothels   While living in the red light district of Calcutta, documenting life in the brothels, New York-based photographer Zana Briski embarked on a project by which she gave cameras to the children of prostitutes and taught them photography, awakening within them hidden talent and creativity and giving them a means to transform their lives   DVD 1375
Born yesterday   A corrupt millionaire junk dealer, embarrassed by his girlfriend's lack of social sophistication, arranges to have her trained in a crash course in "culture."   DVD 230
Both of my moms' names are Judy :�� children of lesbians and gays speak out   This 10-minute video was produced as part of an in-service training for elementary-school educators and administrators.   VHS 820
Boundary layer control�� / David C. Hazen�� [Educational Services]   David C. Hazen describes and illustrates by experiment various methods of boundary layer control, with particular reference to aeronautics, and discusses in detail techniques for reducing drag and increasing lift   VHS 2392
Bowling for Columbine   Activist filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the roots of bloodshed from firearms   DVD 496
Boy can't help it; living with Tourette's syndrome   This moving program paints a vivid picture of life with Tourette's syndrome   DVD 417
Boy inside   Documents a young boy's struggle with Asperger syndrome   DVD 1104
Boy or girl--should the choice be ours?�� / KCTS   Examines emerging technologies that will allow parents to detect the gender of their children.��   VHS 266
Boys and girls together�� / CBS News��   Examines the statistics and dangers associated with teenage pregnancy. Interviews with teens in Arkansas, California, Philadelphia, etc.   VHS 1618
Boys of Baraka   Follows a group of 12-year-old boys from the most violent ghettos of Baltimore to the Baraka School, an experimental boarding school in rural Kenya, where children live by strict guidelines, yet are given the freedom to grow   DVD 809
Boyz n the hood   Three friends struggle to survive in South Central Los Angeles where friendship, pain, danger and love form a true picture of life in the 'hood in this critically acclaimed, action-filled story   DVD 541
Boyz 'n the hood�� / Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.��   For three young men growing up in South Central Los Angeles, thehoodis a place of drive-by shootings, unemployment, drugs and pain   VHS 2721
Brain transplant�� / a production of WGBH Boston in association with BBC TV   Two paralyzed drug addicts travel to Sweden to undergo a revolutionary brain disease treatment that is largely unavailable in the United States   VHS 1947
Brainstorm�� / MGM/UA Entertainment Co   A machine records sights, sounds, sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, even your dreams and nightmares.��   VHS 2267
Bram Stoker's Dracula   Francis Ford Coppola returns to the original source of the Dracula myth, and from that gothic romance, he creates a modern masterpiece.   DVD 642
Bram Stoker's Dracula�� / Columbia Pictures presents an American Zoetrope/Osiris Films production   In this visually stunning version of the classic Dracula legend, a young beauty becomes the object of Dracula's devastating desire   VHS 2996
Brandon Teena story   Brandon's coming of age struggle with identity and how his gender ambiguity induced feelings of betrayal among residents of a town in America's heartland   DVD 429
Braveheart   William Wallace is a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally his countrymen to liberation   DVD 203
Braveheart   William Wallace is a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally his countrymen to liberation   DVD 203
Brazil�� / Embassy International Pictures   A surrealistic nightmare vision of aperfectfuture where technology reigns supreme   VHS 32
Breakdown: the condition of Ohio's school buildings / The Ohio Coalition for Equity   School buildings; education   VHS 2061
Breakfast at Tiffany's   Romantic comedy about a New York City playgirl determined to marry a Brazilian millionaire.   DVD 246
Breaking barriers�� : foreign companies that succeed in Japan   Documents how several foreign companies have gained access to Japanese markets.��   VHS 1608
Breaking silence��   Using interviews with adults who were child victims of incest, this film brings to the public the wide-spread problem of incest and its effect on the family   VHS 721
Breakup���� and, Family matters / produced for NIT by KETC-TVA342   Program 1. Designed to help elementary age children recognize�� some of the emotions involved in a separation or divorce. Program 2.shows some of the problems a young woman faces when her parents are divorced.   VHS 2364
Breast cancer update��   Explores the use of X-ray in breast cancer detection and examines the risk factors in breast cancer   VHS 298
Breast cancer; lets get personal   This documentary examines the risk factors of this widespread and deadly disease, explains breast anatomy and cancer symptoms, interviews women whose lives have been affected by it and doctors involved in treating it, and also demonstrates breast self-examination techniques and their importance in early detection   DVD 791
Breast center video�� : what every woman should know   Discusses breast health care as it dispels myths about breast�� cancer.   VHS 1676
Breast implants on trial�� /produced and directed by Jon Palfreman   Covers the class action suit and individual liability suits, FDA and medical findings, issues of medicine and science in the courtroom.   VHS 884
Bride & prejudice   Based on Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, with a Bollywood twist. In Ammritsar, the determined Mrs. Bakshi sets out to find matches for her four daughters. Second sister, Lalita, meets American Will Darcy - is it love?   DVD 881
Bride of Frankenstein�� / Universal Pictures Corporation   Baron von Frankenstein is blackmailed by Dr. Praetorious into reviving his monster and building a mate for it   VHS 2443
Bride wore red�� / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer��   An Italian count, seeking to prove that social position is a matter of luck, sends a struggling nightclub singer to a luxury resort to masquerade as a wealthy lady   VHS 2522
Bridge on the River Kwai   British soldiers captured by the Japanese during World War II are forced to construct a strategic railroad bridge   DVD 112
Bridge on the River Kwai�� / a Horizon Picture�� Columbia Pictures Corp   Captured by the Japanese, British soldiers are forced to construct a strategic railroad bridge. Meanwhile, a commando team has instructions to destroy the vital span   VHS 2323
Bridge to freedom�� (1965) / Produced by Blackside, Inc. and PBS Video   Ten years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus and nearly twenty years after the Supreme Court decreed thatseparate but equalwas unconstitutional   VHS 1138
Bridges of Madison county   Each is at a point in life where expectations are behind them. Yet four days after meeting, they won't want to lose the love they've found   DVD 188
Brig��   Portrays the inhumanity of military discipline in a Marine Corps prison   VHS 2050
Brilliant madness   Called 'the most remarkable mathematician of the second half of the century,' Nash suffered a devastating breakdown at the age of thirty   DVD 292
Bringing out the leader in you�� / American Management Association��   Outlines eight leadership steps   VHS 841
Bringing up Baby�� / RKO Radio Pictures, Inc   Crazy comedy about an heiress who is determined to catch a stuffy zoologist, and uses her pet leopard, Baby, to help get his attention   VHS 1967
Broadcast News   Romantic triangle set in the world of television news.   DVD 247
Broadway Melody   This is the first musical to win a Best Picture Oscar. Anita Page and Bessie Love star as two sisters in love with the same man   DVD 1018
Broadway; the American musical   This documentary series details the razzle-dazzle history of a unique American art form.   DVD 1042v. 1-3
Broadway's lost treasures I   A one-of-a-kind compilation of Broadway showstoppers, performed by original cast members, televised on the Tony Awards between 1967 and 1986   DVD 687
Broadway's lost treasures II   A collection of great musical moments from the Tony Awards. Hosts Lauren Bacall, Bebe Neuwirth, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Jerry Orbach introduce 18 one-of-a-kind performances   DVD 688
Broadway's lost treasures III   The stars of Broadway shine in 23 memorable performances from the Tony Awards broadcasts. Legendary stars from the legendary shows strut their stuff in the performances that have become part of Broadway history   DVD 689
Brokeback mountain   It's 1963, a time in the United States when life was simple, straightforward and the lines between the sexes and sex roles were crisply drawn and severely delineated.   DVD 702
Brooklyn bridge   Depicts the history of the building and social impact of what was, at the time, the biggest bridge in the world   DVD 293
Brother minister; assassination of Malcom x   Brother minister is the explosive and mesmerizing documentary that dares reveal the mystery surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X, a truly American hero   DVD 829
Brothers and others   "Brothers and others documents the impact of the September 11th tragedy on Muslims and Arabs living in America.   DVD 514
Brother's Grimm   19th-century "folklore collectors," Wilhem and Jacob Grimm are con artists who perform bogus exorcisms of "evil enchantments" while traveling from village to village in French-occupied Germany.   DVD 1161
Brothers Lumiere/George Melies�� / Granada Television��   The Brothers Lumieretells the story of the French brothers who invented the first 3-D film and built the first practical mobile film camera.��   VHS 615
Buck stops in Brazil�� / WGBH-TV, Boston��   An inside look at the high-stakes world of international banking.��   VHS 590
Bud Abbot & Lou Costello meet Frankenstein   A comic horror film in which Abbott and Costello encounter Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and a mad scientist   DVD 186
Buddha in the land of the Kami�� : (7th - 12th centuries) / a co-production of Antenne 2��   Begins with the creation myth of Japan and explains the origin and scope of the Kami conceptexplains the arrival of Buddhism   VHS 1542
Buddy Rich   This concert, taped in Holland in 1978, showcases one of the tightest big bands in history, featuring Buddy's group Killer Force. Standout performances include Grand Concourse and Channel One Suite, featuring Buddy's signature drum solo   DVD 890
Buddy system�� / Twentieth Century-Fox Corporation   Emily is a single mother struggling to raise a troublesome son   VHS 1257
Bug's life   Journey inside the miniature world of bugs where an ant named Flik hires warrior bugs to defend his colony from a horde of freeloading grasshoppers.   DVD 877
Bugsy, Dutch & Al :�� The gangsters / Rhino Records Inc   See how bloodthirsty mobsters once threatened the entire nation.��   VHS 730
Builders of images���   A series of programs looking at contemporary Latin America.��   VHS 3065
Bull Durham   American romantic comedy, dealing with a very minor minor-league team and three of its current constituents   DVD 111
Bullitt   A star witness in a controversial court case is murdered, and the police detective assigned to guard him goes after the killers himself   DVD 110
Bully Girls   This program focuses on increasing awareness of bullying among girls and educating viewers about how, when, and why it occurs.   DVD 787
Bunny Years   Revealing personal stories of young women who started out as cocktail waitresses   VHS 994
Burning bright   A circus performer is slowly being destroyed by the realization that he will never father a child. In an act of extraordinary sacrifice, his wife takes desperate measures to save him   DVD 730
Bury the spear!   Focuses on the 1993 peace-making efforts of the Abore, Borana, Konso, Tsamai, Hamar and Dasanach to end decades of ethnic war in the southern Ethiopian Rift Valley   DVD 1349
Bush mama�� / Mypheduh Films   A powerful drama of a black woman living on welfare in the Los Angeles ghetto, trying to care for her daughter after being stranded alone by her man's imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit   VHS 2890
Bushman's secret: one cactus stands between hope and hunger   "One plant make all the difference. Hoodia, a cactus used by Bushmen for centuries, has caught the attention of a giant pharmaceutical company. It now stands to decide the fate of the Khomani San."   DVD 1358
Business basics: copyrights   Teacher's video company   VHS 1263
Business of hunger�� / [presented by] Maryknoll����   Examines a major cause of world hunger which is being created when small, native farmers are forced off the land   VHS 1363
