Biochemistry & Cancer Biology

Paul W. Erhardt, Ph.D.

Paul W. Erhardt, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Drug Design & Development
Professor, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
Joint Professor, Biochemistry and Cancer Biology 


Research in my laboratory centers on small molecular translation research; cancer drug and diagnostic discovery and development; ADME emphasizing drug metabolism; synthetic medicinal chemistry and hit follow up.

Member of the mentoring faculty for the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (Cancer Biology Track)


B.A. 1969 Chemistry, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Ph.D. 1974 Medicinal Chemistry, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Postdoc 1974-75 Bioanalytical Chemistry, Univ. of Texas, Austin


1975 Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology
1976 American Critical Care, McGaw Park, IL
Research Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry
1979 Senior Research Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry
1982 Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry
1983 Berlex Laboratories, Inc., Cedar Knolls, NJ
Section Head, Medicinal Chemistry
1988 Assistant Director, Medicinal Chemistry
1991 Assistant Director, Drug Discovery, Technology & Development
1994 The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
Director, Center for Drug Design & Development and
Professor, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
1997 Assistant Dean, Administrative & Professional Affairs (1 year)
2004 Adjunct Professor, Biology
2008 Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology
2009 Joint Professor, Biochemistry & Cancer Biology


One of the compounds that I designed, synthesized and developed is marketed as Brevibloc® (USAN: Esmolol Hydrochloride).

RECENT PUBLICATIONS:  (co-author/inventor of more than 125 scientific papers/U.S. patents)

1.   Cardiotonic Agents 7. Prodrug Derivatives of 4-Ethyl-1,3-dihydro-5-[4-(2-methyl)-1H-imidazo1­-I-imidazol-1-yl)benzoyl]-2H-imidazol-2-one. K. Shaw, P Erhardt, A Hagedorn, C. Pease, W. Ingebretsen and J. Wiggins. J. Med. Chem., 35, 1267 (1992).

2.   (Imidazolylphenyl)pyrrol-2-one Inhibitors of Cardiac cAMP Phosphodiesterase. J.W. Lampe, Y-L. Chou, R. Hanna, S.V. DiMeo, P.W. Erhardt, A.A. Hagedorn III, W. Ingebretsen and E. Cantor. J. Med. Chem., 36, 1041 (1993). 

3.   Hydroxamic Acids as Potent Inhibitors of Endothelin-Converting Enzyme from Human Bronchiolar Smooth Muscle. R. Bihovsky, B. Levinson, R. Loewi, P. Erhardt, and M. Polokoff. J. Med. Chem., 38, 2119-2129 (1995).

4.   Utilization of a Benzoyl Migration to Effect an Expeditious Synthesis of the Paclitaxel Side Chain. Z. Hu and P. Erhardt. Org. Process Res. & Develop., 1, 387-390 (1997).

5.    Estimating Xenobiotic Half-Lives in Humans from Rat Data: Influence of log P. J. Sarver, D. White, P. Erhardt, and K. Bachmann. Environmental Health Perspectives, 105, 1204-1209 (1997).

6.    Stability of Magnesium Sulfate in 0.9% Sodium Chloride and Lactated Ringers Solutions. J. Sarver, R. Pryka, K. Alexander, L. Weinstein and P. Erhardt. Int. J. Pharmaceutical Compd., 2, 385-388 (1998).

7.    Analysis of Extemporaneous Alprostadil Formulations Intended for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. J. Sarver, N. Peng, S. Lerdkanchanaporn, K. Oravecz-Wilson, K. Alexander and P. Erhardt. Int. J. Pharmaceutical Compd., 3, 148-154, March/April (1999).

8.    Conversion of 2,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde to 2-Benzoyloxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde and their Structural Characterization. Z. Hu, M. J. Hardie, P. Burckel, A. A. Pinkerton and P.W. Erhardt, J. Chem. Crystallog., 29, 185-191 (1999).

9.    A Convenient Synthesis of 2-Phenylglycerol. P. Erhardt and W. Klis. Synth. Comm., 30(22), 4027-4038 (2000).

10.  2-Phenylglycerol: Crystal Structure and Conformational Considerations Pertaining to Formation of Its Related Oxetane. P.W. Erhardt, W.A. Klis, P.I. Nagy, K. Kirschbaum, N. Wu, A. Martin and A.A. Pinkerton. J. Chem. Crystallog, 30, 83-89 (2000).

11.   Reproducibility Of The High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Fingerprints Obtained From Two Soybean Cultivars And A Selected Progeny. J. Faghihi, X. Jiang, R. Vierling, S. Goldman, S. Sharfstein J. Sarver and P. Erhardt. J. Chrom. A, 915, 61-74 (2001).

12.   Mechanistic Considerations Pertaining To The Solvolysis Of Paclitaxel Analogs Bearing Ester Groups At The C2' Position. W. Klis, J. Sarver and P. Erhardt. Tetrahedron Letters 42, 7747-7750 (2001).

13.   Microplate Screening Of The Differential Effects Of Test Agents On Hoechst 33342, Rhodamine 123, And Rhodamine 6G Accumulation In Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer Cells. J. Sarver, W. Klis, J. Byers and P. Erhardt, J. Biomolecular Screening, 7, 29-34 (2002).

