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Comprehensive Undergraduate Medical Education Program Evaluation

The educational program evaluation process included a wide range of measures and sources of data. Annual review of the program leading to the MD degree includes assessment of content covered in the curriculum, instructional and evaluation strategies, internal and external measures of learning outcomes as well as a review of longitudinal curriculum content areas. The Curriculum Evaluation Committee meets monthly to discuss data and to identify any gaps or areas where improvement is desirable. Recommendations are forwarded to the Executive Curriculum Committee.  

The Office of Curriculum Evaluation coordinates a comprehensive review of required courses to determine how each contributes to the overall objectives of the medical education program.  

Students’ Feedback on Teaching

The Office of Curriculum Evaluation oversees a system to gather students’ feedback on teaching in various venues including lecture, small group and clinical teaching. The office collects and reports feedback for required and elective courses as well as feedback for individual faculty and residents.

For more information regarding the process of curriculum evaluation, please contact the office director, constance.shriner@utoledo.edu.









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