Business of paradigms�� / Joel A. Barker���   Futurist Joel Barker explains how to anticipate and deal successfully with change by understanding the power of paradigms   VHS 1658
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance kid   Blends adventure, romance and comedy to tell the story of the West's most likeable outlaws   DVD 248
Butch minds the baby�� / Learning Corporation of America�����   An ex-convict, who is an expert safecracker, at first declines togo on the jobbecause he is babysitting his infant son, but then decides to bring him along.��   VHS 1989
Bye bye Brazil�� / Carnaval/Unifilm   Brazil, a country coming to an end to make way for another country about to begin   VHS 457
C. S Lewis through Shadowlands�� / written by William Nicholson����   His great love forJoy Davidson causes him to be devastated when she dies, and his Christian beliefs to be threatened   VHS 2995
Cabaret�� / an ABC Pictures Corporation production���   An egocentric American girl dreams of becoming a star while working in a third-rate Berlin cabaret   DVD 20
Cabin in the sky   The fable of rascally Little Joe, torn between the love of his good wife Petunia and the wiles of good-time bad girl Georgia Brown   DVD 1029
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari   A somnambulist commits murders at a hypnotist's bidding   DVD 387
Cabiria. English;"Cabiria���   Kino International release�� produced   VHS 2799
Caddyshack   Danny Noonan, who is desperate to win the college scholarship awarded to the best caddy at Bushwood Country Club   DVD 109
Cadillac desert�� / Produced by KTEH/San Jose���   Cadillac desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the vast transformation of the American Westand many parts of the world   VHS 2532
Cain and Abel   But while Genesis records the identity of Abel's killer, the world's first death remains, in essence, a mystery   VHS 1147
Caine mutiny�� / S.G.S. Corporation   A combat-weary, paranoiac Captain Queeg, loses his nerve during a typhoon and is relieved of command by his first officer   VHS 1182
Cal�� / Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Limited   A harrowing, sensitive love story set within the hatred of strife-torn Northern Ireland   VHS 2573
Calendar girls   When Chris' best friend Annie loses her husband, Chris derives a scheme to memorialize him.   DVD 1165
Call of the wild   Jack London's classic story of two men driven by gold fever, battling the elements in the frozen Klondike   DVD 708
Call of the Wild   All star cast including Clark Gable in a Jack London novel about an unlikely pair.   DVD 771
Called to duty   Provides an overview of firefighters and their work- Part of Toledo Stories   DVD 605
Came a hot Friday�� / Mirage Films�����   It's 1949 andWesley and his sidekick, Cyril, two conmen, have been successfully cheating bookmakers all across New Zealand.��   VHS 1254
Camila�� / European Classics Release   Recounts the true story of a young Catholic socialite from Buenos Aires   VHS 1936
Camille Claudel / Christian Fechner pr�sente   A historically accurate depiction of one of the most important collaborations in the history of art, that of legendary sculptor Rodin, and the creative prodigy Camille Claudel   DVD 371
Can schools really help all children learn?������   Panel discusses the way in which school structures and programs help or hinder students' ability to learn, especially students with learning difficulties   VHS 1921
Canal days�� / camera, editor, writer, producer, director, John Skinner�� a production of WGTE   A look at the history of canals in Ohio, the lore, folk-songs, the routes, plus rare archival photographs��   VHS 1206
Can't afford to grow old�� / produced & directed by Roger Weisberg   Describes the problems faced by the elderly in obtaining and paying for nursing and health care   VHS 2684
Cape fear   An ex-con is determined to wreak bloody revenge on the small-town lawyer who helped send him to jail   DVD 249
Capote   In 1959, Truman Capote was a popular writer for The New Yorker. He learns about the horrific and senseless murder of a family of four in Halcomb, Kansas. Inspired by the story, Capote and his partner, Harper Lee, travel to the town to do research for an article.   DVD 648
Captain from Castile   Forced to flee his home during the Spanish Inquisition, nobleman Pedro De Vargas escapes with a beautiful peasant girl and joins Cortez on his dangerous expedition to conquer Mexico   DVD 1209
Captains and kings�� / a co-production of TVOntario and Mideast Productions Limited   Tells how, in contrast to the West, the predominant Middle Eastern political orientation is toward authoritarian rule with power generally concentrated in the hands of a monarch or military leader   VHS 2487
Capulin Mountain�� / presented by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior���   Uses live footage with animation sequences to show the formation of the volcanic Capulin Mountain in New Mexico.��   VHS 1838
Car wash   An irreverent but affectionate look at a typical day in a Los Angeles car wash   DVD 1022
Caravans of gold�� The king and the city����   Gives a history of Africa from many locations showing life as it is today plus archive film and dramatized reconstructions.   VHS 2752
Career decisions for college students   Provides guidance for students in making wise career choices   DVD 643
Career encounters�� : early childhood education   Designed to give students and their education advisors the facts needed to be informed adequately about early childhood education as a career choice   VHS 2239
Caregiving :�� survival tips for new caregivers   Survival tips for new caregivers   VHS 3163
Caring for the caregivers   This program explores the emotional impact of cancer while offering insights into how people cope   DVD 468
Carmen/ by Georges Bizet   "Maria Ewing is the fiery, seductive gypsy who dares to love as she chooses, regardless of the cost.   DVD 365
Carmen Jones   Joe, a military policeman about to make officer, is infatuated with the flirtatious and sexy Carmen Jones.   DVD 1038
Carrie   An ex-con is determined to wreak bloody revenge on the small-town lawyer who helped send him to jail   DVD 250
Carry on nurse�� / [presented by] Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy�� a Peter Rogers production   The men's ward in a British hospital declares war on its nurses and the rest of the hospital   VHS 724
Cars   Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen is living life in the fast lane until he hits a detour on his way to the most important race of his life.   DVD 855
Casa de los babys   Six women are staying at a hotel in South America. Focus on the turbulent emotions these American women face surrounding the adoption of foreign babies.   DVD 595
Casablanca   In World War II Morocco, seething with European refugees desperate for passage to neutral Lisbon   DVD 108
Castle�� / Unicorn Projects, Inc   Presents an animated tale about a fictional thirteenth-century fortress and town built by King Edward I to subdue the rebellious Welsh.   VHS 357
Castro's challenge�� / WGBH-TV��   Looks at the roots of the Cuban revolution of 1959   VHS 328
Cat ballou   When her father is murdered by a powerful businessman, a woman hires a has-been gunfighter to help her gain revenge   DVD 316
Cat on a hot tin roof�� / an Avon Production [presented by] Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer   The members of a well-to-do Southern family gather to await the impending death of their domineering father,Big Daddy��   VHS 1558
Catch dance fever with Alan Meyers�� : ballroom   Foxtrot -- Waltz -- Cha cha   VHS 2604
Catch dance fever with Alan Meyers�� : ballroom-4   Teaches three standard ballroom dances: foxtrot, rumba, and the cha cha   VHS 628
Cathedral�� / Unicorn Projects, Inc   Combines location sequences and animation to show the building of a Gothic cathedral.C373   VHS 358
Catherine wheel�� / a Catherine Wheel production���   A modern ballet by Twyla Tharp and David Byrne   VHS 61
Caught�� / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer����   Leonora Eames fulfills her life's dream when she marries a millionaire but she soon discovers that her husband is mentally unstable.��   VHS 2115
Causing others to want your leadership��   A series of leadership and management seminars designed for teachers and school administrators and presented at the Master Teacher Academy   VHS 1670
Cavitation�� / [presented by] the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films��   Shows examples of cavitation on hydrofoils, marine propellers, pumps, turbines & dam spillways.   VHS 2393
Ceausescu, Eastern Europe's last dictator?���   Portrait of the last Stalinist leader in Eastern Europe, the events leading to his violent overthrow by the Romanian people in December 1989.   VHS 2936
Cedar Point memories: a documentary�� Bowling Green State University   A nostalgic look at the history of Cedar Point Amusement Park   VHS 2223
Ceilings   Step by step instructions with money and time saving tips, most common mistakes/frequent problems in installing ceilings   VHS 1682
Celluloid closet   History of the role of gay men and lesbians on the silver screen   DVD 354
Central city�� / Granada Television International�� director, Eric Harrison�� producer, Julia Spark   Depicts the characteristics of central city and the central business district. Compares Los Angeles, Calif. and Manchester, Eng   VHS 2949
Ceramic tile�� : floors & counters / produced by D.I.Y., Inc   This video will show you the step by step procedure for installing a ceramic tile floor and how to tile a counter top.   VHS 1692
Ceramic tile�� : walls / produced by D.I.Y., Inc   This video will show you the step by step procedure for installing ceramic tile around a tub, shower enclosure, or any other wall surfaces in a bathroom or kitchen.   VHS 1691
Chaconne; prodigal son   Selections from ballets choreographed by George Balanchine   VHS 3216
Challenge from Asia�� : China and the Pacific Rim   Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Singapore look towards investments and joint ventures with Japan or Taiwan as a means to ensure a viable state of industrialization   VHS 915
Challenge from Asia�� : Korea / a production of NHK   Discusses Korea's expansion into world markets and the resulting impact felt in Japan and the West   VHS 914
Challenge of manufacturing�� = Race against time : Engineering, making it work   New perspectives on manufacturing career possibilities   VHS 3076
Challenge of Yellowstone.�� / United States National Park Service   Traces the history of national parks in the United States from Yellowstone National Park to the conservation ethic of today's park system   VHS 1238
Champion way : making it work on the job��   A program to develop leadership among management and to guarantee fair and thoughtful treatment of all employees   VHS 2705
Chances are�� / Tri-Star Pictures, Inc   A beautiful young woman whose picture-perfect marriage comes to a shattering halt when her husband Louie dies unexpectedly   VHS 810
Change in the war�� / produced by CBS News   The first part discusses the development of the airplane as a military weapon and the war aces who flew the planes.The second part covers the Allied victories at Soissons and Amiens   VHS 2230
Change, change�� / senior executive producer, Mert Koplin��   The 1960s were years of rapid change in America: the increasing impact of television, computerization, social unrest, assassinations, the war in Vietnam and the landing of a man on the moon.   VHS 1642
Changing face of America and the world���   This video explores the rapidly changing demographic trends occurring in the United States and around the world.   VHS 894
Channel flow of a compressible fluid���   Schlieren flow visualization and simultaneous display of the pressure distribution along a channel of varying area demonstrate the phenomena of choking, blocking and starting.   VHS 2379
Channels/inserts   Modern dance production   VHS 3193
Chanukah on Planet Matzah Ball   On a giant Matzah Ball in outer space lives a family of funny, furry, Jewish aliens.   DVD 1314
Chapayev�� / a Lenfilm Studio production   After the revolution, an illiterate Russian who served in the Czar's army forms his own force to fight the White Russians.   VHS 3161
Chariots of fire   Story of two English runners that were both driven by different means to win the Olympics.   DVD 992
Charles Mingus; live in '64   Filmed: in Belgium, April 19, 1964; in Norway, April 13, 1964; in Sweden, April 13, 1964   DVD 1271
Charles Weidman, on his own�� / Dance Horizons Video��   Traces the career of modern dance pioneer Charles Weidman from his roots in Lincoln, Neb., to his beginnings with Denishawn   VHS 2668
