Meal Plans

Understanding Your Meal Plan

Meal Plans offer students the ability to enjoy eating on campus without having to carry cash or use a credit card.  These pre-paid plans consist of three components:


  • Used at either dining hall:  South Dining or Ottawa East
  • 1 swipe = 1 meal (but remember, once you go in, it’s all-you-care-to-eat!)


  • Used in place of a swipe for select menu items at our local retail brands (Croutonz, Agave, Java City, Freshens) or convenience stores (Bottle Rocket & Rocket Market)
  • Carry out meal from any dining hall or Skyrise Express at Parks Tower


  • Used for purchases at any of the on-campus dining locations or convenience stores

 Questions?  Check out our list of dining FAQ’s here.


Rocket Card Dollars

We welcome the use of Rocket Dollars at our campus retail locations.  Rocket Dollars are versatile and may be used for more than just a snack or a meal. Students and parents can add funds to the rocket card account either through deposit stations located on Main and Health Science Campus or through an online web program at

Last Updated: 1/3/19