14.   Selective Conversion Of 2'-7-Bis-Monochloroacetylpaclitaxel Analogs To 7-Monochloroacetyl Derivatives By Solvolysis In Methanol. W. Klis, J. Sarver and P. Erhardt. Synthetic Communications 32, 2711-2718 (2002).

15.   Impact Of Ginkgo Biloba On The Pharmacokinetics Of Digoxin. V.F. Mauro, L.S. Mauro, J.F. Kleshinski, S.A. Khuder, Y. Wang and P.W. Erhardt. Am. J. of Therapeutics, 10, 247-51 (2003).

16.   Application of Simple Mathematical Expressions to Relate the Half-lives of Xenobiotics in Rats to Values in Humans. K. Ward, P. Erhardt and K. Bachmann. J. Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, 51, 57-64 (2005).

17.   Monte Carlo Simulations of the Solution Structure of Simple Alcohols in Water-Acetonitrile Mixtures. P.I. Nagy and P.W. Erhardt. J. Phys. Chem. B, 109, 5855-5872 (2005).

18.   Simultaneous Determination of Vinclozolin and Detection of Its Degradation Products in Mouse Plasma, Serum and Urine, and from Rabbit Bile, by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. M.R. Dhananjeyan, P.W. Erhardt and C. Corbit. J. Chrom. A, 1115, 8-18 (2006).

19.   Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen-bond Formation Between Cyclic Ethers and Selected Amino Acid Side Chains. P.I. Nagy and P. Erhardt. J. Phys. Chem. A, 110, 13923-13932 (2006).

20.   Antiestrogenic Glyceollins Suppress Human Breast and Ovarian Carcinoma Tumorigenesis. V. Salvo, S. Boue, J. Fonseca, S. Elliott, C. Corbitt, B. Collins-Burrow, T. Curiel, B. Shih, C. Carter-Wientjes, C. Wood, P. Erhardt, B. Beckman, J. McLachlan, T. Cleveland and M. Burow. Clinical Cancer Research, 12, 7159­7164 (2006).

21.   Simultaneous Determination of Procainamide and para-Aminobenzoic Acid by LC-MS/MS. M. Dhanajeyan, C. Bykowski, J. Trendel, J. Sarver, H. Ando and P. Erhardt. J. Chromatography B, 847, 224-230 (2007).

22.   Rapid and Simultaneous Determination of Capecitabine and its Metabolites in Mouse Plasma, Mouse Serum, and in Rabbit bile by HPLC. M. Dhananjeyan, J. Liu, C. Bykowski, J. Trendel, J. Sarver, H. Ando and P. Erhardt. J. Chromatography A, 1138, 101-108 (2007).

23.   Verapamil, but not Probenecid, Co-Administration Can Convert Desloratidine to a Sedating Antihistamine in Mice. A. Katta, M. Dhananjeyan, C. Bykowski, P. Erhardt, M. Hacker, K. Bachmann and D. White. Drug Metab. Lett., 1, 7-11 (2007).

24.   Applications of Simple Mathematical Expressions to Relate Half-lives of Drugs in Mice to Those in Humans. K. Bachmann, J. Chupka, P. Erhardt and D. White. Drug Metabolism Lett., 1, 127-129 (2007).

25.   Total Synthesis of Xanthohumol. R. Khupse and P. Erhardt. J. Nat. Products, 70, 1507-1509 (2007).

26.   Practical Synthesis of Lespedezol A1. R. Khupse and P. Erhardt. J. Nat. Products, 71, 275-277 (2008). *One of this journal’s ‘most accessed’ articles during 1st quarter 2008.

27.   Catalytically Active Peptidylglycine α-Amidating Monooxygenase in the Media of Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. J. Trendel, N. Ellis, J. Sarver, W. Klis, M. Dhananjeyan, C. Bykowski, M. Reese and P. Erhardt. J. Biomolecular Sciences, 13, 804-809 (2008).

28.   Rapid and Sensitive HPLC Assay for Simultaneous Determination of Procaine and para-Aminobenzoic Acid from Human and Rat Liver Tissue Extracts. M. Dhananjeyan, J. Trendel, C. Bykowski, J. Sarver, H. Ando, and P. Erhardt. J. Chrom. B, 867, 247-252 (2008).

29.   Total Syntheses of Racemic, Natural (-) and Unnatural (+) Glyceollin I. R. Khupse and P Erhardt. Organic Letters, 10, 5007-5010 (2008).

30.   Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen-Bond Formation Between Aliphatic and Phenolic Hydroxy Groups and Selected Amino Acid Side Chains. P. Nagy and P. Erhardt. J. Physical Chem. A, 112, 4342­4350 (2008).

31.   Monte Carlo Structure Simulations for tertiary-Butyl Alcohol Solutions in Water / Acetonitrile Solvents. P. Nagy, M. Dhananjeyan and P. Erhardt. J. Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM, 895, 116-126 (2009).

32.   Total Syntheses of Racemic and Natural Glycinol. A. Luniwal, R. Khupse, M. Reese, L. Fang and P. Erhardt. J. Nat. Products, On-Line Print (available), A-D (2009).


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