Charlie Brown Christmas   'Tis the season to be jolly, but Charlie Brown, feeling that the Christmas message is lost amid all the seasonal glitter, has the blues.   DVD 1316
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving   When Peppermint Patty and a group of hungry pals show up at Charlie Brown's house expecting food, Charlie Brown is too wishy-washy to refuse. With the help of Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock a very unusual feast is prepared.   DVD 1312
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo   A vacation at the Riviera turns into a murder investigation when a casino messanger ends up dead -- and $1,000,000 ends up missing!   DVD 1233
Charlie Chan at the circus   Chan takes his entire family (all thirteen) including honourable wife to the circus. The owner has sent for him because he has been receiving threatening letters and asks Chan to investigate.   DVD 1185
Charlie Chan at the olympics   This mystery pits Charlie Chan against international spies who are using the Berlin Olympic games as the perfect cover for cold-blooded murder.   DVD 1183
Charlie Chan at the opera   Chan is brought into find the killer Gravelle (Boris Karloff) who is suspected of killing his wife and her lover   DVD 1186
Charlie Chan at the race track   Equestrian adventure in which the renowned detective Charlie Chan must untangle the murder of a racehorse owner by an international gambling ring   DVD 1184
Charlie Chan in Egypt   Charlie Chan is hired when an archeologist disappears during the excavation of ancient art treasures in Egypt.   DVD 1188
Charlie Chan in London   With only three days to uncover the truth, Chan spends the weekend at an English country manor with all the suspects -- while they hun a fox, he hunts the real killer   DVD 1187
Charlie Chan in Paris   Charlie is on the trail of forged bank bonds but soon encounters murder. There are no lack of suspects, as the trail leads through Paris streets and sewers   DVD 1182
Charlie Chan in Shanghai   Charlie Chan and his eldest son Lee are in China and a number of confusing and mysterious events follow a murder at a banquet honoring the vamous detective.   DVD 1181
Charlie Chan in the black camel   When beautiful starlet Shelah Fane is murdered in Hawaii, suspicion points to a psychic advisor with a spirited nature. But when Chan uncovers a link to the unsolved murder of screen heartthrob Denny Mayo, the Chinese supersleuth soon discovers that, in Hollywood, fame can be murder!   DVD 1231
Charlie Chan on Broadway   A New York nightclub gal is turning from singer to canary -- with a tell-all diary about her mobster ex-boyfriend! But when she breaks more than a leg - and Chan's Number One Son is accused of the murder -- Charlie is determined to unmask the culprit!   DVD 1232
Charlie Chan's secret   Charlie Chan hunts for the missing heir to a huge fortune, and ends up in the middle of a deadly family feud.   DVD 1234
Charlotte's web   Fern is a young farm girl who rescues the runt, Wilbur. Wilbur the pig is saved from certain death and Fern visits him every day at her Uncle Homer's farm.   DVD 1044
Charly   When a mentally challenged man named Charly undergoes experimental brain surgery, he is miraculously freed from the prison of his own mind.   DVD 734
Chase��   A melodrama which portrays the complex chain of events and conflict which occurs when the sheriff of a Texas town, attempting to catch a fugitive convict, encounters interference from various alcoholic, racist, and promiscuous residents   VHS 1343
Chemical production optimization at Monsanto�� / The Institute of Management Sciences   Presents a production planning model for multiple-facility chemical operations which was used to select the minimum cost-operating strategy for different production targets.��   VHS 1276
Chemists at work�� / Hawkhill Video�����   This video program is designed to give secondary and beginning college students an introduction to chemistry as a science.   VHS 1116
Chernobyl�� : chronicle of difficult weeks.The bam zone : permanent residents��   Chernobyl: This film crew was the first in the disaster zone following the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986.��   VHS 2305
Chet Baker   Featuring two concerts by the foremost interpreter of the West Coast school of cool jazz. Filmed in Europe 15 years apart, these two shows seen together provide an overview of Baker's illustrious career   DVD 894
Chicago   At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find themselves on Chicago's famed Murderess Row.   DVD 667
Chicago jazz�� / produced by University Media Resources   The Chicago jazz style is discussed and the contributions of various jazz musicians are illustrated   VHS 316
Chicano! : History of the Mexican   This is a four part television series documentary. It premiered nationally on PBS in April 1996. The program consists of four one-hour episodes.   VHS 3304v. 1-3
Chickenomics series�� / WRI Education   A fowl approach to economics   VHS 804
Childhood autism rating scale�� : demonstration tape on using the CARS / Eric Schopler   Explains the fifteen different behavior ratings used in the CARS.   VHS 824
Childhood autism rating scale�� : practicetape on using the CARS   Autism in children   VHS 825
Children of a lesser god�� / Paramount Pictures Corp   Love story about an idealistic special education teacher and a headstrong deaf student   VHS 3
Children of Paradise   Drama about the theater and the individuals that made the stage their life. Includes the love story of four men for one woman   DVD 887
Children of the revolution   After a mad, passionate fling on a whirlwind trip to Moscow, party girl Joan Fraser returns home pregnant.   DVD 910
Children, enfants, ninos�� / National Film Board of Canada   Illustrates, without narration, the joys and difficulties of childhood, looking at everyday life of children around the world   VHS 1348
Children's hour�� / Mirisch Worldwide   When a vindictive little girl is disciplined in an exclusive girl's school, the child twists an overheard comment into slander.���   VHS 3055
Child's play�� : the world of learning / Educational Productions����   Looks at the value of play in the development of physical, thinking, language and social-emotional skills, and how play helps children prepare for later academic learning   VHS 3069
Child's play and the real world��   Shows how play forms an important part in the development of expression and imagination in children   VHS 1459
China   Explores China, the third largest country in the world with a diverse population of over a billion people and alive with history, culture and beautiful landscapes   DVD 1125
China�� : ancient rhythms and modern currents   Travel across 2,000 miles and 4,000 years of legends to discover the treasures of China.��   VHS 2588
China : the history and the mystery   Six thousand years of Chinese history, art, beauty and violence   VHS 2587
China boom�� : nurturing the socialist marketplace / CBC International��   Describes how elements of the market economy are being adopted in China   VHS 916
China diary�� : for my country / produced by Jinhua Yang   A documentary recording impressions of a changing China from the perspective of a woman raised in China during the Cultural Revolution   VHS 2914
China in revolution�� / a film by Ambrica Productions��   This documentary recounts the 38 years between 1911 and 1949, during which China was transformed from a centuries-old empire into the world's largest Communist state.��   VHS 3002
China rising�� / Granite Productions for Yorkshire Television��   Chronicles the history of China with archival footage and interviews.   VHS 2542
China syndrome   A television news reporter and a cameraman uncover a startling incident while investigating a nuclear power plant   DVD 231
Chinatown   Private eye Jake Gittes, living off the murky moral climate of sun baked, pre-war Southern California is hired by a beautiful socialite.   DVD 107
Chinatown�� / a Paramount picture�� a Robert Evans production of a Roman Polanski film����   Los Angeles private eye Jake Gittes (Nicholson) is approached by a mysterious woman (Dunaway) who wishes to have her husband investigated.   VHS 399
Chinatown�� / Paramount Pictures Corp   In the Los Angeles of the thirties, a private detective takes on a seemingly routine matrimonial inquiry.   VHS 2533
Chinese Buddhist temples; Building faith sacred architecture   "Although they may not look exactly like their counterparts in China, North America's Chinese Buddhist temples are closely linked to them through symbolism and traditions that go back more than 1,500 years   DVD 783
Chinese primer�� : lessons - unit one - unit eight��   Chinese Primer: foundation work video   VHS 1846
Chocolat   When a single mother and her young daughter move to rural France and open a chocolate shop - with Sunday hours - across the street from the local church, they are met with some resistance from the rigidly moral community.   DVD 662
Chocolat�� / regie general, Alain Artur�����   Set in Cameroun during the waning days of French colonialism, the story revolves around the relationship between the young daughter of a French official and a black house servant   VHS 2430
Chomsky Kennedy lecture��   A lecture delivered by Norman Chomsky on the subject of cognitive psychology   VHS 163
Choreography by Balanchine   Dances choreographed by Balanchine: Emeralds by Faure, Diamonds by Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky violin concerto, performed by the New York City Ballet   VHS 3219
Choreography by Balanchine; pt. 4   Presents performances of dances choreographed by Balanchine   VHS 3200
Christianity   v. 1. The founding of a faith -- v. 2. Church and empire -- v. 3. The glory of Byzantium -- v. 4. The faith conquers   VHS 1162
Christmas carol�� / United artists�� George Minter�����   On Christmas Eve, a despicable miser is visited by three spirits who show him visions of Christmases past, present, and future.��   VHS 2080
Christmas carol (Alastair Sim as Scrooge)   Classic Dickens story about a bitter old man who's given a chance for redemption when three ghosts come to visit him on Christmas Eve. Bonus features include colorized version, featurettes, commentary, bonus 1935 film Scrooge, and more   DVD 1313
Christmas carol (Patrick Stewart)   Old Ebenezer Scrooge, the meanest miser in London, is visited one Christmas eve by three spirits who change his life forever.   DVD 1322
Christmas story   In 1940s Indiana, nine-year-old Ralphie dreams of his ideal Christmas gift: a genuine Red Ryder 200-shot carbine action air rifle.   DVD 1315
Christopher Strong�� / Radio Pictures���   Hepburn portrays a record-breaking flyer who falls hopelessly in love with a married man��   VHS 2096
Christo's Valley curtain�����   Examines the construction of the Mammoth Valley curtain, a 500-foot-high veil stretched across Rifle Gap, Colo., by the Bulgarian artist Christo   VHS 2743
Chronicles and kings�����   Uses the Bible and archaeological evidence to present the rise and fall of ancient Israel.���   VHS 2686
Chronicles of Narnia; the lion, the witch and the wardrobe   The place is called Narnia, and it's been locked in winter for over 100 years by someone known as "The White Witch   DVD 704
Chuck Gross's women's self defense course��   Section I teaches the control and use of fear and section II demonstrates the self-defense techniques   VHS 1439
Churchill: the private war   Winston Churchill was a monumental leader of men whose inspiration and defiantV for Victorywere the hallmarks of courage that carried Great Britain through the war years.Chinese with English subtitles.   VHS 1508
Churchill : voice of a lion��   Winston Churchill's finest hours during World War II are documented in this program   VHS 139
Churchill : voice of a prophet��   Shows the retirement of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as well as his continued involvement in world politics   VHS 138
Ciao Manhattan / Court Pictures   The slow but sure decline of a young woman who was once a protegee of Andy Warhol   DVD 396
Cimarron   Epic western about the Cravat family settling the Oklahoma prairie   DVD 1017
Cinderella man   During the Great Depression, an everyday common-man hero, James J. Braddock was to become one of the most surprising sports legends in history.   DVD 695
Cipher in the snow�� / a Brigham Young Production����   Designed to provide motivation for an effort to meet the concerns of every child in the school setting.��   VHS 2120
Circuits of fear�� : anxiety disorders   (Producer) Anxiety disorders, the most common mental illnesses in America, account for approximately one third of the nation's direct and indirect mental health costs each year.��   VHS 2138
