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Department Overview


   Gretchen E. Tietjen, M.D.

Professor and Chair

 Dr. Tietjen's interests include cerebrovascular disease and vascular headache. She has expertise in thrombolytic therapy and neurovascular ultrasound. Her research interests include the interface between migraine and stroke, antiphospholipid antibodies and inflammatory cytokines. 





Imran I. Ali, M.D.

  Professor; Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Chair Department of Medical Education, Director of EEG Services; Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

   He is Board Certified in Neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology. Dr. Ali’s clinical research interest is in therapeutics in epilepsy, bone health of patients with epilepsy and clinical medical education. He has been the Principal Investigator in many clinical trials and has published peer reviewed articles and book chapters related to epilepsy and medical education. Dr. Ali has been in the Best Doctors of America for numerous years; he also received the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award twice and was inducted into the AOA Honor Medical Society.



 Richard Burgess, M.D.

Assistant Professor

   Dr. Burgess is a vascular and interventional neurologist. He has specialty training in endovascular treatment of ischemic stroke, carotid stenosis, cerebral aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations as well as percutaneous treatment of vertebral compression fractures. During graduate studies in biomedical engineering, his team assembled and acquired human brain images on the first 8 Tesla human MRI system. His research interests include high field MRI, applications of computational methods and machine learning to stroke brain imaging, application of lean management techniques to stroke team response logistics, and the biomechanics of cerebral intravascular devices.




 Talal Derani, M.D.

 Assistant Professor

 Dr. Derani specializes in neuro-ophthalmology. His interests include multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunological diseases, optic nerve disease, eye movement disorders, ocular myasthenia gravis and idiopathic intracranial hypertension.







Lawrence W. Elmer, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor; Director, Gardner McMaster Parkinson Center

Dr. Elmer's interests include Movement Disorders with special interest in providing optimal medical and surgical options to patients with Parkinson's at all stages of the disease process. His research experience and interests include drug trials of novel agents for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease and the molecular and cellular basis of neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson's and Huntington's Diseases.





Mouhammad Jumaa, M.D.

Associate Professor, Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program Director, Director, Stroke Center, and Co-Director Stroke Network

Dr. Jumaa is a vascular and interventional neurologist. He has specialty training in intra-arterial treatment of ischemic stroke, endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations. His interests include safety and efficacy of different methods of sedation and blood pressure management during and after mechanical embolectomy in stroke, stroke outcome and care quality, Stroke care in rural setting, Stroke epidemiology, and cost effectiveness of stroke care.




Boyd M. Koffman, M.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Koffman specializes in neuromuscular disorders and Multiple Sclerosis; his research interests include muscle biopsies, the effects of glucocorticoids on muscle and neurologic manifestation of dermatological diseases.







Lisa Kung, M.D.

Associate Professor, Assistant Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program Director

Dr. Kung specializes in Vascular Neurology. Her interests include acute management of strokes in the hospital setting, the follow-up and maintenance of stroke care in the clinical setting and the importance of telestroke in rural areas.







Hongyan Li, M.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Li’s clinical interests include seizure diagnosis and treatment, evaluation and management of dizziness and balance problems, and clinical neurophysiology. His research interests are vestibular compensation, neuronal plasticity, epilepsy semeiology, epileptogenesis and traumatic brain injury.






Naeem Mahfooz, M.D.

Assistant Professor

  Dr. Mahfooz’s specialty interests include epilepsy medical management, epilepsy surgery, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, neonatal EEG, vagal nerve stimulation, cortical mapping, invasive EEG, and evoked potentials. His research interests include epilepsy control using olfactory stimuli and neonatal epilepsy.






Deepa Malaiyandi, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Malaiyandi specializes in Neurocritical Care, with an interest in point of care Neurosonology.  Her academic interests include simulation education for critical care training and medical ethics.







Noor A. Pirzada, M.D.

Professor; Vice Chair, Residency Program Director; Director of EMG Services

Dr. Pirzada's interests include Immunotherapy of Myasthenia Gravis, neuromuscular complications in the ICU, diabetic neuropathy, botulinum toxin in headache and movement disorders, drug induced neurotoxicity, novel teaching techniques for medical students and neurology residents.






Vicki Ramsey-Williams, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Clerkship Director and Director of Outpatient Services

Dr. Ramsey-Williams' interests are in adult epilepsy and its management including long-term video/EEG monitoring; dementia; multiple sclerosis and headache.







Assistant Professor, Associate Clerkship Director

Dr. Rashid specializes in movement disorders with a special interest in ataxias and is also trained in Vestibular Neurology. His clinical interests include assessment of patients with recent onset, recurrent or chronic dizziness, assessment of gait disorders and imbalance, and evaluating involuntary movements. His research interests include health professions education, acute dizziness presentations in the emergency department, and observational studies and clinical trials of new therapeutic options in Parkinson’s Disease, dystonias and ataxias.




Hisham Salahuddin, M.D.


Dr. Salahudidn’s interests are in advanced imaging techniques for ischemic stroke, thrombectomy for istial intracranial vessel occlusions, fluid dynamics and collateral circulation of intracranial vessels, prehospital stroke triage for ischemic stroke, unusual causes of stroke, cryptogenic stroke, pediatric stroke, and management of intracranial hemorrhages.






Lori Schuh, M.D.


Dr. Schuh’s interests are in seizures and epilepsy. She is the Designated Institutional Official and Associate Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.







Ajaz Sheikh, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sheikh specializes in clinical neurophysiology and sleep medicine. His interests include adult sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, disorders of hypersomnolence and circadian rhythm disorders, epilepsy in adults and children, epilepsy surgery evaluation, vagus nerve stimulator therapy and intraoperative neuromonitoring.






Syed F. Zaidi, M.D.

Associate Professor, Director, Neuro-Interventional Services, Co-Director, Stroke Network

Dr. Zaidi is a vascular and interventional neurologist. His interests include prehospital stroke assessment and triage, stroke outcome and care quality, intra-arterial lytic treatment in conjunction with mechanical thrombectomy, and cost effectiveness of mechanical thrombectomy.


Last Updated: 4/17/19