Meal Plans

Understanding the Components of Your Meal Plan Money

Meal Plan Money

The most convenient way to take advantage of the features offered by the University of Toledo Dining Services programs is through the purchase of one of the pre-paid meal plan programs.  Our meal plans offer you the ability to pick up groceries, snacks and meals without having to carry cash or use a credit card.  Meal plans typically include two components; Meal Swipe Credits & Dining Dollars.

Meal Swipe Credits

The primary component of the meal plan is the Meal Swipe Credits.  The meal credits offer you the assurance of being able to eat without having to carry cash.  Meal swipe credits are used as the primary form of payment at our traditional all-you-can-eat dining halls.  (1 Swipe = 1 Meal)

Meal swipe credits are non-transferable to any other student, account or academic term.

Traditional Dining Halls

  • Ottawa East
  • Student Union South Dining Hall

    Dining Dollars

Dining dollars offer you the flexibility of eating at our other on-campus venues.    

Fast Service Venues

  • Chick fil A 
  • Steak 'n Shake
  • Magic Wok
  • Agave
  • Subway
  • Pizza Hut Express
  • Croutonz  

Coffee Bars

  • Starbucks 
  • Java City 

 Convenience Stores

  • POD
  • North Engineering POD
  • Student Union Bottle Rocket

The dining dollars are nonrenewable, additional deposits cannot be made throughout the academic term to the account.  Dining Dollars will transfer from Fall to Spring only. Dining dollars will not transfer to the following academic year or carry through the summer semesters. 

Meal swipes do transfer from Fall to Spring and will appear on your account after ADD/DROP. 

Rocket Card Dollars

Rocket Dollars are not part of meal plans. We welcome the use of Rocket Dollars at our campus retail locations.  Rocket Dollars are versatile and may be used for more than just a snack or a meal. Students and parents can add funds to the rocket card account either through deposit stations located on Main and Health Science Campus or through an on-line web program at  Students may also use rocket card dollars to entertain family members or friends.  The rocket card can be used as a debit card payment at all on-campus locations that accept Dining Dollars and also at:

Last Updated: 7/7/17