Citizen�� Kane/ an RKO Radio Picture   An all-powerful press magnate, Kane, dies in his fabulous castle Xanadu, his last word being "Rosebud", which leads a reporter to seek the meaning behind the word and find the meaning of Kane.   DVD 389
Citizen Bishara   Begins with the final weeks of Binyamin Netanyahu's "reign" and ends with Ariel Sharon's electoral victory.   VHS 967
Citizen Kane   An all-powerful press magnate, Kane, dies in his fabulous castle Xanadu, his last word being "Rosebud", which leads a reporter to seek the meaning behind the word and find the meaning of Kane.   DVD 389
Citizen Kane��   The story of a powerful publisher, told by those who thought they knew him best   VHS 466
Citizen King   King's effort to recast himself by embracing causes beyond the civil rights movement.   DVD 589
City Lights   A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight   DVD 256
City lights�� a comedy romance in pantomime / directed by Charles Chaplin   A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight   VHS 2811
City of promise�� / produced by Blackside, Inc.����   The context for the war on poverty shifts after 1965.���   VHS 573
City on the edge of forever��   Kirk, Spock and a landing party discover atime portalthrough which McCoy disappears.���   VHS 946
City slickers   Comedy about three men friends who are going through mid-life crises.   DVD 255
City that waits to die�� / BBC-TV   An alert from scientists concerned with a catastrophic fate for San Francisco based on earthquake conditions presented by the San Andreas fault.   VHS 419
Civil rights journey�� / Calhoun Community College��   A history of Huntsville's civil rights movement as seen through the eyes of Sonnie Hereford, III, a medical doctor from Huntsville, Alabama   VHS 560
Civil war   An epic documentary bringing life to America's most destructive - and defining - conflict.   DVD 534
Civil War�� / Florentine Films   This landmark documentary film series movingly and vividly presents the entire sweep of the war, from the battlefields to the home fronts   VHS 2324
Civil War�� : the fiery trial / produced by Peter Edwards   On-site photography, archival photographs, art, maps, and period music bring to life the war's major campaigns, battles and leaders   VHS 2086
Civilisation. 10, The Smile of reason.�� / BBC-TV���   The Age of Enlightenment, which believed that, through reason and moderation, the millennium was at hand.   VHS 1295
Civilisation. 2, The Great thaw.�� / BBC-TV����   The era of the great Gothic, epitomized by the cathedral at Chartres.   VHS 1287
Civilisation. 7, Grandeur and obedience�� / BBC-TV���   A portrait of the Baroque Age with its sense of the unity between flesh and spirit, dogma and sensuality, obedience and freedom.   VHS 1292
Civilisation. 8, The Light of experience.�� / BBC-TV������   The seventeenth century.The Dutch are the first to grasp the change in thought that replaced divine authority with experience, experimentation, and observation, and their painters dominate this film.��   VHS 1293
Class act�� / a Greenwood production����   Brief interviews with teachers of foreign languages concerning what they do and why they do it   VHS 1756
Class dismissed; how TV frames the working class   "Featuring interviews with media analysts and cultural historians, this documentary examines the patterns inherent in TV's disturbing depictions of working class people as either clowns or social deviants, stereotypical portrayals that reinforce the myth of meritocracy"--   DVD 1053
Class divided�� / produced and directed by William Peters   Documents a reunion of Iowa teacher Jane Elliott and her third-grade class of 1970, subjects that year of an ABC News television documentary entitledThe eye of the storm .   VHS 2661
Classic foreign shorts�� Volume 2   A collection of short films made early in the careers of well-known filmmakers   VHS 2614
Classical and romantic music   Classical and romantic music is performed with accompaniment of period keyboard instruments. Musicians explain how they re-create the "sound-worlds" of 18th and 19th centuries to capture the spirit and style intended by the composer   DVD 790
Classroom research : empowering teachers�� written by Lorraine Berry   Interviewed teachers remark on effectiveness of several specific, demonstrated techniques for soliciting feedback from students   VHS 2264
Cleaning up�� : a report on hazardous waste in America��   This program looks into the strengths and weaknesses of the Superfund law, the agency assigned to implement and enforce it, and the industry obliged to finance and participate in the process of cleanup.   VHS 2153
Clinical vignettes for the DSM-III-R training program�� / William H. Reid   (Producer)Presents nine vignettes for practice and self-evaluation in applying the DSM-III-R diagnostic system.   VHS 2428
Clip art--use & fundamentals: 1�� : using pre-prepared art creatively��   Shows basics of designing and producing high-quality graphics projects using low-cost, camera-ready artwork.   VHS 2249
Clockwork orange�� / Warner Bros   Depicts a harrowing journey through a near-future world of decaying cities, murderous adolescents and nightmarish technologies of punishment and crime   DVD 50
Close encounters, of the third kind / Columbia/EMI Presentation   Roy Neary witnesses the arrival of flying saucer from an alien world.   DVD 379
Close to home�� / WGBH in association with NORAC Productions   A documentary on the prolonged and intense teacher's strike in Warren, Michigan in 1978.��   VHS 406
Close, closed, closure�� / a film by Ram Loevy����   A portrait of life in and around the Gaza Strip 35 years after it was occupied by Israel in the Six Day War of 1967.��   VHS 935
Closer   Witty, romantic and dangerous love story about chance meetings, instant attractions and casual betrayals.   DVD 564
Cocaine and the student/athlete�� / a production of Creative Media Group, Inc. and ESI Productions���   Contains interviews with student athletes who used cocaine, crack, and other drugs and finally managed to give them up.��   VHS 1388
Cockfight�� / a film by Jud T. Marrs   At cockfights in Bali, birds are matched by type, strength and fighting characteristics, metal spurs are tied to their legs, and bets are placed on the outcome: fatality, surrender, or tie-breaker   VHS 620
Cocoon�� / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation�� directed by Ron Howard���   When the Antareans, advanced beings from another planet, arrive at an old age home in Florida, the senior citizens there get a second chance at being young in this story of youth, old age   VHS 1308
Cold fusion�� / NSP Communications�� Electric Power Research Institute   Discusses how cold fusion experiments are conducted, why the results are so difficult to reproduce and verify, and implications for the future of power generation by cold fusion   VHS 2322
Collaborative classroom management: video to accompany A biological brain in a cultural classroom   Accompanied by Leader's manual for Collaborative classroom management   VHS 2312
Collateral   This fateful night, Max becomes Vincent's collateral, and will transport him on his next mission - one night, five stops, five hits and then a perfect getaway.   DVD 559
Collected videotapes of Peter Campus��   Video artists Peter Campus uses his three short tapes to explore the transforming, plastic possibilities of the video medium as a means to strip away masks and penetrate the real   VHS 1260
College�� : what of the dream ? / produced and directed by Norman A. Klotz   Based in part on the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's report College   VHS 1835
Colloquium onCollege, the undergraduate experience in America��� : at Harvard University, November 1986   The colloquium centered around findings of the Carnegie Foundation report College, the undergraduate experience in America written by Ernest L. Boyer.��   VHS 1223
Colonial idea�� / British Broadcasting Corp   Explores the myths and motives of colonialism using India and Great Britain as the prime example.   VHS 422
Color adjustment�� / producer, director, writer, Marlon T. Riggs�� producer, Vivian Kleiman   Analyzes the evolution of television's earlier, unflattering portrayal of blacks from 1948 until 1988��   VHS 2079
Color of friendship   When Mahree is chosen to spend a semester at the Dellums' house, she doesn't expect that her host family would be black.   VHS 3225
Color purple   The heart-wrenching story of a young black girl in the early 20th century who's forced into a brutal marriage and separated from her sister   DVD 659
Color purple�� / Warner Brothers   An uneducated woman living in the rural American south who was raped by her father   VHS 1310
Colors�� / Orion Pictures Corporation   Two L.A. cops, one a veteran and one a rookie, try to bring peace to the war raging on the streets of L.A   VHS 1476
Come to the fairs�� / senior executive producer, Mert Koplin�� produced by Janet Roach�� writer, Janet Roach��   Survey of America's World's Fairs beginning with the first one held in Chicago in 1893.��   VHS 1629
Coming home   A sad, poignant love story set against the social upheaval of the Vietnam war.   DVD 204
Coming of the barbarians�� : (1540-1650) / a co-production of Antenne 2��   The Japan of shoguns and samurai, discovered by the Portuguese in 1540, soon appeared to be swept away by a wave of Westernization.   VHS 1543
Coming to America   Pampered African Prince Akeem is a rebel who is against an arranged marriage and heads to Queens, New York to find a new bride.   DVD 1166
Commanding heights: the battle for the world economy��   This series explores our changing world: the new rules of the game, the winners and losers in the clash between government and the marketplace, the great debate over the impact of globalization.   VHS 1971
Common threads�� : stories from the quilt / a Telling Pictures and The Couturie Company production   The story of the AIDS Memorial Quilt established by the San Francisco NAMES Project Foundation in 1987 to commemorate the lives lost to AIDS.���   VHS 3030
Communication, the nonverbal agenda�� / CRM Productions   Shows the value of understanding nonverbal content in communication.Helps business managers interpret nonverbal messages in employee relations   VHS 1353
Community onsite options   Documentary introducing the concepts of community onsite/decentralized waste management options   VHS 1430
Company man�� : myths and realities of lifetime employment���   Lifetime employment was once considered a driving force for Japanese companies.   VHS 1603
Competing for the future   Reprint: "Competing for the Future",   VHS 3162
Competitive advantage of nations�� : the new paradigm for company competitiveness and global strategy   1. The new paradigm-- 2. The diamond at work--3. Government's role in competitiveness-- 4. Strategic imperatives for companies--book   VHS 2801
Complete dramatic works of William Shakespeare�� / produced by BBC   A dramatization of all 37 of Shakespeare's plays, featuring some of Britain's most distinguished actors and directors   DVD 65
Components of multimedia�� / writers, Jeff Nielson, Rich Reeder   Differing from traditional forms of analog media, multimedia integrates many different forms of media in a common digital environment.   VHS 676
Computer ethics in the computer science curriculum����   Interviewees talk about including computer ethics in the computer science curriculum, methods of teaching, and accreditation   VHS 2744
Computer magic�� / Colyer Dupont   Shows the world of computer imagery and techniques used in constructing various images   VHS 2107
Computing privacy and confidentiality�����   Speakers discuss proprietary data and security issuesprivacy in context of information used by institutions, and other computer ethics problems   VHS 2789
Computing security and crime����   Speakers discuss such issues as confidentiality, integrity, inadequate security and privacy issues   VHS 2791
Conflict and confrontation : dealing with the irate customer�� / developed by Jackee McNitt   Demonstrates techniques for handling angry customers.   VHS 167
Conflict on the line�� : a case study��   Presents a case study in management involving a conflict between an employee and a supervisor, and shows the attempts of their manager to deal with the situation.��   VHS 2624
Conformist�� / Mars Film Production   A rising young follower of Mussolini must assassinate his former professor, now in political exile, to demonstrate his loyalty to the Fascist state   VHS 746
Confrontation : three approaches��   Educational leadership for in-school administrators.   VHS 1461
Congress   Explores the history and promise of the country's most important and least understood institutions   DVD 303
