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Tammy Morrish, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Biochemistry and Cancer Biology




The unlimited growth potential of tumors relies on telomere maintenance.  Typically telomere
maintenance depends on telomerase, however, some tumors lack telomerase.  Approximately 10% of
tumors have been found to lack telomerase, and most of these tumors are sarcomas or neuronal cell
derived tumors.  Without telomerase, telomeres are instead maintained by recombination-based
mechanisms.  The focus of my laboratory involves understanding how recombination-based
mechanisms contribute to telomere maintenance particularly in tumors and primary cells lacking
telomerase.  Currently we are using a B-cell lymphoma mouse model, Eμmyc+ mTR-/-, which lacks
telomerase (mTR-/-).  We are interested in determining how repetitive sequences contribute to
recombination within the subtelomere and whether the integration of retrotransposons into the
subtelomere contributes to the process of telomere maintenance in tumors or some primary cells that
lack telomerase.  These studies involve the use of microarrays and sequence-based approaches to
examine changes in copy number sequences within the subtelomeric regions.  Using these assays
combined with lentiviral-based studies we can evaluate how different DNA repair genes/pathways
impact subtelomere recombination.
Member of the Graduate Faculty Council & the Mentoring Faculty for the Biomedical Sciences
Graduate Program, Cancer Biology Track.
B.A., Biochemistry, 1995, University of Texas @ Austin
Ph.D., Human Genetics, 2005, University of Michigan
2012-present, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Cancer Biology, University of Toledo
2011-2012, Research Associate, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Johns Hopkins University
2005-2011, Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Johns Hopkins University
1995-1998, Research Assistant, Cellular & Structural Biology & Institute of Biotechnology, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

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