Meal Plans

Meal Plans

 Meal Plans Overview


Total Cost
(per semester)
Dining Dollars
(per semester)

Meal Swipes Per Week
(15 weeks)

Meal Swipes
er semester)

7 Day All Access $1948 $55 Unlimited Unlimited
5 Day All Access $1840 $275 Unlimited Unlimited
Block 200 $1600 $100 N/A 200
Block 150 $1272 $115 N/A 150
Block 75 $757 $175 N/A 75
Commuter 35 $412 $125 N/A 35

Food Restrictions and Accommodations
The University of Toledo will work with and provide support to students, faculty, staff, residents, volunteers, patients and visitors who have food restrictions due to medical, religious and personal reasons. The University will take reasonable steps to ensure anyone that has a food consumption restriction is not exposed to unnecessary risk when eating on any of its campuses’ food venues. 

What meal plan am I eligible for? 


Day 5 or Day 7


B200, Day 5 or Day 7


Juniors and Seniors


 Day 5, Day 7, B200, B150, or B75

Village and Commuters

All plans (Including the "none")


If you do have a food restriction or need additional accommodations, please follow the below procedural steps:

  1. Affected individual is to contact dining services offices at 419-530-2900.
  2. Resident District Manager Gary Casteel and Senior Director of Auxiliary Services Joy Seifert will be contacted immediately to offer support.
  3. Resident District Manager Gary Casteel and Senior Director of Auxiliary Services Joy Seifert will arrange a meeting with the individual seeking support.
  4. This meeting will be held in person or phone to review the restriction.
  5. A tour of the dining facilities will take place when possible to educate the individual of current options.
  6. Resident District Manager Gary Casteel and Senior Director of Auxiliary Services Joy Seifert will craft a plan, within reason, to accommodate the validated preferences and or restriction. (We may accommodate within reason and limitation, all restrictions except “Organic Food” requests at this time.)
  7. If the request is of a clinical nature (Physician Validated Food Restriction Required), UT Health’s Chief Clinical Dietician can be available for clinical support on a case by case basis.
  8. Complete the UT Food Restriction Form send via email and returned to Dining Services Sr. Director.
  9. The Sr. Director of Dining services will follow up with the individual to validate satisfaction.

 *Only Physician Validation Food Restriction will be considered for review under the UT Meal Plan Policy.


Residential Students are required to purchase a Meal Plan. 
-On-Campus Freshman: Required to purchase a minimum of the 5 Day All Access Plan
-On-Campus Sophomore: Required to purchase a minimum of the Block 200 Plan
-On-Campus Juniors and Seniors: Required to purchase a minimum of the Block 75 Plan

Commuting and Off-Campus Students are not required to purchase a meal plan but we highly recommend that you do!


2017-2018 Meal Plan Options
Meal Plans typically consist of two (2) components, Meal Swipes & Dining Dollars.  
A meal plan is pre-paid each semester and offers you the assurance of being able to eat without having to carry cash.  All campus residents, with the exceptions noted immediately below, must purchase a meal plan.* 

The Block plans are perfect for upperclassmen, off-campus/commuter student, faculty, or staff member who desire to eat in the Dining Halls on an occasional basis. With these plans you have a pre-set number of meals for the term/semester. Your meal credits may be used at any of our all-you-care-to-eat traditional dining halls. This gives you complete control over when and how you want to use your meal credits! Also included with the block plans are Dining Dollars to use at any of the other dining venues.

  *Students residing in McComas Village are not required to participate in the meal plan program.
2017-2018 Meal Plans

 Also Available

Block 5
(May be purchased from electronic PHIL Stations at Rocket Hall or Student Union by South Dining)
- 5 Meal Swipes
Cost: $35/card


Last Updated: 7/11/17