Connection�� / written by Jack Gelber�����   The play is about drug addicts waiting for a heroin dealer to bring the drug necessary for them to make theirconnection.   VHS 2045
Conqueror   Set in 12th century China, this is a romance of the early life of Genghis Khan, who captures and falls in love with the daughter of the enemy   VHS 3326
Conquest of Mexico�� / Films for the Humanities   This program provides a portrait of Cortez and his worldof the New World as seen by a handful of Spaniards����   VHS 665
Conservatives/ Blackwell Corporation   Documents the rise of the conservative movement after World War II   VHS 2233
Consolidation of concrete by vibration�� / Portland Cement Association   Explains in a step-by-step way the process of vibration which improves the quality of concrete   VHS 1387
Constant gardener   A diplomat on the hunt for his wife's murderer un covers a treacherous conspiracy that will destroy millions of innocent people.   DVD 664
Construction of meaning in film : a case study of "The unique oneness of Christian Savage"   Examines the composition of the film "The Unique Oneness of Christian Savage"   VHS 1170
Contempt   Asked to write a screenplay for an American producer, a young French dramatist and his wife visit the producer's villa in Capri.   VHS 1431 c. 2
Contempt�� / Avco Embassy Pictures Corp   Asked to write a screenplay for an American producer, a young French dramatist and his wife visit the producer's villa in Capri.���   VHS 1431
Continent on the move�� / a production of WGBH Boston and Central Television Enterprises for Channel��   A series of programs looking at contemporary Latin America.This program focuses on Mexico and the migration from rural areas to the cities.���   VHS 3061
Continental drift:�� : the theory of plate tectonics / Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation���   Presents a comprehensive explanation of continental drift and its effects on landmasses.��   VHS 2183
Control room   A chronicle providing a rare window into international perception of the Iraq War, courtesy of Al Jazeera, the Arab World's most popular news outlet   DVD 586
Conversation with Gwendolyn Brooks���   Gwendolyn Brooks, 29th consultant in poetry for the Library of Congress, discusses her poetry, her relation to other Black writers, and her thoughts on cultural identity among Black Americans   VHS 66
Conversation with Ushio Amagatsu�� / Video D Studios, Inc   Interview discusses the work of artistic director Amagatsu's theater company, Sankai Juku.Includes demonstrations of performance art   VHS 3046
Converting your attic�� / Do It Yourself, Inc   Avian Rogers and Curt Burbick show how to convert an attic into a usable living space.   VHS 1685
Cool hand Luke   Set in the southern United States, Luke is caught cutting off parking meters and is sentenced to the "chain gang."   DVD 908
Cool sound�� / produced by University Media Resources, University of Minnesota   Explains and illustrates thecool sound�� a relaxed, light, and breezy style often referred to as thewest coast sound.   VHS 320
Cooley high   Fun-loving and warm movie about high school life in the 1960's.   DVD 1039
Copyright�� / producer/director, Barbara Mooneyhan   Explains copyright infringement for video and computer disk presenting case examples   VHS 191
Cork from Portugal��   Describes the cultivation and production of cork from the raw stage to finished product   VHS 886
Cornerstones�� : the African Americans / produced by WGTE Public Broadcasting   Like so many other immigrant groups, African Americans came to Toledo seeking freedom��   VHS 822
Cornerstones�� : the Germans / produced by WGTE Public Broadcasting   In close-knit Toledo neighborhoods and in area farming communities, German immigrants helped bring this region to life.��   VHS 823
Cornerstones�� : the Irish in Toledo / produced by WGTE Public Broadcasting   Irish immigrants built northwest Ohio from the ground up. They dug the canal, drained the swamp, and built churches.���   VHS 821
Cornerstones�� : the Polish in Toledo / produced by WGTE Public Broadcasting   Polish immigrants settled in two distinct Toledo neighborhoods,Lagrinka,in the north andKuschwantzon the southern outskirts of the city.   VHS 616
Cornerstones holiday special   A compilation of Toledo-area residents' memories of Christmases past and present   VHS 1590
Corporation�� / produced by Jay L. McMullen   CBS Reports goes to Phillips Petroleum, one of the largest corporations in the United States, to examine the corporate mind, corporate power, and corporate decision making   VHS 409
Cortege of eagles�� / John Houseman;"Cortege of eagles   Presents Martha Graham and her company in a dance performance of Queen Hecuba at the fall of Rome.   VHS 594
Cosi fan tutte�� : opera in two acts / music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart�� libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte���   Performed at Drottningholm Theatre, Sweden   VHS 1415
Cosmos:a personal voyage   Based on the 1980 television series: Cosmos   DVD 342
Cost effective strategies for expanding rail line capacity using simulation and parametric analysis��   Canadian National Railways   VHS 1278
Cotton Club�� / Totally Independent, Ltd   In Dixie Dwyer's hands a trumpet became more than a horn and a girl became more than a women.���   VHS 1307
Cotton comes to Harlem   St. Jacques is Coffin Ed Johnson and Cambridge is Gravedigger Jones, black cops who suspect preacher Lockhart's back-to-Africa campaign is a swindle. Neatly combines action and comedy   DVD 686
Count Basie   Features one of the greatest big band orchestras captured at the height of their considerable powers. This recently discovered concert is the earliest known complete concert of Count Basie and his orchestra released on DVD   DVD 895
Countdown�� / British Broadcasting Corporation and Time-Life Films   Host James Burke traces the discoveries and inventions which gave rise to the motion picture.��   VHS 124
Country & western�� / producer, Alan Meyers�� director, Jim Mattson   An introduction to cotton eyed Joe, Texas two-step, San Antonio polka, and Tennessee stomp.For beginning and intermediate students   VHS 2605
Country boys   Epic tale of two boys coming of age in Kentucky's Appalachian hills, documenting their struggles to overcome hardship and poverty and find meaning in their lives   DVD 691
Country western, III�� / Alan Meyers & Associates   For intermediate students   VHS 3050
Country western, IV�� / Alan Meyers & Associates   You have made your choice on becoming the most popular dance couple in the neighborhood.   VHS 629
Country/western II��   Some of the dances taught: more variations of the cotton eyed Joe and Texas two-step, Sweetheart Schottische, Western traveler and 18-step polka.��   VHS 2918
Countryman�� / Island Pictures   Countryman, a nature-boy fisherman with mystical powers, rescues an American couple whose plane has crashed.   VHS 2048
Coup de foudre�� / [directed by] Diane Kurys   Two married women, Lena and Madeline, become friends and open a boutique.They decide to end their marriages and live together with their children   VHS 460
Courage under fire�� / Twentieth Century Fox   When an officer investigates the posthumous candidacy of the first woman to receive a Medal of Honor, he finds an apparent cover-up surrounding the actions that led to her death   VHS 237
Court Jester   In 12th century England, the infant king is usurped by the wicked King Roderick.   DVD 106
Cousin, cousine�� / Films Pomereu-Gaumont����   Against a background of family weddings, funerals and birthdays, the cousins, Marthe and Ludovic, progress from platonic attachment to irrepressible abandon to delightfully indecent public displays   VHS 1857
Cousins�� / Paramount Pictures Corp   Danson and Rossellini play cousins-by-marriage who pretend to be lovers in order to punish their philandering spouses.���   VHS 2140
Cover Girl   A dancer in a Brooklyn night club catches the eye of a magazine publisher, who sees in her potential as a future cover girl   VHS 3182
Craft in America; a journey to the origins, artists and techniques of American craft   Craft in America is an exploration into the hearts and minds of artisans devoted to a diverse array of mediums -- from furniture making and basket weaving to pottery and metalsmithing   DVD 1268
Crash   A car accident brings together a group of strangers in Los Angeles   DVD 1036
Crazy people�� / Paramount Pictures   When a stressed-out ad executive proposes atruth in advertisingscheme, he is promptly shipped off to a mental institution where, through a series of mishaps,he puts his plan into effect   VHS 2236
Creating artistry through movement: Dalcroze Eurhythmics in the choral setting   This 1 hour DVD provides detailed approaches to the use of Eurhythmics within the classroom or rehearsal setting and offers a guide to building choral artistry through movement."--   DVD 1230
Creating environments and programs which motivate seniors���   Deals with designing environments where older adults feel involved and discusses activities and programs which promote participation   VHS 1323
Cricket and the meaning of life   Like most boys in his native city of Bombay, Talreja's childhood was filled with cricket. As an adult, however, he struggled to adapt when he moved to Toronto, wondering if he would have to erase his past in order to "belong" to his new country.   DVD 918
Crime of Monsieur Lange�� / Interama Video Classics�� Oberon   A group of workers take over a publishing house when its crooked owner, Batala, absconds.��   VHS 3037
Crimes and misdemeanors�� / Orion Pictures Corp   Weaving together several different stories, Woody Allen's film is about people's lives, loves, perceptions and ideals.   VHS 2657
Crisis at central high   Dramatization about the events at Little Rock Central High School the year forced integration took place   VHS 3226
Crisis game�� : a video case on crisis management��   Attempts to challenge viewers to think creatively and concretely about foreign policy decision making.��   VHS 56
Crisis of the cultural environment�� : media & democracy in the 21st century��   George Gerbner addresses issues of the nature of the television�� industry, the stories television tells us and how television affects the society   VHS 219
Criss cross�� / Universal International   An armored car driver secretly meets his ex-wife and then tries to convince her hoodlum husband that he met her only to get her husband's help in an upcoming robbery   VHS 375
Cronica del alba��   In a time of anarchist agitation and police repression, the adolescent son of a declining bourgeois family discovers society's falsehoods as well as life's pleasures   VHS 2087
Crooked beak of heaven�� / BBC   Visits a potlatch and other traditional ceremonies of the Gitksan, Haida, and Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia and the state of Washington.��   VHS 1202
Crouching tiger hidden dragon   Set in 19th-century China, two master warriors are faced with their greatest challenge when the treasured Green Destiny sword is stolen   DVD 676
Crucial early years�����   Deals with ways in which mental growth can be assisted in infants and young children. Also covers the issues of group behavior and IQ testing   VHS 2076
Cruel sea�� / an Ealing Studios production   Lt. Commander Ericson and his crew find they are fighting not only the Germans, but the age-old enemy, the sea, in this World War II action drama   VHS 2555
Cruising�� / Warner Home Video   A New York City cop goes underground to lure a killer who preys on homosexuals.The real mystery begins when officer Burns thinks that he has found the murderer   VHS 2548
Cry freedom�� / Universal City Studios   Story of Black activist Stephen Biko (Washington) and a liberal white newspaper editor Donald Woods (Kline) who risks his own life to bring Biko's message to the world   VHS 2319
Crying game�� / Miramax Films����   A haunting, humorous and shocking romantic thriller about Irish terrorists, their hostage and the hostage's exotic girlfriend   VHS 34
Cuba�� / United Artists Corporation   The Batista government is falling fast and decadence abounds.���   VHS 1478
Cultural diversity�� : at the heart of Bull / Bull Worldwide Information Systems   French and American employees of Bull Systems tell about the challenges--and rewards--of working with people of different cultural and language backgrounds   VHS 2781
Cunning little vixen   Singers form the European Opera Centre ; Deutsches Symphonie-Orchestrer Berlin ; Kent Nagano, conductor   DVD 502
Curing ceremony�� / John K Marshall   Shows a healing ceremony performed by the !Kung-speaking bushmen in Southwest Africa used on a ailing tribal woman   VHS 742
