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Genomic Mid-Range Inhomogeneity

Genomic Mid-Range Inhomogeneity (MRI) program package
(version 1.0 of Genomic-MRI is available at:

Submitted manuscript: Genomic mid-range inhomogeneity impacts RNA secondary structures by Bechtel et al. 2007.

Sequence samples described in the paper were obtained from human Exon-Intron Database, release hs35p1.EID, (Shepelev & Fedorov Briefings in Bioinformatics 2006, 7: 178-185.)

Download the samples:

11,315 non-redundant human mRNAs ( mRNA_purged )

Introns from 11,315 genes mRNAs ( introns_purged2 )

Intergenic regions from human Chr 17  

Additional File 1 Additional File 2 

Exon-Intron Database (EID)          

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