Current events strategies��   Demonstrates ways of setting up spontaneous, open-ended discussion on topics chosen by individual pupils, for 5th grade and up   VHS 1456
Currents of fear�� / WGBH Educational Foundation���   A group of mothers of cancer patients and journalist Paul Brodeur raise the question of the cancer hazard posed by electric transmission lines and call for government action.���   VHS 3152
Curse of Frankenstein   A young German nobleman has uncovered life's mystery and unleashed a chain of blood-curdling terrors that seem similar to the monstrous horrors of a generation earlier.   DVD 834
Curse on the gypsies�� / produced by Sueann Fincke����   Gypsies, orRom , are a centuries old race without a homeland.��   VHS 627
Cyberbullies   Uses dramatizations and question and answer sessions to prevent children and teenagers from being bullied by others when using chat rooms, blogs, and instant messaging.   DVD 781
D.O.A.�� / directed by Rudolph Mate   A breathtaking story has the hero becoming the victim to a slow acting poison.Will he succeed in solving his own murder before he dies?   DVD 54
Dad�� / Universal City Studios, Inc   A work-obsessed man returns home when his mother is hospitalized, and finds that his father, whom he hasn't seen for 2 years, has deteriorated.���   VHS 818
Dadi's family�� / directed by Michael Camerini, Rina Gill���   Portrait of a farming family in India which focuses on Dadi, the grandmother, who manages a large household of sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren   VHS 2271
Daily routine�� : a day at the High/Scope Preschool���   Presents the rationale for each segment of the daily routine at High/Scope's half-day demonstration preschool in Ypsilanti, Mich   VHS 1209
Daisy Miller�� / Paramount Pictures   An expatriate American lives abroad in Europe with her daffy mother and bratty kid brother and scandalizes the Victorian high society of 1878   VHS 2074
Dakota   Wayne joins the territory's embattled wheat farmers in a heated range battle against the swindlers and their gang   DVD 1147
Dalcroze eurhythmics   Presents Robert M. Abramson working with adults and children through musical experiences while explaining the methodology of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze   DVD 1328
Damon Runyon's sorrowful Jones��   A penny-pinching frugal Broadway bookie, Sorrowful Jones (Bob Hope) inherits a five-year-old girl.   VHS 2062
Dance and human history�� / Columbia University, Dept. of Anthropology��   Introduces the work of Alan Lomax and his colleagues in developing choreometrics, a cross-cultural method of studying the relationship of dance style to social structure.��   VHS 201
Dance Black America�� / Pennebaker Associates����   Documents a four-day festival of dancers and dance companies held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music   VHS 3020
Dance Theatre of Harlem�� / co produced by Danmarks Radio and RM Arts���   Dazzling performances by the influential and creative all-black ballet company   VHS 3019
Dances with wolves   Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar wants to see the American frontier before it is gone.   DVD 537
Dances with wolves�� / TIG Productions��   Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar wants to see the American frontier before it is gone.��   VHS 1253
Dancing�� / created by Rhoda Grauer, executive producer��   Examines and celebrates dance from around the world, from traditional dance to classical ballet   VHS 1548
Dancing for Mr. B; 6 Balanchine ballerinas   Portrays six of Balanchine's celebrated American ballerinas and, through them, also illuminates the life of their mentor   VHS 3217
Dancing from the inside out   Three dancers from the Axis Dance Troupe tell how they became injured and what it means to them to be able to express themselves through dance with the use of wheelchairs   VHS 3282
Dangerous liaisons�� / Warner Bros. Inc   A rich, scheming widow, a predatory rake and a beautiful, virtuous woman take the field in the age-old battle of the sexes in the eighteenth century   VHS 2912
Dangerous minds�� / Hollywood Pictures presents a Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer production���   When an ex-Marine becomes a high school teacher, she is assigned to a tough class of inner-city teenagers   VHS 803
Danton�� / Triumph Films in association with Gaumont-Film Polski   Danton, the popular revolutionary leader, returns to Paris at a time when the new French republic is in disarray.   VHS 1849
Dark ages; the fall of civilization, the rise of a new world order   Between the Fall of Rome and the dawn of the Renaissance, Europe plunged into a dark night of constant war, splintered sovereignties, marauding pagans, and more. As chaos replaced culture, Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace.   DVD 1072
Dark eyes��   Dark Eyes is a tragicomic romantic fable that isas Vincent Canby noted in The New York Times, bothenchanting and enchanted.   VHS 1434
Dark victory   The life of a fast moving Long Island socialite skids to a stop when she discovers that she has less than a year to live   DVD 1168
Dark victory   A beautiful and headstrong heiress suddenly learns that she has only six months to live.   DVD 180
Dark voices�� : schizophrenia / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences   Schizophrenia is a neurological brain disorder that affects 2.2 million Americans today.��   VHS 2109
Darker side of fair   Shedding new light upon issues of global diversity, this documentary focuses on the extent to which a "fairness fetish" has permeated Indian society.   DVD 1348
Darwin's nightmare   Nile perch quickly annihilated almost all other fish life in Tanzania's lake Victoria after its artificial introduction in the '70s, and the omnivorous beast known as global capitalism.   DVD 779
Dashiell Hammett's the glass key�� / Paramount Pictures�� screenplay by Jonathan Latimer�� directed by Stuart Heisler   Intricate mystery about a slightly corrupt politician, accused of murder, who solicits his right-hand man (Ladd) to hunt down the real killer   VHS 1480
Data communications and computer networks�����   1. Concepts, strategies and impacts of data communications and computer networks-- 2. Planning, design and analysis of network implementations -- 3. Data communications and networking technology   VHS 1339
Daughter from Danang   Heidi seems the proverbial "all-American girl" from small-town Pulaski, Tennessee. But she was born Mai Thi Hiep in Danang, Vietnam, the daughter of an American serviceman and a Vietnamese woman.   VHS 3302
Daughter of suicide / Daughter One Productions   Filmmaker Dempsey Rice tells the intimate story of her mother's life and eventual suicide   VHS 1247
Daughter of the regiment�� / music by Gaetano Donizetti����   An opera about a little girl who was adopted by a whole regiment   VHS 2997
Dave Brubeck; live in '64 & '66   Filmed: in Belgium, October 10, 1964; in Germany, November 6, 1966   DVD 1274
David Carradine's tai chi workout�� / Praying Mantis Productions   Graceful, flowing movements which tone muscles, firm the body, and enhance flexibility   VHS 2933
David Halberstam's the fifties�� / the History Channel   1. The fear and the dream --2. Selling the American way --3. Let's play house --4. A burning desire --5. The beat --6. The rage within ; the road to the sixties   VHS 2540
David's legacy�� / produced by the UNC Center for Public Television   Discusses the safety of audio-visual carts in schools   VHS 2093
Davinci and the code he lived by   Examines and recounts the life of Leonardo da Vinci, using a combination of reenactment, commentary by scholars, and narration   DVD 776
Day for night�� / Warner Bros.�� a French-Italian co-production���   Francis Truffaut's 1973 film, anhomage to moviemaking,details the loves and lunacy of the closely-knit family of strangers that comprises an on-location film, cast and crew   VHS 2814
Day the cold war came home�� / producer, Tony Kahn�� director, Bob Comiskey   In this personal history of the Hollywood blacklist period, Tony Kahn, son of the blacklisted veteran Hollywood screenwriter Gordon Kahn, offers a child's eye view of how the blacklist affected his family   VHS 2188
Day the earth stood still   A visitor from outer space comes with the warning that unless war is abolished, Earth will be destroyed   DVD 413
Days of heaven�� / Paramount Pictures Corporation�� produced by Bert and Harold Schneider���   In the early 20th century a fugitive from the slums of Chicago and a shy, rich Texan vie for the love of the same woman   VHS 2759
Days of the dead; a living tradition   Examines a collection of sacred, social, and artistic traditions that survived European assimilation and now compose one of Mexico's most important annual festivals   DVD 1381
Day's work; a day's pay   Examines the Work Experience Program (WEP) instituted in New York City to require welfare recipients to work for the city for one-fourth of union pay.   DVD 1301
De Gaulle : force of character��   Portrays the former French president as the man who stood alone to preserve the honor of France during World War II   VHS 140
De Gaulle : republican monarch��   In 1958, when the second call came to save France, General De Gaulle was ready   VHS 141
Dead birds   Special features include outtakes with filmmaker's original narration and additional commentary; unedited camera sequences   DVD 524
Dead Birds   Special features include outtakes with filmmaker's original narration and additional commentary; unedited camera sequences; two black and white sequences with commentary by Robert Gardner; television interview; photographs with excerpts read by Robert Gardner   VHS 524
Dead birds��   Describes a photographic and ethnographic study which was sponsored by the Peabody Museum from Feb. 1961 to Nov. 1963 of the Dani   VHS 33
Dead man walking�� / PolyGram Filmed Entertainment   Tells the story of convicted killer Matthew Poncelet and Sister Helen Prejean, his spiritual advisor.��   VHS 707
Dead men don't wear plaid�� / a Universal picture��   Private eye Rigby Reardon investigates the death of a wealthy scientist with a little help from hisfriends.   DVD 52
Dead men talk�� / Granada Television production for Channel Four   Discusses the use of new technology to examine human fossil remains using computers to determine basic questions such as time and place of origin of the human species   VHS 2772
Dealing with cancer   This program narrows its focus to scrutinize breast, cervical, prostate, testicular, lung and skin cancers.   DVD 454
Dealing with diversity�� / A production of Communications ServicesGovernors State University   Title on videocassette: Who in the world is in here?   VHS 871
Dear America�� : letters home from Vietnam / Couturie Company, Inc.��   Actual letters from soldiers in Vietnam, along with rare footage, reveal what the war was really like for those who fought it   VHS 2415
Death and dying��   An exploration of the growing interest in patient's rights and medical ethics   VHS 270
Death and dying : A Conversation with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.��   Elisabeth Kubler-Ross discusses her work and philosophy, explaining how she handles death in her own family.She also shares her views on euthanasia and death with dignity   VHS 381
Death in the morning�� / British Broadcasting Corporation and Time-Life Films   Host James Burke traces the connection between standardization of precious metals used in coins, the great commercial center and library built by Alexander the Great, development of the compass, and creation of the atomic bomb   VHS 117
Death in Venice�� / Warner Bros. Pictures����   Filmed in Venice, this drama centers around a world-famous composer and conductor who, on a solitary rest holiday, spies an innocent young boy and becomes obsessed with him   VHS 2784
Death of a salesman   Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a middle-aged man's emotional turmoil   DVD 319
Death of a salesman�� / Columbia Pictures Corporation��   A social drama about an aging traveling salesman who recognizes the emptiness of his life and commits suicide   VHS 3054
Death of Nancy Cruzan�� / WGBH Educational Foundation   Power over life and death - euthanasia   VHS 3124
Death warmed over�� / C/N Video Creations   A presentation by Jessica Mitford at a biennial conference hosted by the Rocky Mountain Memorial Society   VHS 2713
Death: an overview   This step-by-step program takes the myth and mystery out of the process of dying and death itself, and presents both as biological and clinical realities.   DVD 486
Decision simulators speed implementation and improve operations���   Don Rush of Weyerhaueser Company presents the company's management strategy for forest products, tree use, and log allocation   VHS 1281
Decks /�� / DIY Video Corporation   Do it yourself home improvement   VHS 1686
Decoding photographic images   The program focuses on hwo the basic components of photography--line, shape, form, texture, balance, volume duality, point of view, depth of field, and perspective--contribute to an image's impact on the subconscious mind   DVD 1062
Deer Hunter   Tracks a group of steelworker pals from a Pennsylvania blast furnace to the coal hunting grounds of the Alleghenies to the lethal cauldron of Vietnam.   DVD 105
Deer hunter�� / Universal City Studios�� produced by Barry Spikings ... [et al.]�� directed by Michael Cimino   The story of three young steel mill workers who enlist in the 101st Airborne Division and who are taken prisoner in Vietnam   VHS 1140
Deformation of continuous media����   Explains deformation and its resolution into component motions. Presents an analysis of deforming patterns, marked on a shear flow in a stationary reference frame and in a reference frame rotating with the pattern   VHS 2185
Defying expectations : the joyful victories of urban teachers in an age when public schools are under siege / Jonathan Kozol   Recorded at the Fifth Annual International Teaching for Intelligence Conference held in San Francisco in 1999   VHS 1933
Defying gravity   Feature film concerning a college student--a popular member of a social fraternity--who must decide between maintaining his current social status and acknowledging publicly that he is homosexual   DVD 627
Delirium: a videotape / by Mindy Faber   A documentary about the mental illness suffered by the filmmaker's mother and its effect on the family   VHS 1240
Deliverance   Four ordinary men, in two canoes, descending a river they've only seen as a squiggly line on a map, determined to test themselves against a wilderness   DVD 104
Deliverance��   Four ordinary men, in two canoes, descending a river they've only seen as a squiggly line on a map, determined to test themselves against a wilderness��   VHS 1156
Delivering successful presentations�� / American Management Association�� Studio 5 Productions   Demonstrates how to prepare, practice, and deliver business presentations by using successful presenters to explain the stand-up skills   VHS 843
Democracy, leadership, commitment videorecording / British Broadcasting Corp   Shows how leaders are selected, how the selection process varies from country to country, how people inform themselves, and how education serves the needs of democracy   VHS 430
Democrat and the dictator�� / Corporation for Entertainment & Learning   Journalist Bill Moyers compares and contrasts the careers of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, focusing on the youth, personality, leadership style, and political goals of each   VHS 1628
Departed   In South Boston, the state police force are waging a war on Irish-American organized crime.   DVD 979
Depressed man : a therapy training tape�����   A husband's feelings of inadequacy and depression are explored and treated through several sessions of therapy between a family therapist and a couple in this re-enactment by actors.��   VHS 526
Depression�� : old problem, new therapy / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences�����   Dr. Dennis Charney, of Yale UniversityLydia Lewis, of the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association   VHS 2108
Depression and manic depression   Explains depression and manic depression through the experiences of several people   DVD 469
Desensitization�� / Western Michigan University Television   In this third part of a series on adult stuttering, the patient is shown that relaxing the facial, throat, and diaphragm muscles will help stop the stuttering.��   VHS 308
Desert place�� / WGBH   Examines the various forms of plant and animal life found in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest, and illustrates the concept of the desert ecosystem   VHS 390
Detective school dropouts�� / A Cannon Films release   Slapstick comedy about two inept sleuths who try to unravel a mysterious kidnapping   VHS 1438
Detour��   An example of film noir which recounts the story of a man whose pursuit of the woman he loves is blocked by fate and another woman   VHS 405
Deutsch direkt!�� : German culture today / a BBC-TV production����   Invites beginning students to discover Germany and Austria, meet a variety of people from all walks of life, and learn to speak basic German��   VHS 1164
Deutschland Sueden und Nuernberg   Host, Pierre Kandorfer   VHS 42
Deutschstunde��   Based on the novel with same title and author   VHS 2209
Devil wears Prada   Andy, a young woman who knows nothing of the fashion industry, faces all of the glamor that could be hers and is forced to make the decision of where she wants to be in her life   DVD 924
Dexter Gordon; live in '63 & '64   Filmed: in Holland, July 29, 1964; at Lugano Festival Internazionale, Switzerland, September 20, 1963; in Belgium, January 8, 1964   DVD 1275
Diabolique.�� / Seven Arts Production   Mystery drama about murder in a private school for boys.   VHS 1836
Diagnosis aperger's   Nick's story is told by himself, his parents, members of his educational team, friends and the neuro-psychologist who finally made his diagnosis   DVD 952
Diagnostic interview�� / Western Michigan University Television   One of a series of videotapes delving into the problems of stuttering in adults.��   VHS 306
Diagnostic procedures and therapeutic intervention strategies for the voice disordered client���   Filmed interview and testing of a client with a voice disorder illustrating techniques and diagnostic strategies   VHS 1738
Diagonistic assessment of Asperger's syndrome   He covers the characteristics and diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. Includes a live interview with an undiagnosed boy and his parents. Offers suggestions for explaining the diagnosis with children or adults with Asperger's syndrome   DVD 533
DialMfor murder�� / Warner Brothers   In a love triangle, the husband plots to murder his wife. When things go wrong, the wrong victim falls and there's no escape from the deadly consequences   VHS 63
Dialogues of the Carmelites   An opera based on the true story of 16 Carmelite nuns who were eventually guillotined for refusing to deny their belief in God during the French Revolution   DVD 503
Diary of a maasai village, pt. 1   A study of life in a Maasai village as a representation of the Maasai people in Kenya. An attempt to describe a moment in the history of the Laibon's family   DVD 1114
Diary of a maasai village, pt. 2   A study of life in a Maasai village as a representation of the Maasai people in Kenya. An attempt to describe a moment in the history of the Laibon's family   DVD 1115
Dick Clark's best of Bandstand�� / Dick Clark Video�� produced by Paul Brownstein   Selection of some of the best performances from the television program American Bandstand   VHS 1952
Die hard   On Christmas Eve a team of terrorists has seized a building in L.A. and taken hostages.   DVD 220
Different river�� / United States army Corps of Engineers�� [produced by] Centron Corp   Describes the economic, recreational, and transportation value of America's rivers and the need for flood control measures to maximize these benefits   VHS 1470
Digging for the truth; archaeology and the Bible   Biblical Archeologists set out to dig up the truth about scriptural events.   VHS 3197
Digital literacy in emerging technology�� : Scott Mandel��   Contains an interview with Scott Mandel, a leader in the literature of incorporating the Internet into the classroom.����   VHS 1922
Dilemmas of development��   Instructional resources for teaching secondary students about public and private roles in community planning and development.   VHS 1304
Dillinger�� / Monogram Pictures Corporation���   Recreating the life and times of the infamous bank robber, this gritty drama traces John Dillinger's violent career from his early days as a young hoodlum   VHS 1477
Diner   Set in 1959, a band of long-time buddies since high school gather at a local diner to share their escapades and make sense of their lives.   DVD 351
Dinka Diaries   Dinka diaries tells the story of some of America's most recent arrivals, Sudanese refugees, who would have never dreamt a few years ago that they'd be living in America.   DVD 1363
Dinotopia   Children's film based on James Gurney's dinosaur books   VHS 3192
Dirty Dancing   Summer romance between a dance instructor and a guest at a hotel in the Catskills   DVD 194
Dirty Dozen   A World War II drama in which an army major selects 12 men convicted for crimes of violence   DVD 238
Dirty dozen�� / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer   A World War II drama in which an army major selects 12 men convicted for crimes of violence and offers them their freedom if they will complete a dangerous mission behind Nazi lines   VHS 2729
Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A.����   Gertie LaRue and her troupe of performers arrive direct from Harlem at the Paradise Hotel on the island of Rinidad.���   VHS 113
Dirty Harry   A violently inclined San Francisco police inspector is the only cop who is able to arrest a rooftop sniper.��   DVD 199
Dis Ability awareness   training video designed to improves one's awareness for interaction with people who have disabilities. Covers visual, hearing and speech disabilities as well as hidden disabilities such as dyslexia and epilepsy   VHS 3103
Discounted dreams; high hopes and harsh realities at America's community colleges   But today community colleges are facing greater challenges than ever: more students with more needs, chronic underfunding, and an open-door admission policy that too often becomes a revolving door. John Merrow explores the contradictions of these colorful institutions   DVD 1260
Discoveries of infancy�� : cognitive development and learning / producer, Glynn Butterfield���   Explores the constant quest for knowledge by children in the first three years of lifeconcentrating on six major areas   VHS 3128
Discovering the music of Latin America�� / Barr Films   Traces the history of Latin American music, pointing out the incorporation of many traditions   VHS 2431
Discreet charm of the Bourgeoisie��   Luis Bunuel assembles his all-star French cast at an elegant dinner party. However, whenever the dinner guests try to eat, they are interrupted.   VHS 807
Disgraced monuments / a Monumental Pictures   Discusses the destruction of monuments during the 20th century   VHS 1695
Distant voices�� / British Broadcasting Corporation and Time-Life Films   Host James Burke traces the connection between medieval advances in the science of warfare, the discovery of large silver deposits in Czechoslovakia   VHS 118
Distant voices, still lives�� / Avenue Pictures presents a British Film Institute Production��   Winner of the International Critic's Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988   VHS 3072
Dizzy Gillespie   Features two historic concerts from one of the founding fathers of bebop. The 1958 Belgium concert features Dizzy working within the small combo (with Sonny Stitt and Ray Brown) structure of a quintet. The second 1970 Denmark show focuses on Dizzy fronting the legendary Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band   DVD 893
Do gifted children need special help?   Dr. James T. Webb describes the traits and common behaviors of gifted chilren from preschool through adolescence.   VHS 155
Do the right thing�� / a Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks production���   This powerful visual feast combines humor and drama with memorable characters while tracing the course of a single day on a block in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn.   VHS 2139
Do the right thing;"Do the right thing���   Universal�� a Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks production�� produced   DVD 22
Do unto others�� / Columbia University Seminars on Media & Society   A panel of scholars, journalists, and leaders in government and public service discuss the ethical dimensions of personal relationships in our society   VHS 1858
Do you like Paris?�� / presented by Air France�����   Description and travel   VHS 683
Doctor death; medical ethics and doctor-assisted suicide   "Dr. Death" offers an indepth explanation of his beliefs about incurable illness and the ethics of doctor-assisted suicide   DVD 420
Doctor, I want--�� / KCTS   Examines the pros and cons of the health care system with physicians, philosophers, and officials debating questions on the definition of health, the right to medical care, and the limits of personal responsibility.   VHS 271
Doctor's secret�� / Georges Melies   Story of a doctor who cures a man of obesity with the drastic application of machine technology   VHS 2406
Does doctor know best�� / Columbia University Seminars on Media and Society   A panel of medical experts discuss the ethics of doctor-patient relationships.��   VHS 1861
Dog day afternoon   Recreates the incredible circumstances surrounding an ill-fated Brooklyn bank robbery attempt   DVD 254
Doing business in Mexico��   Provides information on the business customs necessary to know before doing business in Mexico.��   VHS 3086
Doing business with China�� : 1987-1991   Suggests how to do business with China during the current Five Year Plan.   VHS 1354
Dollars & dreams; West Africans in New York   Focuses on the pursuits and challenges of numerous West African immigrants as they confront the facts of the American Dream and the reality of the New York experience.   DVD 1362
Doll's house�� / World Film Services/Tomorrow Entertainment����   Nora, themodel wife,commits forgery and risks destruction in order to save her husband.But after he rejects her, she leaves her husband and children to begin a new life   VHS 685
Don Giovanni�� / music by W. A. Mozart�� libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte.��   Performance at the Glyndebourne Festival in 1977   VHS 2202
Donald in Mathmagic Land�� / Walt Disney Educational Productions   Juvenile mathematics   VHS 1964
Donner party   Chronicles the tale of the pioneer group that set out for California in the spring of 1846 and ended in disaster in the snows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains the following winter   DVD 1049
Donovan's reef   A straight-laced Bostonian comes searching for her father, a brawling ex-Navy man living on a South Pacific island (John Wayne)   DVD 1189
Don't look now�� / Paramount Pictures Corporation��   Psychic terror in a Gothic setting provides the chilling backdrop in this tale of a couple's search for the ghost of their dead daughter   VHS 2651
Doomed city, Berlin��   The effects of British bombings, filmed by Goebbels' newsreel units, has been suppressed until now as too harrowing to show.   VHS 1521
Double burden�� : three generations of working mothers   Filmmaker Marlene Booth describes her own experiences as a working mother as well as the experiences of three families for whom working outside of the home was a tradition for several generations of women   VHS 896
Double exposure�� / Turner Network Television��   Story based on the life of Margaret Bourke-White and her career as a pioneering woman photographer   VHS 1271
Double indemnity�� / Paramount Pictures   An insurance man and a suburban wife conspire to trick her husband into signing a policy that pays double for accidental death -- then push him from a train.It's an almost perfect crime   DVD 869
Double indemnity�� / Paramount Pictures   An insurance man and a suburban wife conspire to trick her husband into signing a policy that pays double for accidental death-- then push him from a train.It's an almost perfect crime   VHS 728
Double the trouble twice the fun   Gays - social life and customs   VHS 1174
Double-column addition�� : a teacher uses Piaget's theory   Examines how children solve addition and subtraction problems and discusses possible applications of Jean Piaget's theories to this area   VHS 1448
Down syndrome   The 'First 18 Months' is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families.   DVD 508
Down Syndrome; the first 18 months   The 'First 18 Months' is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families   DVD 508
Dr. Heimlich's Home first-aid video�� / London-Hill Productions   The man who created the lifesaving Heimlich Maneuver, Dr. Heimlich offers an incisive no-nonsense guide to treating and when possible, preventing the most common home emergencies   VHS 1422
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde�� / Lowe's Inc.�� directed by Victor Fleming   The story of a radical doctor whose experiments lead him to the discovery of a destructive potion that transforms him into a hideous creature of unbridled emotions   VHS 1435
Dr. Misterio's patented, video almanac of fun / Jack-o-Lantern Enterprises, inc   Collection of activities, handicraft, miscellaneous facts, magic, and jokes for elementary and middle school children   VHS 1481
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas!   The grumpy, grouchy, Yule-hating Grinch plots to ruin the Whos of Whoville's Christmas.   DVD 1330
Dr. Strangelove   A satire in which the U.S. president and his military advisors struggle ineptly to avert a holocaust after a psychotic   DVD 102
Dr. Strangelove�� : or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb / Columbia Pictures   A satire inwhich the President and his military advisers struggle ineptly to avert a holocaust after a psychotic Air Force general launches a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union   VHS 1824
Dr. Strangelove�� : or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb / Columbia Pictures���   A satire in which the President and his military advisors struggle ineptly to avert a holocaust after a psychotic Air Force general launches a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union   DVD 47
Dr. Temple Grandin: on visual thinking, sensory, careers and medicaitons   A description of the challenges faced by someone with autism. It offers ideas on how others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their lives   DVD 535
Dr. Zhivago   In 2029, giant super-computers dominate the planet and to destroy man's future by changing the past, they send an indestructible cyborg, a Terminator   DVD 103
Dracula�� / Universal Pictures Corporation   Videocassette release of the 1931 motion picture by Universal   VHS 2895
Drama of creation; writers on writing Famous authors discuss creative strategies that lead to emotionally charged stories and dramatic narratives.   DVD 1001
Dramatic works of William Shakespeare   A dramatization of all 5 of Shakespeare's plays, featuring some of Britain's most distinguished actors and directors   DVD 483
Dream catcher   Tells the story of two juvenile delinquents who meet while hitchhiking across America. The unlikely duo forge a tentative friendship as they hop trains, steal cars, and dodge the law, all while trying to make it to Reno, Nevada. The two young men are both running from their pasts and searching for the same thing: family   DVD 710
Dream catcher   Tells the story of two juvenile delinquents who meet while hitchhiking across America.   DVD 710
Dream girls   Three young women Deena Jones, Effie White, and Lorrell Robinson desire to become pop stars.   DVD 1156
Dreamworlds 2�� : desire/sex/power in music video���   A controversial video that MTV tried to ban. Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on society and culture in our everyday life.   VHS 631
Dreamworlds 3; desire, sex & power in music video   A look at how the narratives of music videos shape individual & cultural attitudes toward femininity, masculinity, sexuality and race   DVD 1338
Driven to excellence�� Full throttle�� / Freewheelin' Films   InDriven to excellencePaul Newman and Mario Andretti discuss why they are dedicated to the sport of auto racing.   VHS 1489
Driving Miss Daisy   Set in Atlanta in the 1950's, a textile factory owner insists on hiring an ever-patient chauffeur for his aging head-strong mother.   DVD 925
DROP squad��   DROP (Deprogramming and Restoration of Pride) is an outlaw organization that abducts anddeprogramsAfrican-American who exploit or deny their cultural heritage.��   VHS 578
Drumset�� : a musical approach / Quasi Productions�� director, Steven Ross   Examines the fundamentals of jazz, rock and funk drumming in five segments   VHS 1338
Dry white season�� / based on the novel by Andre Brink����   Ben du Toit is a prominent white schoolteacher in South Africa, unquestioning of the system.   VHS 888
Drywall�� / producer, Dan Ellithorpe�� director, Bill Heitz   Avian Rogers and Curt Burbick detail the correct application of drywall.��   VHS 1689
Duchess of Malfi�� / BBC-TV and Time-Life Films   A dramatization of John Webster's play of the same title, about a young widow who becomes a victim of vengeance when she ignores her family's wishes and remarries   VHS 416
Duck soup�� / Paramount Productions   As Prime Minister Firefly of Freedonia, Groucho soon reduces the kingdom to shambles.��   VHS 1974
Ducktators�� / Avro Television, Holland   A unique look at the use of cartoons during World War II which proved to be an excellent way to deliver propagandistic ideas in a seemingly innocuous manner.   VHS 876
Duel   A businessman is menaced on the highway by a psychopathic driver of a huge diesel truck out to kill him   VHS 1119
Duel in the sun��   The hot-blooded son of a Texas land baron and his clear headed, calm brother become rivals when they meet a beautiful half-breed Indian girl who comes to live on their ranch   VHS 2519
Duke Ellington; live in '58   Features the earliest-known filmed full-length concert in Amsterdam's famed Concertgebouw.   DVD 1272
Dumbo   The stork delivers a baby elephant to Mrs. Jumbo, who happens to be a veteran of the circus, but the newborn is soon ridiculed because of his truly gigantic ears and is dubbed "Dumbo".   DVD 968
Dutchman   An emotionally unstable white woman entices, then humiliates and finally knifes a black man while they ride a subway train in New York City   DVD 614
Dying to be thin   Girls wage a deadly battle as they strive for impossible beauty. Go behind the shocking statistics of eating disorders and examine therapies that can help millions   DVD 539
Dying to be thin   Looks at the eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia, current treatments   VHS 982
Dying with dignity   NewsHour correspondent Susan Dentzer reports on life and death in Sun City, Arizona, a vibrant retirement community where hospice is the preferred form of end-of-life care   DVD 476
Dying, death and bereavement�� / produced by the University of Hawaii, Center on Aging   This program looks at the prospects of death and dying. Older people share their views on widowhood and grief   VHS 2840
E.T.   A 10-year old boy befriends a creature from another planet that has been stranded on earth   DVD 101
Early abstractions�� / Harry Smith   Seven abstract animated films   VHS 1742
Early Americans�� / Shell Oil Company�� directed by Alan Pendry�� produced by Douglas Gordon   Traces the rise of man from his arrival in America as a nomadic hunter during the ice ages, to builder of complex societies in the 15th century A.D   VHS 696
Early crafts�� [Toledo schools]�� / a production of WGTE-TV   \A look at crafts of early Toledo as continued todaylooks at weaving and glassblowing at Sauders Farm and Craft Village in Archbold, Ohio.   VHS 1203
Early dance��   Through historical photographs and sources, and modern performances, the history of dance from is traced from the comedies of the early Greeks to the Baroque Era   VHS 853
Early years, 1817-1837�� / producer-director-editor, John E. Skinner�� a production of WGTE   The history of Toledo, Ohio is presented covering the early land development by speculators, the planning and development of the canals, theToledo War,and prominent citizens   VHS 1207
Ears wide open��   Music appreciation - juvenile   VHS 709
Earth first�� : the struggle to save Australia's rainforest / Gaia Films   By focusing on a 70 square kilometer stand of rainforest in Australia   VHS 2298
East of Eden�� / Warner Bros. Pictures   In a California farming valley in 1913, a wild adolescent rebels against his stern father, realizing that he favors his twin brother   VHS 1975
Eastern Europe, breaking with the past. Show 11, A new world of television��   Takes a look at Eastern European television as a reflection of its people's values, interests, lifestyles, and opinions.   VHS 2944
Eastern front�� / CBS, Inc   Experience history in the making beginning with the grueling 880-day siege of Leningrad.��   VHS 352
Easy rider   Two motorcyclists travel across the U.S. in search of the "real" America   DVD 350
Easy rider�� / Raybert Productions Inc   Two hippie motorcyclists tour America, using money they made by dealing dope in a southern California town   VHS 1982
Easy virtue�� / produced by Gainsborough Pictures�� directed by Alfred Hitchcock   A woman goes through a divorce and attempts to overcome the tarnished reputation that accompanies it   VHS 67
Eat smart�� / MacNeil/Lehrer Productions   The link of the American diet to heart disease and cancer is explored.���   VHS 2678
Eat to your heart's content�� / Narrated by Tony Randall   A look at the relationship between diet and heart disease   VHS 21